There's Something About Molly

Chapter 2

Molly nervously bit at her lip as she waited for Tom. She had been tempted to call earlier in the day and tell everyone she was sick but the world’s only consulting detective would see right through that. She was better off just getting it all out in the open. Molly Hooper was indeed single and the only engagement she had was one that was feigned with Mycroft’s provided security. The hope had been that the first and last time they would see Tom would be at the Watson wedding. That was the plan! They would go to the wedding, Sherlock would be his regularly charming self by bringing the truth to light, and Molly would be off the hook and back to her regular life of being harassed by the younger Holmes and not the elder, and all would be right with the world. Now she was waiting at Speedy’s near 221B Baker Street for her “fiancé” so that she can introduce him to Sherlock’s nearest and dearest. It didn’t help that, just days ago, she was running around with the detective on a case. The memory would be imprinted on her heart, mostly because Sherlock’s words about being herself (though the memory of the kiss helped too). Sherlock unfortunately mistook her reasoning for being unable to assist on further cases. He assumed it was because of the cursed ring on her finger but in her mind she knew the one standing beside Sherlock on his cases could only be John Watson. In her earliest acquaintance with the army doctor she couldn’t help but to feel jealous but she grew to respect and admire him. He was good for Sherlock as everyone in his social circle could attest to.

At the end of their shared adventure she had babbled her way through an explanation of Tom and wondered how Sherlock didn’t call her out on the obvious nonsense she spouted out. She went along with Tom’s scheme so far only because of a promise of lightened security and the promise that once the Watson wedding was completed without incident that it would be safe enough to “call off her own wedding.”

Molly placed her fingers on her cheek as she remembered the sweet kiss she had received. It had almost felt as if it was a goodbye kiss, which of course saddened her. She was delighted and surprised to be invited to celebrate the latest victory and reconciliation of the Baker Street Duo. Her delight was now dread as she looked once more at her watch and wondered what her guard was up to. What was the point of him even being around? She could be pulled from the street right now and he was nowhere in sight.

After about five minutes of waiting she felt a tap on her back. Molly jumped, “Don’t sneak up on me…what in the world are you wearing?” She took Tom’s form in and looked at the transformation.

“Don’t you like it? It’s all the rage on Baker Street I hear.” Tom replied with a grin obviously looking quite pleased with himself.

“This is why you wanted to meet me here. So I wouldn’t be able to stop you from making me feel like a complete idiot.”

Tom’s grin faltered, “I’m just trying to distract him and if he thinks that-“

“-I’m dating you only because you resemble him he won’t look deeper because his ego won’t allow it,” Molly interrupted him, her lips forming a tight line as she finished speaking.

Tom looked slightly abashed, “Not good?”

Molly threw up her arms in disgust and brought them down to hide her face in her hands. “Oh my gosh, this is unbelievable! You even have to sound like him now?” She started taking deep breaths her hands shifting so that one hand was pinching the bridge of her nose between her forefinger and thumb. This wasn’t like the Tom she had gotten to know. Something in the Holmes brothers must have brought the need to compete out in others. So why did she often get caught in the cross hairs? At least this time her choice in companions had not been her own.

Seeing no other choice to go through with this façade, now that Sherlock had undoubtedly seen Tom arrive, and there was no getting away from the inevitable she took one last deep breath, placed a smile on her face, and held out her hand.

Tom looked had the grace to look slightly nervous to take her hand in his and followed her lead to the door. He leaned down to talk softly in her ear as she knocked on the door, “So are we good?”

Sometimes Molly really felt the urge to stab him with something.

Molly wasn’t the only one nervous for this meeting. While Mary Morstan gave off the air of being happy and laid-back she wondered what this day would hold. It would indeed be the first time for Sherlock, John, Molly, and herself to be in the same room together. Granted there would be other people but the young pathologist was not an element that Mary had taken in to account when she fell in love with John. How could she have? It was just as much a shock to Ms. Morstan as it was Dr. Hooper to meet like they had. Mary thought that she herself had more of a right to shock as she had not even recognized Molly for who she was, granted the last time she saw Molly the girl was ten and as high as a kite for no fault of her own.

The day that Mary met Molly: Bart’s Morgue

“You’re name really isn’t Mary.”

Mary was taken aback by the woman who was grasping on to a scalpel as if her life depended on it and had just spoken aloud the secret that she had wanted to take to her grave. The younger woman’s words ricocheted inside her mind as she tried to come to terms with what she heard. Mary looked at Molly to confirm her suspicions because honestly there could only have been one person to be able to claim that she was not Mary with such strong personal conviction. The woman before her had a slight frame, reddish brown hair, and deep brown eyes. She resembled the girl that Mary was now sure that she once was. Mary did not like to be surprised and as far as surprises went this one was off the Richter scale.

Mary really couldn’t blame Molly for her mistrust, yes Mary had saved her life, but she had formally been part of the organization that had destroyed the little girl’s life. “Molly” had been collateral damage as it was her mother that Division was truly interested in. They could not very well return such a witness and the deaths of both Molly and her mother had already been staged and recorded. The rogue government group decided to try to turn the little girl into an asset and had started using drugs as a way of control. This was of course after they had killed her mother due to her lack of cooperation.

Mary had been aware of the corrupt status of the group she worked with. Most of the people who had joined Division had done so out of coercion in the first place. It presented itself as hope for young people who had become addicted to different substances and subsequently made abominable choices. Their deaths were then faked by the organization and the young people were given a choice of second life as an agent or an end to their existence. They were told of how in their second life they could live for the noble cause of protecting and serving their country, however, not everyone was privy to the details of the sordid organization.

Mary was smart. She understood how Division was run but she also had a drive to stay alive. Molly was different. Instead of getting Molly off drugs so that they could use her in their schemes they instilled an addiction. The girl had become nothing more than an experiment for them. They of course lied and told her that she was sick and she needed medicine. They had told her many lies. Her father had been military and she hero-worshipped the man so it was easy to foster a drive to serve her country just like her father had. Mary had been mostly in the field during the three years Molly had been cornered away at the headquarters. Once Mary had discovered the crimes against the child she couldn’t sit back and do nothing.

Fortunately, Mary had enough friends in her former life with whose help she managed to disappear. Staying in America was not an option. Putting distance between herself and the girl was the best chance for either of them and Mary tried to drive home as many lessons of not telling anyone the truth as she could in the short amount of time they had together. She also told the girl to hold off on talking as long as possible so that she could get a hang of the accent. Mary tried her hardest to get the message across that her life depended on secrecy, hoping that message would get through in the child’s lucid states. After giving her one last dose of drugs her body craved so that she would be accepted without question Mary dropped her at a hospital with a reputable rehab center. One of her past connections made an anonymous donation to cover the costs. Mary feeling she had done the most she could do for the brown-eyed child left to start a new life for herself.

Molly had changed Mary’s life once, and she also had the power to do so again. Mary had somehow managed to convince Molly of the sincerity of her feelings for John. It helped that Mary had indeed rescued her and given her a second chance at life, even if it was a hand’s off approach. The end of their conversation in the morgue had ended with Molly telling her that she could hide Mary’s body if she found out that John was being used in anyway. While Mary found that the statement was probably true, she didn’t want to point out to the woman who had held her scalpel the entire meeting that she probably didn’t have the wherewithal to kill her in the first place.

Molly and Tom eventually made their way into 221 B where they were met with the expected reactions. When Greg tried to get a conversation started with Molly she decided to go for broke and say the most asinine thing she could think of, “I’ve moved on.”

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