There's Something About Molly

Chapter 31

Due to the pounding on the door Molly woke up with a start. She tried to jolt up but she felt arms restricting her movement. In response she started to struggle but a baritone voice calmed her down assuring her that she was safe. She recognized the voice and shifted to see the owner of the voice and arms as she blushed due to her embarrassment. She remembered the events of the night before which induced her blush to deepen. She was about to speak when she heard the pounding of the door again. She made to get up but Sherlock pulled her back down, tightened his hold on her, and nuzzled into her hair and neck much like he had the night before.

“Stay,” he croaked out in a sleepy voice.

“I need to get the door.”

“They will go away eventually.”

The pounding hadn’t stopped. Whoever was at the door was persistent but so was Sherlock. He refused to relinquish his hold on his newly minted official girlfriend. Molly giggled at his antics.

“Who knew Sherlock Holmes was such a cuddler?”

“I’m not. It is new and I am experimenting. I find I am not averse to… cuddling but I need more data, which I cannot gather if you insist on getting up. As the knocking has ceased it would seem a pointless endeavor for you to continue to try to do so at this time.”

Molly giggled, “Far be it for me to stop your important data collecting.” So saying she snuggled back down only to attempt to jump up a moment later when she heard her front door open.

Due to Sherlock’s hold letting go at the last minute she fell off the bed onto her knees and caught herself with her arms before her face hit the floor. She heard a familiar voice calling her name and she groaned in realization that her brother was outside her bedroom door with his family while she had Sherlock Holmes in her bed. Granted nothing had happened, they innocently slept last night. She was afraid her brother would not think so, but as long as no one needed to use the restroom no one would need to find out.

She scrambled out the door while grabbing onto her housecoat. She heard Sherlock groan his annoyance as she quickly shut the door.

“Molly thank goodness your home safely,” Peter moved forward to hug his sister.

His wife, Helen, laughed at his antics, “Sorry, Molly. After Mr. Holmes called him the other day he insisted we come to check on you.” Helen offered her own hug followed by hugs from her three children.

Molly was bewildered as she had not been awake long and was trying to compute what was happening. “I’m sorry I just woke up. I have no idea what is going on.”

Helen patted her on the back as Molly faced her brother.

“Mr. Holmes called and said you had disappeared.”

Molly’s jaw dropped. She shook her head and ran her hand through her tangled hair. She remembered Sherlock making a brief statement about her brother, which she had promptly forgotten due to the day’s events. Two-year old Sophie decided to take the moment of silence to inform her mummy that she needed the restroom and that she needed it right that moment.

“Sorry Molls, if we could just use your loo?” Helen asked.

Molly blanched, “Of course, can I just have a moment…” Molly rushed toward her room in a panic, of course with children involved someone would need to use the restroom.

“Potty mummy!”

“Don’t worry about it Molls. With three kids and a husband I have seen worse. I won’t look at the mess.”

Molly clenched her eyes in defeat as she told her sister-in-law where the bathroom was and waited for a reaction to the friend that she had in her bed. Before Helen and Sophie had a chance to enter the room Sherlock made his appearance.

He entered the room in all his t-shirted sweatpants glory. The look was completed with bed tousled hair and the extra housecoat he had taken to keeping at Molly’s. He came to Molly and put his arms around her placing a kiss on her cheek.

“You don’t need to worry about me love, I’m up,” he smiled disarmingly at the family.

Sherlock felt Molly tense up as the mother rushed her youngest child to the restroom. He deduced that he had made a mistake by Molly’s rigidness and the look on her brother’s face. He was trying his best to be charming to make up for the phone call but Molly would not have any of that.

“Love?” She choked out and looked back and up into Sherlock’s face.

With the new angle Sherlock made to move forward and nuzzle his nose with Molly’s. He hadn’t thought it was possible but her eyes got wider.

“Dad! Dad! That’s Sherlock Holmes the detective!” Thirteen year-old Josiah exclaimed excitedly to his father.

“You know that Aunt Molly works with Mr. Holmes,” his father replied.

