There's Something About Molly

Chapter 25

Towards the end of September Molly reached her last straw with Sherlock.

The day she had reached this point started out fairly normal except for the fact that Sherlock was meeting with Mycroft for some unknown reason. John took the opportunity to call Molly to make a retrieval. She promised to come by on her break but John begged her to come before Sherlock made it home. Molly laughed and acquiesced to his request.

Molly had felt odd the whole time because John had taken to staring at her. He didn’t realize he had been making faces and cocking his head from time to time. He was considering her and since it was the first time they had really been alone together she was afraid he was going to bring up the elephant in the room, and she wasn’t talking about Sherlock’s case of the same name. She knew he loathed her for keeping silent on Sherlock’s survival.

John was leaning against the couch with his arms crossed. Finally he nodded to himself as he made the decision to speak.

“So what’s it like dating Sherlock then?” He asked Molly who was currently under a table.

His timing had been unfortunate, and she came up to quickly and banged her head in shock. She crawled out from underneath the table while rubbing her head before standing up and straightening herself out.

“You know as well as I do that relationships are not Sherlock’s area.” Molly said.

John drew his eyebrows down and lifted his head. He blinked his eyes rapidly as he tried to figure out what to say. He didn’t have to worry as Molly chose to ask a question.

Molly gave John a sad smile and chuckle. “Why would you think that John?”

John decided to help lead her to the realization that she was in fact in a relationship, his friend was going to be into some big trouble otherwise. He wondered what the great pillock had done to lead Molly to be unaware of their relationship status. He was going to have to sit down and have another conversation with his friend about things other than flowers and apologies.

“It’s just you spend an awful lot of time together lately.”

“We actually used to spend a lot of time together before…”


“Well…before he got a roommate.” Molly started playing with her hands.

“Oh.” John shifted uncomfortably. “I see.”

“You are good for him. I am glad he has you John.”

“So did you do the same sorts of things that you do now?” John asked out of curiosity and to break the awkward silence that had begun.

“Mostly we did experiments. Got kicked out of two flats because of him. He didn’t have a home and crashed at my place a lot. It was worse than having a dog.”

John’s face broke out in a huge grin. He chuckled and shuffled his feet. “Yeah, I can imagine the issues you faced, if it wasn’t for Mrs. Hudson’s staunch spirit I think we would have been homeless a long time ago. If he stayed with you so much why didn’t he ask you to room with him.”

“He did.”

John with arms still crossed leaned forward in interest.

“What happened?”

“I think he deduced I was going to say no. He didn’t really have to beat that corpse quite so hard. I was going to tell him over coffee but he could tell and avoided it. I had even put on lipstick to boost my confidence to tell him no.”

“Oh…that day.”

“Yep,” she said popping the key before pursing her lips in a thin-lipped smile.

“Why were you going to say no?”

“Have you seen me with him? I don’t really deny him anything and if I lived with him…I don’t know what the consequences would have been. I regretted my choice because I lost him…again. I also banned his experimenting at mine so he stopped coming over all together. He didn’t start coming over again until he needed a bolt-hole a few years back.”

“What do you mean lost him?”

Molly shrugged, “I have known Sherlock a long time. Until recently I thought Sherlock had deleted our previously shared history. He dropped out of my life except for seeing him at the morgue during cases. I thought I didn’t count for a while. I had never seen him behave with a person like he did with you.”

“Maybe he has other feelings for you than he does for me.”

Molly gave another sad smile. “It’s platonic. Until recently he didn’t even see me as a friend and I’ve actually have known him for many years.”

“Maybe he saw you as something else?”

Molly had been leaning back against the table since she crawled out from underneath the table. She turned from John as she contemplated his words. She went back to making her collection.

“Perhaps he sees me as a sister,” she said with a question in her voice.

John pouted his lips out and nodded. He opened his mouth a couple times before speaking. “I don’t think he would think in that way. Besides he has been seeking your company out an awful lot for someone he sees as a sibling.”

He really hoped Molly would figure it out, otherwise he would have to deal with the fall out when things went pear shaped. If Sherlock ever reached his goal of actually marrying this woman he would have plenty of ammo for his best man speech.

“He’s just going through a phase. He needs people no matter what he might say and he’s attempting not to get bored. As soon as he can run around again I will become a bolt hole again.”

Molly had finished her hunting and gathering and was now ready to leave.

John stopped her before she could leave. “You called yourself his bolt-hole. I think it’s true. I think you are his safest place.”

Molly’s eyes started to tear up and she bit her bottom lip. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell-“

“Shh…I...have been a bit of an arse and let’s just put that behind us.”

Molly started to sob uncontrollably at that and John couldn’t help but take the younger woman in her arms while she cried. Once she had finished she gave a watery chuckle and pulled away.


“Don’t apologize. If you need to cry sometime in the future I am happy to be here for you.” John meant what he said but hoped Sherlock had time to fix this before she needed his services.

Molly considered John, “You’re a good friend John.”

“As are you Molly.”

Molly made her way down the stairs. John was left with a question that needed to be answered and he was not sure if his friend would ever ask.

“Molly!” John called down the stairs. “Can I ask a question?”

“Of course.”

“How exactly do you see Sherlock?”


“You said Sherlock may see you as a sister, how do you see him?”

“I…don’t let myself think about it. It hurts too much.”

John needed to reach Sherlock and fast, he needed to fix this now. At least there was hope for Sherlock since Molly was indeed in love with the sod.

After an emotional afternoon Molly went and finished her shift. She didn’t know what had gotten into John Watson but was grateful that she no longer carried the guilt for keeping Sherlock’s secret. She was looking forward to a relaxing evening at the theater after her strange day. Someone had given Sherlock a ticket to The Lion King and of course he was not going so he had given the ticket to Molly who loved musicals.

