There's Something About Molly

Chapter 34

“Irene Adler is actually alive.” Sherlock stated.

Molly nearly dropped the heart she had just pulled out of the body before her. She put the heart on the scale then turned to face him.

“The woman?”

“Yes.” Sherlock stood with his hands clasped behind his back.

Molly learned from her mistake of getting into an argument with Sherlock during an autopsy the last time and refrained from putting her hands on her hips. “Why are you telling me? Are you warning me because you are going to hook up with her if she comes in to town and this is your way of telling me?”

“No! Absolutely not. Mary told me not to keep secrets from you and so I am attempting to be forthright.”

“Sherlock, dear, you need to work on your timing. You come in demanding me to tell you…something and then tell me that your dead girlfriend is alive.”

Sherlock chose not to acknowledge the endearment that slipped out of Molly’s mouth but put it in the forefront of his mind palace in the foyer to examine later.

“She was never my girlfriend. I have only had one girlfriend and that is you and only because you stubbornly insist that this stage is imperative to the future of our relationship.”

“What about Janine?”

Sherlock looked affronted that she even considered the idea. “Pretend, doesn’t count. I’m not leaving until you tell me by the way.”

“You can’t just force someone to say words like that.” Molly countered Sherlock’s remark.

“You already texted them I just want to hear them out loud.”

“Now?” Molly shifted from foot to foot and played with her gloved fingers.

Sherlock let out and exasperated sigh, “Stop playing games. Yes, now…please.”

“I’m not playing games!” Molly stamped her foot with her hands at her sides in fists.

“Please Molly?” He gave her a sweet look and puppy dog eyes.

Molly sighed and looked at Sherlock. She wanted to snap at him that if he was so insistent maybe he should trying saying it first. She took a moment to look passed his manipulation of the situation to see him. He was often on guard around others but in the past weeks despite his natural abrasive manner he showed her that he was able to be vulnerable. He trusted her. He had been the one to initiate every kiss and every touch, which she was grateful for, and unintentionally she had been holding out on him to protect her own heart.

She realized her saying I love you in the text meant the world to him. It had showed that she did indeed reciprocate his feelings and instead of validating the truth of the simple text she had pulled back out of fear. She didn’t want to withhold her feelings for him. He wasn’t simply trying to manipulate her to win a game but was disguising his attempt to look for reassurance.

Molly was tempted to look away as she had always struggled with eye contact. Once she was able to meet his eyes steadily she told him, “I love you.”

She said it in a surprisingly steady but sincere voice. She looked up at Sherlock who reached out and embraced her. She was slightly surprised to see he had tears in his eyes. She let him continue holding on to her but awkwardly held her arms out straight so as not to get blood on his coat. Sherlock leaned back out of the embrace slightly and his arms came up to her face, which he drew close to his own and leaned in to kiss her.

He pulled back momentarily from the pain in his jaw due to one Dr. Watson but leaned in once again to capture a shocked Molly’s lips.

Molly squeaked in surprise. She did her best to return the kiss but had no idea what she was doing. Eventually her bloody hands lost the battle to stay off the infernal man and they grabbed on tight to the jacket to prevent Molly from falling. She tried to mimic his actions but started to panic, what if he thought she was a terrible kisser? She tried to pull back but his grip was too tight. One gloved hand made it’s way up to his curls where she tried to grab his head away from her. This only caused Sherlock to moan and bite her lip. She gasped in shock and Sherlock took advantage to deepen the kiss. Eventually the need for air happened and Sherlock pulled his lips away but leaned his head against hers.

Molly was at a loss for words and said the first thing that popped into her head; “I got blood on your coat.”

Sherlock chuckled, “We just shared our first snog and you are worried about my coat.”

Molly felt Sherlock’s body vibrate with his laughter. She was red from blushing. To hide her embarrassment she snuggled into Sherlock’s chest. She had her arms wrapped around him since it was too late for the coat anyhow. She could hear his heart beating quickly and could feel hers doing the same. Sherlock placed his chin on her head. She wondered at the gift of being able to be held so closely to someone.

They were forced a part when the door slammed open and another body was rolled in. Molly was absolutely mortified and knew the pair looked a fright with blood all over Sherlock’s back and in his curls. She hoped that the blood blended in with the dark colors. Eyebrows were raised but no comments were made as the body was safely stored.

Sherlock dropped a quick kiss on the pathologist’s lips and asked if Angelo’s was okay for dinner. Molly just nodded while he made plans to pick her up from her flat after she had time to clean up after her shift. He gave a flirty wink to her as he left the morgue.

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