There's Something About Molly

Chapter 18

Molly woke up the next morning in her bed with no recollection of how she got there. She remembered crying in Sherlock’s arms and had the accompanying headache that followed a hard cry. She hadn’t been able to take pleasure in the simple act of being held by him as all her energy had been spent in her cathartic cleansing. Now that she was waking up she blushed at the memory and wished she could have enjoyed the moment longer as it would most likely never be repeated. She was left amazed at the care Sherlock had taken with her.

She looked at her alarm clock and her mind registered that it was after one in the afternoon. She wasn’t thrilled that she had lost a chunk of her day off but recognized that the rest had been good for her despite the headache she had. She headed to her bathroom that was adjacent to her bedroom to take care of morning necessities and dressed for the day.

She jumped up when she heard her smoke detector go off and she rushed out of her room to be met with the stench of burning food and a smoke-filled room. She heard some masculine curses from the kitchen and was met with a spluttering consulting detective and a pile of ashy looking items. Molly started to open all the windows in the flat and tried to wave smoke outside.

“What kind of experiment involves burning down my building?”

“I was trying to be nice by cooking you breakfast!” A disgruntled and coughing Sherlock responded.

“Are you sure you weren’t trying to discover a new way to smoke?” Molly asked as she attempted to use a couch cushion to usher out the smoke.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Sherlock choked out. “Cigarette smoke is vastly different than toast smoke.”

“Both will kill you. Why were you trying to make breakfast for me?”

“I heard that you woke up and you didn’t eat much last night so I thought you would be hungry. I was being nice.”

Molly was eyeing Sherlock with mistrust. She picked up on how Sherlock kept pointing out that he was being nice. “You don’t do nice…or cook apparently.”

“I was trying…for you.”

Molly blinked a couple times at him and was at a loss of what was going through the man’s mind but knew she wouldn’t figure out without some caffeine in her system. She was astounded that Sherlock was actually still at her apartment and said as much. She was met with a look from Sherlock that she couldn’t decipher.

“Well, it’s too smoky here so I guess I’ll go out and grab a bite and then head to the shops to replace what you burned,” Molly told him good naturedly with a smirk gracing her face.

“I’ll go shopping with you to replace anything I ruined.”

Molly’s jaw dropped and then she narrowed her eyes. She made her hands into fists and marched past Sherlock into the kitchen. After rummaging around under her sink she returned to him and thrust an empty jar into his hands.

“What’s this for?” Sherlock said with a straight face. He hoped she wasn’t asking for what he thought she was.

“Deduce it.” She hissed at him.

“It’s awfully big for a urine sample Dr. Hooper.” Sherlock eyed the jar in disdain and tried to brush off the hurt he felt.

“It’s the only extra jar I have.”

Sherlock sighed, “I’m not on drugs.”

Molly crossed her arms, “Prove it.”

“You think because I am willing to go to the shops with you I’m on drugs?” he asked with incredulity in his voice. “That is a very weak deduction.”

“Well you will have to excuse me I’m not a detective. You are notorious for not going to the shops to get your own milk!”

“So to do something nice for you I have to be on drugs. I would think that if this is how I act on drugs you prefer me that way.”

As soon as the words left his mouth he started a mantra of not good not good not good, and was retreating into his mind palace to ask his inner Watson what to do when he heard a small voice.

“I’m sorry.” Molly’s eyes were looking suspiciously wet. “I shouldn’t have jumped to that conclusion. I just…with everything lately… I’m scared for you Sherlock.” ‘And for me,’ she thought, ‘I don’t want to lose you.’

“It was for a case. I thought you forgave me.”

“I did forgive you. I will always forgive you. But trust has to be rebuilt.”

“You don’t trust me?” He said as calmly as he had said everything else but the hurt was evident in his eyes. Sherlock decided he preferred the slaps compared to the pain in his chest.

“I trust you with my secrets. I trust you with my life, but I don’t trust you with yours.”

There was a moment of silence as Sherlock had an inner debate in his mind. He had been in a relationship with Molly for less than a day and the inner turmoil he had experienced in that time was almost more than he could handle. Should he call the whole thing off? But he remembered his list and remembered holding her last night. Just remembering that was enough for him to decide to continue trying.

He swallowed, “Will this rebuild the trust.”

“It’s a start but I want to reserve the right to test you if anything is suspect before allowing you in the lab.”

“We’re not in the lab. What if I screw up again? I would like to say that after your intervention at the rehab center I remained clean until the last case but we both know that’s not true.”

“I won’t give up on you Sherlock Holmes. But when you screw up go to the people you care about for help. Be honest about it. Yes, we get angry but it’s because we care about you and we get scared.”

Sherlock was done with words for the moment. He stepped closer to Molly and kissed her on the cheek before heading to the bathroom.

Molly gathered up her items for the day and groaned when she realized her phone’s battery was almost dead. She checked it for messages and saw she had a text from John checking on his friend. She sent a quick reply and then plugged her phone into recharge. She wasn’t on call so she could afford to leave it there for the day.

Sherlock exited her bedroom and handed the jar to her, which she put in the fridge. Molly saw the question in his eyes when she turned around. “I’m not going to work today.” She wrinkled her nose. “My fridge is like yours now. Blech.”

Sherlock smiled as the tension was broken and he felt relieved that she trusted his words enough to let it be for now. “Let’s get you fed. You barely ate anything last night. We can get fish and chips!” He clapped his hands together, “I didn’t get to take you there last time.”

