There's Something About Molly

Chapter 23

Molly had a hard time sleeping the night before after Sherlock basically asked to be friends outside of work. She endedup late after missing her alarm clock and having to change her clothes after she spilled coffee down her front as Toby slinked back in the house. If it hadn’t been for her lease she would seriously consider getting a cat flap.

Her boss was more than understanding as Molly was an exemplary worker and invaluable as she was the only who would work with Sherlock. Mike had supported her when the hospital board wanted to get rid of her after the faked death incident, but fortunately the situation disappeared quickly. Mike could only assume it had something to do with Sherlock’s older brother who he had met a couple times in the past. He didn’t quite understand what Mycroft said or did and tended to just smile and nod when he chose to make an appearance. He liked Sherlock well enough but avoided his barbed tongue; he knew Sherlock mostly meant no harm. Mike did want to stay on the Holmes’ good sides so would mostly do what they requested as long at was within reason. With Molly’s acquaintance with the brothers she could have taken more passes than she did and he admired and respected her for not doing so. So when she was late he did not bat an eye but waved her off.

When Molly entered her working area she was surprised to see Sherlock there.

“You’re late.”

Molly paused in her stride, “Please don’t deduce me out loud this early in the morning. How did you get in here anyway?”

“Stamford let me in.”

Molly tsked as she went about reading her charts and setting up for the day. “So what are you here for?” she asked without looking up.

“I brought you something…a present.”

Molly pulled the chart she was holding down so she could look over at the detective. “What for?”

Sherlock gave a small frown, he had been expecting a happy excited squeal and instead he was met with mistrust.

“Do I need a reason to give you a present?”

“Actually yes.”

He rolled his eyes. “Why don’t you take a break and at least open it.”

“I can’t take a break. I just got here and I was late.”

Molly tried to return to her work but could feel Sherlock’s eyes on her. Sure enough when she looked up she was met with his stare.

“You either need to work on something in the lab or leave me be.”


Molly blushed, “Your staring is unnerving.”

Sherlock blinked a few times, “I was in my mind palace.”

Molly gave him a look with her eyelids dropped halfway, “If you had been you wouldn’t have responded to me.”

Sherlock grumbled before leaving Molly in the morgue and heading to the lab.

Three hours later Sherlock was joined in the lab by Molly who had almost finished her first autopsy of the day. She had come to run some tests. Sherlock was able to work on some of his previous experiments that Molly had kept safe for him. They worked in silence for a while before Sherlock asked if Molly was going to take a break soon to which she gave an affirmation.

This was Sherlock’s chance to take her for coffee. “Coffee?” he asked hopefully.

Molly looked up and smiled before heading out the door. Sherlock was confused when she didn’t return for a good fifteen minutes. When she returned she had two cups of steaming coffee in her hands. She set one before him and moved back to her area. Sherlock frowned as he reviewed the situation and located where he went wrong in conveying his desires.

Sherlock went over to Molly’s workspace and held out a gift bag that swung back and forth on his finger in front of her face. She looked up at it and the man holding it out with a stoic mask on his face. She could tell that behind the mask of indifference there was nervousness. She took the proffered gift and opened it.

“Sherlock…” she started out with a lack of words, “it’s a very kind gesture but I can’t accept it.”

“I know it’s not a traditional gift of flowers or some such thing but I find its use to be vastly superior in every sense.”

“It’s not what it is but it’s too expensive and I would never be able to keep up with the phone bills for such a thing.”

“It really wasn’t all that much and that thing you call a phone is archaic. With this you can send me pictures when I need to see something. You like music I already loaded it with some music I think you will like. I even programmed it with all the phone numbers you need from your past account.”

Molly shook her head in exasperation. “Have you ever head of boundaries Sherlock?”

“Of course. John complains that I don’t have them all the time.”

Molly giggled. “You’re incorrigible, you know that right?”

“As part of the gift I will be covering the expenses of the phone.”

“No way. I am not agreeing to this. My phone is fine for me.”

“I already cancelled it.”

“What? How did you-? You know what never mind.” Molly started to stew and refused to look him in the eye.

“It’s your old number.” Sherlock offered.

“I’m not taking it,” Molly said through gritted teeth.

“Don’t you want an iPhone?”

“Not the point.”

Sherlock smiled noticing the weakness.

“I suppose this is more for you than me. You want me to be at your beck and call even more?” Molly gave him a side eye.

“I suppose so.” Sherlock grinned knowing he would get his way in the end. “Don’t you deserve something nice for putting up with me?”

He was being smarmy again. Molly didn’t know whether to just go with it or not. Sherlock noticed her start to withdraw.

“Don’t you want to look at it before you decide? You can even have one of those dreadful fairy stories at your finger tips at all times.”

“Fine let me see it.”

Molly looked through the phone for a bit before checking the phone numbers. “I thought you said you programmed all my phone numbers in here.”

“I did. “

“There are some missing,” she said as she started adding the missing numbers from memory.

“You didn’t need those men’s numbers in your phone.”

“Those are my brother’s numbers you git. No point in not programming them when I can remember them, super-memory remember?”

“Then why program at all and Tom is not your brother.”

“Convenience and Tom is a friend.”

“Well…I’m paying for the phone.”

“Here take it. I didn’t want it in the first place.” Molly held out the offending phone to the detective.

“Fine do what you want with it.” He pouted and crossed his arms.

“I want to get rid of it. I’m sorry I can’t accept it. Strings or no strings.”

“Please Molly.” Sherlock’s defenses went down for a moment. “At least until this Magnussen situation is over?”

“You can reach me on my flip phone just as easily as…” Molly realized why he wanted her to have the phone. “You can track me with this can’t you?”

“It’s just a precaution. I would feel better if I can know where you are.”

“For anybody else this kind of behavior would be counted as insane.”

“I’m not insane I’m a high functioning-“

“Something but it’s not a sociopath. You’re the same as me.”

Sherlock looked as if he had been slapped.

“You can tell all the world one thing but not me Sherlock. Not after jumping off a building to protect those you care about.”

Sherlock considered the woman in front of him, “If I admit I care will you keep the phone?”

“Only until the Magnussen thing is over but you need to promise me not to abuse the privilege.”

His gift didn’t quite work out the way he wanted but at least she accepted it for now. He had time to convince her to keep it. He gave her what was becoming the customary kiss on the side of her head before quietly agreeing.

As he made his way to the door she called out to him without turning around, “I am going to pay for my phone bill.”

Sherlock wanted to argue but decided to let her win for now.

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