There's Something About Molly

Chapter 3

“You can’t put Tom at the back table of the reception Sherlock.” Mary grinned at the antics of the grown man-child while wondering if he knew how transparent he was being.

“I don’t see why not. He’s not one of your friends. Honestly I don’t understand why he’s coming at all.”

“Because Sherlock, he’s the man Molly is going to marry and therefore is her date to the wedding. And Molly is our friend, “ the bemused doctor answered his best friend. John didn’t know if he should be amused or concerned about the behavior Sherlock had been exhibiting while they planned out the wedding.


“About Molly being our friend?” John looked up from his phone with his brows knit together.

“Well…now that you mention it you aren’t the closest of friends. You see Molly when we are on cases, and Mary only met her fairly recently. However, I was actually referring to your statement that Tim is the man Molly is going to marry. She will never go through with it.” Sherlock spoke with his usual air of superiority and disdain.

Mary was glad Sherlock had his back to them at the time of the last statement. He was too busy looking at the details of the wedding plans that were hung up on his wall to notice the small tell she sure she had when Sherlock commented on her acquaintance with Molly. She was extremely relieved that Molly said nothing and made no move to expose her for what she was, or rather, what she used to be. That life was behind her and so far Molly had done nothing more to bring it back to the forefront of her mind, except for her threat if she was to betray John. Since Mary had no intention of hurting the man she loved she just had to hope that Molly believed her sincerity. Honestly, the best threat Molly had was to threaten to expose Mary for what she had been. The threat on her life, while being hard to believe, was not what frightened Mary most in the world. Losing John was. Fortunately Molly was not a malicious person by nature.

The doctor rose to Molly’s defense, “Don’t you mess this up for her Sherlock! And it’s Tom as you bloody well know!”

“John there is nothing to mess up. You saw how he was dressed that day.” Sherlock smirked at the memory.

John cringed for the poor pathologist, “Yeah, but…”

“But nothing John,” the detective interrupted, “if that in itself was not enough proof that their relationship is doomed there is other evidence to back up my deductions as well.”

“Such as?”

“Molly acts as if nothing has changed. She never mentions him for good or for ill. She has not changed her mode of dress for him.”

Mary stopped him at that point; “She could just be comfortable with her relationship and herself. If she doesn’t see a need to change for him it is good thing.”

“The relationship,” he sneered, “is not a good thing. She’ll get bored Mary!” Sherlock said this as if it was the worst thing in the world.

“Why do you care if Molly is bored or not? If she’s bored she will still help you with your bloody experiments.” John replied to his friend’s indignation at a fate worse than death.

“Thank you John. Another piece of evidence is that Molly still helps me with all my experiments and doesn’t try to get out of it. She doesn’t want to run off at the end of the day to Tim and instead is quite content to stay to assist me.” Sherlock practically gloated as he shared his observations.

“You aren’t sabotaging that poor girl’s relationship by keeping her at the morgue all hours are you?” John was getting more suspicious as the conversation went on. Mary on the other hand was trying not to laugh as the two men quarreled. She couldn’t decide which one was funnier, John trying to defend Molly’s doomed relationship or Sherlock who was a bit too keenabout it failing.

“I told you she is quite content to do so. She also never brings Tim to the morgue.”

“And why wouldn’t she do that I wonder! It couldn’t be that she is trying to keep you apart so you won’t rip the man to shreds as you have done to every man she has ever brought into the morgue.” John was now getting worked up so much that he had stood up from his designated seat and was ready to get in Sherlock’s face. Not that it would be easy to do so with the height difference.

Mary turned to her husband-to-be with a smile and shook her head while trying not to burst out laughing, “Oh, John.” She ended up letting a few giggles slide. She loved her dear man but didn’t understand how he couldn’t see what was right in front of him. His best friend had feelings for the pathologist. How deep they ran had yet to be seen but he obviously kept the young woman single for selfish reasons that went beyond the procuring of body parts.

Sherlock whipped around to face John, “She is not interested in dating in reality. Molly brings those imbeciles in the morgue to meet me so I will do what she can’t. She knows I will rip them into shreds as soon as I see them. She is not so kind as you give her credit for or she would learn to say no herself. I help her.” With that the detective redirected his attention to the wall covered with wedding details to escape further discussion on the topic.

Both John and Mary’s eyes shot to each other at his vehement outpouring of words on the situation. They were unsure what to make of them exactly and the look that passed between them meant they would discuss it later.

John couldn’t resist one last comment to try and prove the point that no one in the room shared, “Then why hasn’t she brought him to see you in the morgue Sherlock?”

“We need to work on your half of the church Mary. It’s looking a bit thin.”

It wasn’t until the boys left that Mary realized she had to again resituate Tom into the seat beside Molly on the seating plan. “Oh Sherlock, looks like folding napkins wasn’t the only thing you did when we left the room. What are we going to do with you?” She pondered this aloud as she gave a small half smile and shook her head in affection for the man-child.

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