Sherlock of course insisted on taking a cab. Once inside Sherlock turned his attention to his phone and started working on emails and texts. This put Molly at ease because this was a Sherlock she could understand. It’s not that Molly didn’t appreciate ‘nice Sherlock’ but it was overwhelming and she had no idea where it was coming from. Perhaps he was just lonely and bored. She decided to enjoy it while it lasted and just to keep an eye out for any further strange behaviors. Besides their conversation on trust Sherlock didn’t put up too much of a fuss when giving her the sample so she decided to let that matter rest for the day. She could test it tomorrow and that would, hopefully, be the end of that.

“Can I borrow your phone?”

“Why? Yours is already in your hand.”

“I need to send an anonymous text from another number.”

“I don’t have it with me. It didn’t get plugged in last night. Speaking of last night…how did I get in my bed?”

Sherlock looked up from his phone, “Don’t be obtuse Molly. You claim to have an above average intelligence so it should be fairly easy to figure out the only way you could have gotten there without sleep walking would be for me to put you there.”

Molly smiled, she was relieved to have insulting Sherlock back. “So which one was it?”

“What?” Sherlock looked up again in frustration.

“Sleepwalking or you?”

“Obviously me.”

“And I didn’t wake up?”

“You woke up a bit but I reassured you it was just me and you went back to sleep.”

Molly’s face had started to blush earlier and now she cursed herself for pushing the issue as her face heated up even more. “I’m surprised you didn’t take the bed.”

Sherlock looked slightly uncomfortable. “I didn’t need to sleep as I have done enough of that lately.”

“It hasn’t stopped you before.”

Sherlock felt slightly guilty but brushed off the feelings. Molly had agreed to let him use her room as a bolt hole after all. If she had really wanted her room she could have fought him for it. She could be forceful when she wanted to be, goodness knows she had been very forceful lately.

Truth was that he had used the bed for a short time that night. After placing her in bed he decided that now that they were betrothed it should be okay to share a bed. That way he could see if he could grow accustomed to such an arrangement. Worse comes to worse they could have separate beds for sleeping but use his bed for other activities. He didn’t sleep terribly often so he determined there couldn’t be too many problems sharing a bed. Best-case scenario is that the extra room could be used for experiments and later, if they chose, to raise children. He wanted to observe John, Mary, and their little one before making a final decision in that area.

So he had slid into the bed and observed her sleeping patterns awhile. She would snore at times but nothing earth shattering. Occasionally she would move or twitch in her sleep; again he did not think that would be a problem. Eventually she turned on her side so he decided to try spooning. She had almost jerked awake at the touch but he calmed her down and let it know it was just him and she quieted down once more. He had never been overly fond of touching and hugging but he found holding Molly Hooper to be quite pleasant. His mind relaxed enough for him to concentrate and sort through all the information he had learned that day. When he saw the sun streaming through the windows he decided to get up and get ready for the day. While his moral code saw nothing wrong with his actions he was unsure how Molly would react to him in her bed so close to the beginning of their relationship. He helped himself to the shower and put on a fresh pair of clothes he had stashed in her closet.

While he waited for Molly to wake he kept himself occupied on her computer, worked on a couple of cases, and came up with a brilliant plan to impress Molly when she awoke. Sadly that had not worked out but he would be able to take her to the chip shop where people would sing his praises to her.

To Sherlock’s relief they had reached the shop and he didn’t need to react to Molly’s accusation. “Oh look, here we are. I was going to bring you here last time but you turned me down because of meat dagger.”

Sherlock made his way out of the cab and held a hand out to Molly. Molly, who was used to paying when it came to Sherlock Holmes, immediately reached for her wallet out of habit but when she pulled out the notes Sherlock was already paying their driver. Sherlock turned to her and held out his arm as if he were escorting her to a fine dining restaurant instead of a chip shop. Molly took his arm in a daze after she shoved her wallet in her bag.

“I turned you down because you needed to fix things with John. I couldn’t stand being a replacement for him.”

“You weren’t. I told you to be yourself.”

“You kept talking like he was there.”

“Mind palace John was being exceedingly obnoxious that day.”

“You have a mind palace John?”

“And a mind palace you.”


“And Mycroft, Mary, Anderson…”

Molly chuckled, “You must love having Anderson in your head.”

“I tried to delete him but then I kept being forced to work with him so deleting him was futile. Presently he won’t stay in his closet.”

“Do I have a closet?”

Sherlock avoided answering by stating it was time to place their orders. He wasn’t disappointed as the owner waxed poetic about Sherlock’s values and gave them a heaping serving of chips. Molly and Sherlock sat at a table outside and ate in companionable silence for a bit as he turned his attention to his phone once more. On occasion he would look to observe his pathologist to make sure she was enjoying her meal. At one point Molly saw him observing her so she smiled and commented on how good the food was.

“See what you were missing out on because of meat dagger?”

Molly glowered at Sherlock. “We just had this discussion. I turned you down so you would go reconcile with John. Why are you on about Tom anyway?”

“I’m not on about that moron.”

“You’ve mentioned him twice.”

Sherlock looked at her as if she had grown another head. Molly decided to take the high road.

“We’ve been clearing the air about everything else. Might as well cover this too.” She looked around and spotted what she had been searching for. “I haven’t had any caffeine today and I’m not talking anymore without some. Do you want anything?”

“Coffee black-“

“Two sugars, I’ll be right back.”

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