Sherlock extricated himself from Molly and held out his hand to the young man. ”It’s very nice to meet you.” At least someone in the room liked him and he needed to exploit that fact to his best advantage.

Nine-year old Allen followed his brother’s lead and shook the detective’s hand. When Sherlock finally held out his hand to Peter both Helen and Sophie had reappeared. After basic introductions had been performed Allen started whining about being hungry. His mother promised they would eat shortly and ushered her older children to the couch to play with their electronics for the moment. Molly had taken charge of holding onto Sophie while the little girl played with her hair.

Sherlock placed a kiss on Molly’s cheek and while looking at her with a sickeningly sweet look he asked her if he could get her some coffee with an added “love” on the end.

“Looks like the spat you had is over and passed,” Peter commented dryly.

“Oh it was more of a lover’s quarrel really,” Sherlock gave Molly a look full of adoration and leaned into give Molly another kiss on the cheek.

Molly was not amused with her boyfriend’s antics. “Stop it. Just stop it.”

Sherlock’s smile fell. “Fine,” he said with his usual demeanor, “how exactly am I supposed to behave then?”

“Not all fake like someone else.”

“I thought when one met their significant other’s family they were supposed to be charming to win them over,” he said with one eyebrow raised.

“What you were doing wasn’t charming, it was creepy and not you.”

Sherlock huffed his annoyance this was not how he wanted his morning to go. Peter and Helen watched the exchange in bemusement. Helen was the one to break the silence with a logical suggestion.

“Well it has been quite a long drive and the children are hungry as am I. Is there a restaurant nearby that is decent? You guys can get yourselves cleaned up and meet us there and we can get to know Sherlock better.”

Josiah cheered upon hearing the suggestion apparently Sherlock had a fan. Allen cheered for the chips and Sophie clapped her chubby little hands together not to be left out of the excitement.

Sherlock recommended his favorite chip shop, as that would be beneficial for him, at least he hoped it would be a better trip than the last one. He gave them directions and he and Molly promised to join once they got themselves cleaned up.

Once the door closed Sherlock started in on Molly. “I thought I told you to call Peter to let him know you are okay.”

“You said one simple sentence and with everything else going on it was not my main concern.”

“Are you ashamed of me Dr. Hooper?”


“You are acting as if you didn’t want your family to meet me.”

“Not like that. My brother thinks we slept together!”

“We did sleep together.”

“I meant euphemistically.”

“We are courting now so what would be the problem.”

“My adopted family holds some strong religious beliefs and sex out of wedlock is not good.”

“I told you last night that I am willing and ready to marry you.”

“Not the point.”

“You are worried what they will think of you, but what do you believe.”

“It doesn’t matter just please go get ready at Baker Street and I will meet you at the chip shop okay?”

Sherlock grumbled but complied.

Sherlock may be vain about his appearance most of the time but he was able to get ready in record time and beat Molly to the restaurant. John was at work but he kept sending texts to get advice on how to act with Molly’s brother. When John finally answered his advice was to talk as little as possible and when he did talk to not be rude. He also contacted Mary who replied that he made the mess so he was on his own. She added that she wanted to know the aftermath.

Sherlock found the family sitting outside already eating. He greeted them simply and informed them that he would be getting his and Molly’s lunch before joining them. When he returned Molly had made her appearance and was sitting with a spot open beside her. Sherlock sat beside her and made his offering of fish and chips.

Allen’s eyes grew with the amount of chips Sherlock had received. “Wow. That’s a lot of chips!”

“Feel free to help yourself,” Sherlock responded to the boy’s enthusiasm. So far he had won two of Molly’s family members over.

“Only if it’s okay with your mum though,” Molly added looking at Sherlock.

Helen chuckled and allowed Allen the indulgence as long as he made sure not to eat them all and to mind his manners. Josiah had put the adults at ease by taking over the conversation and launched into questioning Sherlock about his cases.

“I knew Aunt Molls worked with you but we don’t get to see her that often so I don’t get to hear so many stories.” Josiah spoke in a run-on sentence.

Molly looked down in shame.