She arrived early and got her seat, which happened to be the best seat she had ever experienced having. She settled in with her phone, Sherlock had been right about her enjoying books at her fingertips at all times. Closer to curtain time Molly’s aisle was full except for the seats on either side of her. A silver-haired couple made their way down to where Molly was sitting and split off when they reached her and made to sit on either side of her.

Molly immediately began to stand so she could offer to move over so that they could sit together. Both theatergoers were still standing but before Molly could utter a word she was pulled into a strong embrace of the round little woman with crystalline blue eyes.

“It is so nice to finally meet you.” The woman gushed as she put Molly at arms length to get a look at her.

Molly got the same feeling she often received when Sherlock was deducing her. “I’m sorry I’m not sure I am who you think I am.”

“Nonsense. You are Dr. Molly Hooper. Your picture doesn’t give you justice. You are absolutely lovely.” The mystery woman pulled Molly back into a hug. “Thank you so much for saving my son. He speaks very highly of you. I am so glad he found someone. I began to despair that-“

“Violet,” the man chuckled affectionately, “perhaps we should take our seats and let poor Molly catch her breath. It seems to me your son failed to tell her of our presence.”

Violet relinquished her hold on the petite woman and observed what her husband said was true. She tutted her tongue and shook her head. Molly was shaking and in shock. Through the rest of the show that shock would turn to anger at a certain curly haired man with sharp cheekbones who was seriously wrecking emotional havoc on her life.

The group of three settled in their seats, Molly awkwardly sitting between the two. Introductions were made and Molly reigned in her negative emotions so that they wouldn’t land on the lovely couple that was Sherlock’s parents. Siger and Violet Holmes were thrilled to meet her and she found herself wanting them to like her.

Siger managed to quiet down his excited wife as the lights dimmed. During intermission polite conversation was made but it mostly consisted of Violet chattering away. She was miffed her son didn’t give Molly fair warning but she reasoned he was probably afraid Molly wouldn’t have shown up in his stead otherwise.

After the show Violet begged to take Molly to a late supper or for drinks. Violet proved as hard to say no to as her son but Siger sensing Molly’s exhaustion and distress was able to give Molly an out as long as the young woman promised to come visit at their cottage. Violet tried to get a promise of Christmas but Molly had already promised to visit her own family, she was grateful for this as she had mixed feelings about attending such an event at the Holmes homestead. They insisted on taking Molly home due to the inclement weather. Violet promised to give her son a tongue-lashing upon dropping Molly off. Molly insisted that it wasn’t necessary and headed towards the flat only to realize at the last minute that she had been dropped off at 221B.

She decided that there was no time like the present, and the rain was starting to get heavy. She made her way up the steps of the familiar home. She was greeted by the sight of the detective sitting in his chair with his signature pose of steepled fingers, but he looked up as he heard her come in.

“Ahh. Molly how was the theater?” Sherlock beamed up at her from his perch.

“Your parents Sherlock. You sent me to theater with a seat in between your parents,” she ground out as she threw her purse down.

Sherlock consulting detective only observed that Molly was upset on the outside and failed to observe deeper than that. He tried to assuage her with his logic. “You love musicals, I don’t. Elegant solution. You were going to meet them sooner or later, this way you could be doing something you enjoyed and there would be minimal need for required conversation.”

“Your parents are lovely-“

“Then I fail to see your problem.”

“If you would be so kind as to let me speak,” she spat at him. “One does not introduce someone to his parents without a heads up! Or without even being there!”

“If I had told you then you wouldn’t have gone.”

“I guess we won’t know will we? I do everything else for you why wouldn’t I have done this?” Molly was breathing heavily.

Sherlock didn’t like seeing her upset except the fact that she looked quite lovely. He needed to fix this this quickly so they could enjoy the rest of the night.

“I see. I missed some social cues. I apologize. Would you prefer gerberas again?”

“What? No, no flowers.”

“Society says flowers are good to use when conveying an apology.”

“We aren’t society people and your apology is insincere.”

Sherlock got up and approached his incensed pathologist. He attempted to reach his arms out to her but she stepped back. Sherlock was usually one for games but he did not like this one. Was what he did so wrong?

Molly stepped back further then turned for the door to head out. She didn’t care any longer about the rain. She just needed to get away from Sherlock but he followed her out the door. He grabbed her arm before she could make her way down the stairs.

His eyes were wide, “I’ve been trying!” He sounded desperate in his own ears and he abhorred it.

“Trying what?”

“To be kinder, to be a good candidate for marriage for you. I know I have nothing to offer you.” He closed his eyes and listed his faults. “I am self-destructive and stubborn. My pride and impatience push people away. I am selfish and I get lost in my cases. I don’t have boundaries actually I am not even sure what those are. I am anti-social, at times I am cruel, insert all the nasty words anyone has ever used to describe me and they are all true. Despite all this I have tried to woo you.”

When he opened his eyes he saw that Molly was frozen and her look was devoid of all expression. Sherlock’s impatience for a response was detrimental to an already volatile situation.

He pulled his arm back angrily. “I guess I am not enough. This,” he waved his hand about, “is too difficult. I give up.” He slammed the door on an unresponsive Molly.

When she could move she numbly stepped down the stairs. Her mind was on autopilot. She was having difficulty processing the words Sherlock had hurled at her. She didn’t even realize she had left her purse upstairs. The only thing that penetrated her mind was the angry yet heart-breaking music that filtered down from the upstairs. She stepped out into the rain with no idea of where she was headed.

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