There's Something About Molly

Chapter 19

Molly returned with coffee for Sherlock and a tea for herself as was her preference. Tea didn’t have as much caffeine but it would perk her up enough to get through the coming conversation. She knew the Tom situation would have rubbed Sherlock the wrong way, he so hated it when he missed something, but usually once he found the missing link he filled in the rest of the blank spaces and let it go. With the mentions of Tom here and there she realized he was not letting the issue go and would really rather explain the situation herself especially since Sherlock never deduced what Tom was in the first place. It probably was of no interest at the time but now that he was forced to slow down he had plenty of time to spare on silly Molly Hooper.

With these thoughts in her mind she handed Sherlock his coffee and sat back down at their table. The chip shop wasn’t busy at this time so they were able to continue sitting at their spot with relative privacy. There were people passing by on the sidewalk and a few patrons littered the other outside tables but other than that they were on their own. The couple sat on opposite sides of the round table sipping at their drinks and looking into the others’ eyes waiting for someone to break the silence.

Sherlock was the to break the silence as he grew impatient much more easily than Molly. “Why didn’t you tell me about Tom? And why was your relationship carried out so long?”

“Your brother.” Molly simply said.

“Yes, I deduced that when you told me to return the ring.”

“That wasn’t deduction. That was the same as me telling you point blank.”

Sherlock frowned at her. “I can understand why my brother is underhanded but I want to know you didn’t say anything. I want to know why you let it go for so long.”

“Why does it matter? It’s not like you were paying any attention anyway. It didn’t interfere in your life. Or are you just upset that you missed something?” Molly didn’t know why she was being so difficult. Perhaps it was the headache that remained from crying so much the night before.

“You’re the one who suggested clearing the air.”

“So I was.” Molly took a gulp of her tea and decided it was just better to get it over with. “Mycroft wanted one of his men inside the wedding. He was concerned someone may target you and or John. Tom was already in a place where he could do that. You had just gotten back and I wanted to help keep you safe. Mycroft said if you deduced it I could tell you everything. But you didn’t pay attention!”

Sherlock had paid attention. He had just paid attention to the wrong thing. Despite Tom’s outlandish clothes and his odd personality, from what Sherlock observed, Tom genuinely liked Molly. He hadn’t seen much of Tom and after John asked him why Molly didn’t bring Tom to the morgue he had decided to back off. He thought that despite the boring veneer of the man that perhaps Molly hid him away because she was happy. Then she had mentioned the sex, which short-circuited his brain and he was at a loss of what to do. As far as he knew Molly hadn’t ever let a man close enough to indulge her transport in those kinds of activities. She had broken their system and that was what he had paid attention to. Well played, Mycroft.

“So one of the people I trusted most plotted against me with my arch-nemesis.”

“He thought there was going to be a murder at the wedding and I was scared.”

“Well he wasn’t wrong but I don’t think he was trying to protect Sholto.”

“Probably not.”

“The threat had passed why were you worried?”

“Your brother is so secretive, that’s all.” Molly’s eyes slid down and to the left.

Sherlock put his hands together as if he were praying. “What specifically caused you distress.”

“It’s nothing. I’m just being silly.”

“Molly, I am not a patient man. You know this, it will be a whole lot easier if you just tell me what’s bothering you.”

Molly sighed, “Your brother wouldn’t let me near the autopsy let alone read the report. He claimed that it was confidential and dismissed me.”

“Molly, I saw him shoot himself. Moriarty is gone. Mycroft just enjoys power plays.”

“I know, I know. But I would have felt better seeing some proof for myself.”

Sherlock had seen Moriarty’s body laying on the ground with blood pouring out so he wasn’t concerned with the dead man. He had other concerns pressing him about his fiancée. “So you dated Tom to protect me.”

“I didn’t date him! He was my bodyguard and that was your fault.”

“Why on earth did you sleep with him if he was just your body guard?”

“Not that it’s any of your business but I didn’t! Where would you have gotten that idea?”

“From you,” Sherlock blinked owlishly at her, “you told me that you and Tom were, and I quote, ‘having quite a lot of sex.’”

“You were supposed to deduce the lie you prat! I never gave him the opportunity to stab me with his meat dagger!”