“I’m afraid that is my fault Jos,” Sherlock said using the family’s nickname for the boy. “You see I keep your Aunt Molly pretty busy. I don’t like for her to leave me for very long. She is the best pathologist. Without her my job would be much more difficult.”

This time Sherlock’s praise was sincere and Peter took note of it.

“I owe your Aunt Molly my life.”

“So when did you two start dating?” Helen asked.

“July 29th” and “Yesterday” were said simultaneously by the new couple.

They looked at each other.

Sherlock cleared his throat, “Molly may not have realized that we were courting.”

Peter lifted his eyebrows and nodded with an understanding facial expression, “That sounds about right.”

“Wait what?” exclaimed Molly.

“Well the twins always talked about how you never knew when a guy would ask you out at school.”

“No one ever asked me out.”

“Therein lies my point.”

“No one asked me out…except one for a dance…but I didn’t want to go.”

“Guys asked you to do homework with them.”

“There was no point. Mine was usually finished and I wasn’t going to let them copy it.”

Helen giggled, “Usually when a boy asks a girl to do homework it’s a signal that they want to spend time with the girl, not actually do schoolwork.”

“Oh.” Molly turned beat red, “How was I supposed to know that?”

After finishing the meal they decided to take the kids to a park because they had sat in the car for four hours that morning to reach London. Jos took the opportunity to ask Sherlock more questions while his mother followed Sophie around the playground. Allen was happily exploring the park equipment. Molly and Peter stood to the side and observed for a while before talking.

“It wasn’t what it looked like…this morning.”

Peter looked at his sister, “I wasn’t going to say anything about that. I’m not going to judge you.”

“I know but you believe that it’s wrong.”

“I am not going to reject you.”

“You won’t leave me or forsake me?” Molly asked sardonically.

“You know that is God and not me.”

“He forsook me a long time ago Petey.”

Peter gave quick frown but tamped down the desire to argue with her. He loved his sister dearly but knew she had been hurt deeply. How she loved a man that was well known for his abrasiveness was beyond him.

“So what was the argument about?”

“Sherlock broke up with me…and that is how I found out we were dating in the first place.”

Peter laughed but insisted on more details. Helen hearing her husband laugh loudly joined the adults as she put Josiah in charge of watching his sister. Molly explained from the point where Sherlock had asked to have a relationship outside of Bart’s up to the night before. She left out some of his not good behaviors but left in the meeting with his parents. There were a few questions and exclamations over the story.

“You know you are going to have to share this with the rest of the family,” Peter informed his sister. “You can bring him when you come for Christmas. You are still coming aren’t you?”

“I am but Sherlock promised to go to his parents.”

“You shouldn’t wait so long anyway. Why don’t you come in a few weeks for a weekend?” Helen interjected.

Molly mulled it over, “We just started dating really. I’m not sure if Sherlock will want to but I guess it’s possible.”

“What’s possible?” a red faced detective with a two-year old in his arms asked.

Molly looked horrified at his condition. “You need to be careful!” her voice was loud in her own ears. “You don’t have a clean bill of health yet and you are running around!” Molly tried to relieve Sherlock of Sophie but she held on tight, as he had won over the third member.

“Molly. I’m perfectly okay.”

Peter and Helen were surprised at her outburst and it showed on their faces. Molly usually so quiet and calm had just verbally assaulted the man they had just met. Molly excused herself from the group for a moment to calm down.

The adults turned their attention to the detective. Peter wanted to give the brotherly threats but decided to wait until all four brothers could share that responsibility together. Instead he commented on the new side of Molly hat he had not witnessed much before. He had seen her go off on the twins but it was very seldom and usually in fun.

When questioned Sherlock looked at Peter and explained that she could be very forceful and downright violent with the head slaps she had taken to giving him.

Helen again extended an invitation to visit. Sherlock accepted knowing that if he was going to marry Molly he needed to do this and that it could be checked off his list and a date was made for late November.

The family stayed over night in a hotel and met with Molly in the morning. After spending some time with her they bade her goodbye and reminded her that they would see her again in about two months so that Sherlock could meet the family.

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