There's Something About Molly

Chapter 15

Sherlock was happy with his decision. He had fought long and hard against caring and sentiment but now that he had given in and was starting a romantic relationship with Molly it just made sense to him. After the long conversation he had with Molly he felt lighter. He was also very pleased that she had agreed with him. He had expected her to put up some fight about getting married and skipping the dating tradition but he reasoned they had know each other long enough to dispense with such nonsense. He would need to get a ring but that would have to wait until after the Magnussen ordeal had blown over. They would also need to keep it quiet as it was sudden and his closest friend was not doing well in his own marriage. As he thought about it further he decided that perhaps Mycroft could just sign some papers and make it legal. There was no need for a ceremony, but if Molly wanted one he of course make it happen.

Now that this part of his life was in order he would be able to concentrate on the Magnussen case. It was of the upmost importance to solve this problem. If Mary was in danger it meant that his Molly could be in danger as they were connected. He had spoken with Mary without John and she had let him know she didn’t think Magnussen was aware of Molly’s identity. This was a relief to Sherlock but he still needed to be sure. He would have to figure out a way to keep all those he cared about safe. Though he still cringed at the thought of caring he realized he could not change the fact that care he did, and he also acknowledged his life was richer for it.

He would concentrate on the Magnussen problem but first he wanted to do some research on relationships now that he had decided to embark on one. Sherlock never did anything in halves after all.

Molly arrived home to her darkened apartment. She came in carefully so that Toby wouldn’t manage to streak out the door. The smell of unexpected food wafted toward her and she jumped when a voice spoke.

“Sorry, I let Toby out again.”

“SHERLOCK! Geez, you scared me!” Molly turned on the light and faced the detective.

Sherlock laid out on the couch with his feet sticking over the edge. He looked at home since he was sans Belstaff and she spied a bag of takeout on her coffee table. He must have wanted something earlier but decided against asking. Molly inwardly groaned she did not want to deal with him at this moment.

“Are you sure you don’t let him out on purpose,” she said with her hands on her hips.

Sherlock noticed her fingers drumming out on her hips and could see she was testy. He frowned she was supposed to be happy. He had brought her food after all. He then realized maybe it was too small for a celebratory dinner but he had thought she wouldn’t like going out after a long day.

“And get your shoes off my couch! You know the rules!”

“But they aren’t even touching the couch. It’s too short.”

“Did you ever think you were too tall?”

“I’m not as tall as everyone makes me out to be.”

She gave in and giggled at him. “Well you need to sit up so we can eat. You are eating aren’t you?”

“I’m still working on a case but I’m at an impasse so yes, I can eat.”

“Tea?” She asked as she made her way to kitchen.

“Yes,” after a moment of contemplation he added a, “please.”

Molly poked her head out of the kitchen and looked at him with narrowed eyes. “Are you still on pain meds?”

“No!” Sherlock replied indignantly, “Do I have to have something impairing me to show gratitude.”

Molly mock thought for a moment, “Uh…yeah, you do.”

Sherlock pouted, that sight was more Sherlock and it made her smile. “That’s more like it.”

“You prefer me like this?”

“You’re more yourself that way.”

Sherlock relaxed after hearing that. This was going to be easier than he thought.

Molly returned with a tray laden with tea, plates, and cutlery. Once they settled in and started eating Molly decided to open conversation. “You said you were working on a case, are you supposed to do that yet?”

“As long as I do so from my couch.”

“This isn’t your couch.”

He shrugged, “Close enough. As long as I’m not running around reopening my wound.”

“So, what’s the case?”

He looked at her. “Have you heard of Charles Augustus Magnussen?”

Molly choked on her food. Sherlock looked alarmed and ran to get some water after making sure she was breathing okay. She drank it down and continued to cough for a few minutes more. Sherlock observed her closely as she caught her breathe.

She returned to her food but started just pushing the food around her plate. This alarmed Sherlock even more and his eyes didn’t stop observing Molly. The hand that wasn’t holding a fork had started playing a piano concerto on her thigh. She felt his eyes and looked up.

“I thought that case was finished, it wasn’t really much of a case anyway. Don’t you usually solve mysteries? What were you supposed to be doing anyway? What is happening with Mary and John?” Once Molly started babbling it was hard to stop.

Sherlock eyed Molly. He knew she had secrets, he wasn’t in the same position that John had been with Mary but Molly was clearly perturbed and he wanted to know why.

“What do you know of Magnussen?”

“I know he’s bad news. Just ask Mary. There’s no mystery.”

Sherlock gave her a side eye and thought to himself, ‘He’s not the mystery, Dr. Hooper, you are.’ At least he would never get bored of his new romantic partner.

Molly sighed at Sherlock’s expression and pushed her plate away. “Thank goodness I’m off tomorrow. I have a feeling I’m going to be exhausted after this.”

“I have some questions…” Sherlock began.

“Nope,” said Molly popping the last letter, “first fill me in on everything.”

“Molly,” growled out Sherlock in a deep voice.

Molly shook her head and stood up. She started to clean up their plates of uneaten food and headed off to the kitchen.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m cleaning up and getting ready for bed. I’m tired.”

Sherlock tried changing tactics and whined, “Molly!”

Molly continued straightening up.

Sherlock gave in, “Fine,” he huffed.

Sherlock proceeded to tell her every detail. He maintained eye contact until she looked away. Then he kept his eyes on her hands so that he could read what she said with them. She tried to keep them still but he saw them twitch from time to time.

From his observations she reacted to Lady Smallwood’s name along with Magnussen’s. What did Molly know?

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