There's Something About Molly

Chapter 1

“So, with Sherlock back I guess this means the honeymoon’s over?” Tom commented to his “fiancée” as she walked into her flat with unconcealed joy in her steps.

She grinned broadly and a light lit up her eyes that Tom had not had the opportunity to witness before. “Mycroft already let you know you’re relieved of your duties? I can go back to the privacy of my life now?” She continued smiling from ear to ear a genuine smile which was quite unlike her awkward side grins that she was known to give. Though her words told of happiness of being released from an overbearing amount of security anyone who knew Molly knew the real reason for her joy.

“You wound me! Here I am taking care of you like a gentleman and you can’t wait to get rid of me!” Tom teased back. “But seriously, while I know where I stand in your affections I can’t leave just yet. Mycroft hasn’t pulled me off detail. He informed me of Sherlock’s return but we are going to wait to make sure there is no backlash from his return.”

Molly’s eyebrows rose to her hairline, she stamped her foot down in the face of hearing how one of the Holmes brothers was again manipulating her life. “Isn’t this all a bit excessive. I don’t even count!”

“Even so here I am and here I’ll stay until Mr. Holmes gives the all clear.”

“Hey, you just agreed that I’m not important!”

“I was just agreeing with the missus. I heard that’s the best way to go about things.” Tom had an easy air about him. He was not like Sherlock in the least aside from his height. Tom’s personality was easy-going and friendly whereas Sherlock could be downright rude and callous. While most of the time Molly found Tom charming sometimes his easy-going nature got to her. Mycroft probably assumed from the cheerfulness she often exhibited that she would be best paired off with someone equally cheerful to watch over her.

“While I don’t understand it at least one good thing comes out of this arrangement.”

“What’s that?”

“I won’t have to look for a date for John and Mary’s wedding.”

“He finally proposed then?”

“I’m not sure. But once he does they won’t wait long to get married I should think.”

“Oh yeah and Molly?”


“Sherlock doesn’t know about your security detail so Mycroft would appreciate it if you didn’t mention it to him.”

Molly looked at Tom with wide eyes her next sentence coming out in a sputter, “Of all the ridiculous…what on…I don’t even know how to respond to that! Mycroft bloody Holmes told me that it was-“

“Sherlock’s idea to keep an eye on you but not to the lengths which Mr. Holmes took upon himself. He would hate for his brother think that there was any level of sentiment involved in his handling of this situation.”

“Have you ever met the man? Sherlock will know within a moment what you are, so what’s the point!”

“So, you’ll have no need to tell him. Also it sounds like a great opportunity to work on my undercover skills. I bet I can keep him distracted from my real purpose of being around you.”

“And how are you going to do that?”

Tom gave her a wink in the style of the man she adored. “You’ll see.”

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