There's Something About Molly

Chapter 39

In just a short day it would be Christmas. Sherlock had already left to be with his family and had taken Mary with him. They had briefly discussed Molly’s talk with Mycroft before he left. Sherlock had not been thrilled that Molly had gone to talk to him alone. She had not been happy that Sherlock had failed to inform her of Mycroft’s involvement in their lives. He looked stricken and was afraid she was ready to walk out on him over the indiscretion. She had told him that she was not going to leave over something from the past but that they needed to be honest with each other if their future marriage was going to work.

She had been the one to insist on honesty and was now at the crossroads herself of whether or not she should divulge what had happened to her that day in the morgue. Sherlock would be furious when he found out if she was not the first person to tell him what had happened.

She was covering an early morning shift that day having gotten Christmas Eve night off. About midday she got a visitor that she had not been expecting and was less than prepared to receive.

“Ah, Dr. Hooper I presume.” The man spoke with an unmistakable accent and a voice she had not heard in person for many years.

“Yes, that’s me. Umm…how can I help you?” She tried to respond as she once had as Molly Hooper the shy morgue mouse.

“My name is Charles Augustus Magnussen.”

“Oh.” Molly made an effort to look like she just remembered him. No point in hiding her connection she knew Sherlock and the case, Magnussen would not be there if he hadn’t known already. “Sherlock’s not here.”

“Oh, I know. I just wanted to see his pretty little wife for myself.”

Molly’s cheeks warmed with anger but she hoped it passed as a blush. “Oh we aren’t married yet,” she stammered out.

“Oh really? Then the public records must have it wrong.”

Molly felt her stomach sink. Magnussen observed her and smiled like a crocodile. Molly couldn’t help but think of the song, ‘Never smile at a crocodile.’ She was also reminded of the slimy villain from Ever After.

Before Magnussen had come to the morgue he had done his research on Molly Hooper. There were pieces missing form her public file and the only pressure point he had filed away was Sherlock Holmes. Her history seemed to match up with a case that had been cold for some time. This woman before him fit the part of the profile of the prodigal prodigy that had disappeared with the now Mary Watson. He continued to smile at Molly. He had found such a treasure. She would be fun to play with. She would be part of his exit strategy and revenge should things end badly with the Holmes brothers. He wished he had looked into her sooner but she had managed to stay off his radar.

“Have we met before Dr. Hooper?” he asked.

“Umm…my social life is a little…dead.” She gave him her awkward smile. “Sorry people often get deathly sick of my sense of humor.”

Magnussen laughed out loud. “I actually find it refreshing. Memento Mori. We should remember the dead.”

Molly looked down as she remembered her own dead and the connection the man in front of her had to one of them.

“Well…I need to get back to work. Did you need something?” Molly asked.

“No, no. Perhaps I will see you again in the future. Do give Sherlock my salutations.”

After her shift she had headed straight to Baker Street. She finally decided that she would need to call Sherlock and let him know so he was not blind-sided. First she needed to speak to John to have a conversation that she had been putting off for some time though.

Mrs. Hudson opened the door and ushered in Molly who was bedecked in winter apparel including a long colorful scarf. Molly did not come empty-handed and gave her a Christmas gift. Mrs. Hudson tried to get her to come in for tea but Molly politely declined explaining that she needed to leave soon to head for her family’s home.

She headed up the stairs and knocked even though she had a key and could have easily let herself in the door. John was taken aback to see her.

“If you left something here you didn’t need to knock Molly, you could have just let yourself in.” John grasped at the only logical reason for Molly to be at Baker Street with no Sherlock present.

Molly gave a timid smile, “Umm…actually I’m here to see you. Merry Christmas John.”

“Oh, sorry, right. Thank you. Merry Christmas.” John looked uncomfortable for a minute before inviting her in and offering tea.

Molly roamed around the flat nervously as John prepared them some tea. The flat was familiar to her and was becoming more and more like her home but without Sherlock a vital ingredient was missing. This caused her to feel like a stranger in the flat that she would someday be sharing with Sherlock. She blushed at the thought.

She shook the thought out of her head as she tried to focus on the task at hand. She thought of all the ways she had hidden things from John. Granted she had not seen him as her friend for a long time but now he was indeed that. It was a strange friendship but it was one nonetheless. A friendship was built on trust and so that was what she planned to do.

She took a deep breath and called to John, “You know…I never forgot your name.”

John poked his head outside the kitchen, “Sorry?” He looked confused.

“That day in the morgue when Jim from IT decided to get acquainted with Sherlock.”

“Oh…why are you telling me this?” John had fully come out of the kitchen and crossed his arms across his front.

“I was jealous of you and it was wrong. I wanted to apologize to you.”

John shook his head, “It’s fine Molly don’t worry about it.”

“I feel like there’s more to tell you and more I need to seek your forgiveness for.”

John smiled at Molly, “You are fine. We already talked about the secrets about Sherlock and we put that behind us yeah?” John didn’t wait for a response but headed back to the kitchen to fetch the tea.

Molly spoke to his back, “But there are more secrets I kept.”

John turned back to Molly, “I have had it with people keeping secrets from me!” He slammed his fist into the wall.

Molly jumped in response, “I know. I know. I don’t like it anymore than you do but…I was hoping you would give me the chance to tell you and then you can decide whether or not to give me a chance. To be fair they are mostly secrets from before I knew you.”

“Then why would you feel it is necessary for me to know?”

“Because I knew what Mary was before you married her.”

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