Sherlock short-circuited for a moment with the last comment. He couldn’t decide whether to feel humored with the line or to be uncomfortable with innuendo so he didn’t quite hear what Molly had mumbled. He shook his head to clear his thoughts and decided he would revisit the comment later.

“What was that Dr. Hooper?”

“I said, ‘It’s not really any of you business Mr. seven times a night on Baker Street.’” Molly spoke in a louder voice that drew the attention of some passersby.

“Doctor I thought better of you than to believe everything you read.” Sherlock hissed in a softer voice so the lookers would look elsewhere, fortunately it worked.

She blushed in embarrassment at first then her face became a darker red as she wondered how the conversation got turned around on her.

Sherlock cleared his throat. “Well, that’s all behind us now. Janine and Tim can be forgotten. However, you need to stop seeing him now.” He heard the warning in his mind of ‘not good’ so added a belated “please” thinking that would solve the problem.

Molly looked at him in shock at his outlandish remark. “First off, are you telling me who I can and can’t hang out with? And second how do you know I’m spending time with him?”

It was true that Molly had seen Tom twice in the last month. After returning from seeing her family she had decided she needed friends outside of Sherlock’s circle. She had decided that Tom was a good place to start. She had reached the point where she would have gone to Mary but that had been before Sherlock had been shot and she was still part of Sherlock’s circle anyway. They had gotten together for lunch and chatted but that was the extent of their friendship as that was even a stretch for Molly. Since Sherlock hadn’t been around she didn’t see how he could have deduced it from afar.

“As to the second question, I had Wiggins check on you as I was indisposed and could not check on you myself. This is primarily your fault because you failed to come to see how I was faring.”

Molly scoffed at his audacity. She really shouldn’t have been surprised.

“As to your first question, of course you can no longer see Tom, I thought that would have been obvious after yesterday. Why would you want to even be with him after our conversation?”

“Which conversation? We talked more yesterday than we have in the whole of our acquaintance.”

“The important one in the morgue!” Sherlock looked offended and hurt.

He watched Molly as she tried to remember what they had talked about. All she remembered was him snapping at her and retreating into his mind palace.

‘I told you that you were wrong,’ Anderson gleefully sang out in Sherlock’s mind palace.

Sherlock fixed him with an icy glare. ‘Well, then what am I missing?’

A new voice chimed in, ‘For starters, dear brother, she hasn’t shown an ounce of joy or happiness at the prospect of marrying you. Of course it could just mean she’s not thrilled to be marrying you but realized that it is unfortunately unavoidable and has just submitted to her fate. But usually when women agree to marry a man that they find suitable they show some amount of sentiment and emotion.’

‘What did I miss?!”

Sherlock called to mind the scene in the lab. He went through until the moment of Molly’s agreement. He had never moved from his spot. He recalled that Molly was looking through a microscope and there had been a cup of coffee beside him on the table, a cup of coffee that had not been there at the beginning of their discussion. There was no steam so it had been sitting there long enough to go cold. He didn’t recall Molly leaving to fetch the coffee. He also didn’t recall when she had gone to the microscope. He remembered the time when John asked him to be his best man and realized he must have gone into his mind palace, but something was out of place.

“But you agreed!” Sherlock used an accusatory tone.

Molly opened her mouth just to close it again. She had been caught. He had never cared before but apparently something had transpired and she needed to know what she had agreed to.

She winced as she asked, “What exactly did I agree to?”

“Why did you agree if you didn’t know what it was?”

“I find it speeds up the process.”

Sherlock fixed her with a glare, “What process?”

“You come in the morgue working on a case, you enter you’re mind palace, you come up with the answer, and sometimes you ask me if I agree. In the past I would ask what I was agreeing with. You would fix me an evil look and then proceed to walk out in a huff or insult me. When you chose the insult route this would end in a tirade and a drawn out explanation. I have found over the years I get back to my work quicker and you are much happier if I just agree with you.”

Sherlock was no longer looking at Molly so much as he was looking past her. He silently got up from the table and walked away leaving Molly emotionally exhausted and having to go to the shops on her own. At least at the shops she could pick up some ice cream…lots of it.

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