There's Something About Molly

Chapter 28

Sherlock rushed out of the apartment with Molly’s purse and headed to her flat. He hoped she had headed there and knew that one of her neighbors had a key. In a pinch Molly could pick her own lock, Sherlock had made sure of it. Unfortunately she was not there but he fed Toby and waited to see if she would show up. He also tried to think of where she could have gone. She did not have too many friends to speak of so she should be easy to locate, especially since she could not go far without her wallet. He asked some of his trusted irregulars to keep an eye out for her and to let him know anything about her whereabouts. Wiggins actually stood up to him and told Sherlock to leave him out of the domestic because it wasn’t his area.

Once morning reached he got worried and headed towards Bart’s. He was met with an unusually unhappy Mike who revoked Sherlock’s privileges until Molly returned to work and approved it. Mike refused to tell him where she was.

He went through her phone. He called meat dagger because he knew they were friends. Tom had no idea where she was but made sure to let Sherlock know that he did not deserve Molly. Sherlock agreed with him before hanging up. He wasn’t happy to have to keep searching but was infinitely relieved that she hadn’t chosen to run to him.

He called Lestrade and tried to file a missing person’s report. Lestrade mocked him for not being able to find Molly on his own. He then told him she wasn’t missing and that she wanted to be left alone for the time being. He also threatened to throw him in a cell if he failed to respect her wishes. Sherlock’s gut clenched at the thought that Molly was hiding from and he felt the unfamiliar feeling of guilt that he had made such a mess of things. He was also impressed that Molly had covered her tracks so thouroughly.

He was impatient and getting desperate so he called Mycroft who of course mocked him and asked if Sherlock wanted an annulment of the paperwork they had worked on one-day prior. This of course resulted in Sherlock hanging up the phone.

Sherlock decided to wait it out at Molly’s flat. She had to return eventually. He paced and visited his mind palace. He decided to call one of her brothers on the off chance she was there. Molly had already proved herself to be resourceful and could have gotten funds from Mike or Lestrade. She didn’t talk about her brothers often but he thought she mentioned Peter’s name most often. It would need to be handled delicately.

“Peter Hooper speaking.”

Sherlock had chosen to use his phone rather than Molly’s so Peter had not recognized the number. When Sherlock heard Molly’s brother speak his mind went blank.


Sherlock snapped out of it, “Ah yes, hello.” Sherlock went silent again. If he wanted to win Molly over honesty might work best in this situation.

“Can I help you?”

“Actually yes, I am calling about your sister.”

“What about her?” The mistrust was evident in his voice.

“Sorry, we haven’t met. My name is Sherlock Holmes.”

Peter was of course surprised and started to worry about his little sister. “Is she okay?”

“I…well yes but…” Sherlock was surprised that the first thing out of her brother’s mouth was concern for his sister’s well being. Sherlock was out of his element and floundering.

“Is she okay or not?” Peter snapped at the man. He knew her feelings for this man but he didn’t like the monopoly he had on Molly or the way it appeared that he used her.

“She’s…we may have had a bit of a spat.” Sherlock tried to mislead her brother with a nervous chuckle. Sherlock should have thought things through better before calling her brother but his concern was growing. “I was wondering if you could give me advice on how to get back in her good graces.”

“This isn’t the first time you had a disagreement, why are you calling now?” Peter knew from his sister that Sherlock could be manipulative so tried to keep the conversation straight. If Sherlock was calling there was a reason.

Sherlock cursed to himself, he shouldn’t have chosen the brother she seemed to be closest to. “She is avoiding me completely. She has never completely disappeared like this before.”

“She’s disappeared?!”

“She’s probably fine. Your sister is extremely clever and resourceful. I have spoken to others who know her whereabouts but they will not share where she is.”

“So you thought to call me to see if she’s here?” asked Peter even though they both knew the answer.


“She’s not, but I’m going to call her as soon as I hang up with you.”

“Don’t bother, I have her phone.”


Sherlock had tired of the conversation but knew he would be making more trouble for himself if he antagonized her brother. “She left it here accidentally.”

The line went quiet for a moment. “Aren’t you supposed to be the best detective there is?”

Sherlock’s reacted to the blow to his pride, “I will find her I just thought to try the most obvious places first.”


Sherlock interrupted, “I can’t look we are the phone.” He covered his face as he realized snapping at his hopefully future brother-in-law if he ever fixed this mess was not the best move.

“Fine,” sighed the surprisingly patient Peter, “listen then. She rarely comes here thanks to you. She spends holidays in London because of you and from what I hear you keep her busy. She swears that there is nothing between the two of you but she broke off her engagement because you returned from the dead. The last time I saw her was because you were shot and she was worried sick. She seems afraid to let us even meet you. I have respected her wishes and have left you alone but now that you contacted me as a concerned brother it is my right to know what the bloody blazes is going on!”

Sherlock really regretted calling her brother. He tried to regroup his thoughts as quickly as possible but the voices in his mind palace were not giving assistance. He had avoided relationships for so long and had mucked up this one so entirely that he was left with no clue with how to proceed. If the real Molly had been there with him instead of mind palace Molly she could have walked him through what to do in this situation.

“She loves you, you know.” Sherlock heard Peter say.

Sherlock’s throat went dry, as he confessed to Peter in a low voice, “I love her too.”

“Then you either need to man up and tell her that or you need to let her go and get out of her life.”

Sherlock answered that he understood and hung up. Peter decided he would have to visit London to check on his sister. It was almost the weekend so he would take the next couple days off and head to the city with his family. Before calling his wife to tell her of the plans he called his older brother to let him know what was happening.

Sherlock had one last person to call on his list. He hoped the former assassin would be willing to help him.

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