There's Something About Molly

Chapter 44

Molly woke up about three hours after Sherlock drugged her. He was probably hoping that she would sleep longer than that but with her body’s previous exposure to drugs he had underestimated her tolerance. She needed to take advantage of that while she could. With the timing a little bit before eight she dragged her body to the kitchen where she started to pour copious amounts of water down her throat with the hope that it would dilute what was in her blood stream.

Then she dragged her sore body to the bathroom while holding on to the wall for support. As she entered the bathroom she took a look at her appearance and took note of the marks Sherlock had made upon her body. She didn’t regret their night together even though she was upset at the need he had felt to drug her. She was sore in places she had never been sore before and she felt sticky and gross.

She turned on the cold water and sat in the tub since she wasn’t doing well on the standing issue. She cried a little and tried to come up with what she should do. Sherlock said that her family was coming tomorrow and she needed to leave before they got there. She had left the family home suddenly the day after Christmas as the result of the email she had received. She needed to keep her distance since it seemed her worst fears were coming true.

She had opened the email since it had appeared to come from Bart’s and the message had said URGENT. When she had opened it a video started playing immediately and she was physically unable to look away. Images rushed passed her in an endless montage planting information in her mind that could not be unseen. She recognized what it was in horror but could not look away as she fell into a trance. A recording of a voice accompanied the video and took root in her mind as well.

“If you have received and opened this email it is because Mr. Holmes has corrupted my ability to stop it. I am being unavoidably detained and I do not find that to my liking. Division keeps track of this information and they will trace and find you. Since the technology that you were exposed to when you were a child will be updated they will come after you. Do you still enjoy reading stories like you did as a child? Perhaps you will recognize the phrase, ‘May the odds be ever in your favor.’ I suggest you start running and soon before they find you, because we both know that they will find you. As your husband is fond of saying, ‘the game is on.’”

She fell over in a faint once the hours of footage finished. Stevie found her the next morning on the floor. Once she came to she rushed out the door with her fried computer in tow. She tried her best to contact Sherlock but he did not answer and had not answered until he had shown up at her doorstep.

She needed to give Mary a further warning but was afraid to do so over the phone. She had stayed in London before leaving because she needed to see Sherlock before she left. Now that he was in danger of losing his life she needed to at least attempt to do something to prevent that before fleeing the country. This time she did not want to involve anyone else when she ran. This time she was no longer a child dependent on others.

She washed herself and when she could stand she made her way to her room wrapped in one of Sherlock’s housecoats. She saw an envelope with Sherlock’s loopy script that she had missed before in her drug-induced haze. It was addressed to, The One Who Mattered Most. She picked it up with shaking hands and opened it as she sat on the bed. There was a pile of papers. One looked like a composition but it was not the one on the CD he had played the previous evening. This was an unfinished duet for piano and violin. She laid it aside and saw the next paper, which was a marriage certificate dated with a past date and labeled with her and Sherlock’s names. She looked down at her left hand to see that an extra band had been placed on her finger. She moved on to the letter.

Dearest Molly,

I am so sorry for everything.

I had Mycroft fill out the proper forms and we have been legally married for several months. We have been married since the day you met my parents though the forms are marked that we were married earlier. I did this as a precaution so that you would be provided for should I somehow meet my demise and even though I have not as of yet, we do know that my death is imminent. Please allow for my final wish to be honored and allow me to provide for you in death in a way that I was not able to in life. It is up to you if you want to change your name or to keep it as it is but I would be honored if you would take my name. Mycroft has promised me to always protect you whether you want this protection or not. I know you do not trust him but I need to know you are going to be safe. He will continue to pay the rent at 221B Baker Street. I am unsure if you would want to move there but I do not fully understand sentimentality and want you to know that it is an option for you. All my earthly possessions belong to you despite what Wiggins may claim. (I did not bequeath you to Wiggins in case he makes this outlandish remark.)

I am sorry for the way I am leaving you. I know you may never forgive me for drugging you but I could not leave you awake and alone with your thoughts. Please forgive Wiggins and Robin. I have taken the liberty of calling into work for you. You will not be expected at work for the next two weeks. I have given Stamford strict orders not to allow you to do so. He owes me several favors and I cashed them all in for his compliance.

I want to thank you for everything but my words fail me. I am grateful for these past months, as they have been some of the happiest that I can recall. I will treasure them for the rest of the time I am on this earth.

I hope you will be very happy Molly Holmes. You deserve it.


Sherlock Holmes

Molly could not make sense of the letter and read it several times over. Her brain was like mush. She couldn’t do anything about the contents of the letter now anyhow. The fact that she really needed a psychological analysis at this point was the only conclusion she could soundly come up with. There were several other papers but she shoved them away for the moment.

She needed to come up with a plan, any plan. As she sat in thought she heard the door rattle. She picked up the cricket bat near her bed and went to the front door. Whoever was at the door had a key but she was not taking any chances.

The door opened to show Wiggins who was surprised to see Molly. He left the door open a bit too long and Toby managed to escape once again.

Wiggins apologized for letting Toby out a couple of times before saying, “Oi, wait a moment, you’re not supposed to be up,” in his cockney accent.

Molly held the cricket bat above her head like she was going to take a swing at him.

“Put any and all syringes on the coffee table or so help me I will take a swing at you.” Molly said with all the bravado she could muster.

Wiggins held up his hands in surrender as he laid two syringes full of liquid on the table. “It’s all I have I swear it.” He had seen the missus take on Sherlock in an argument and he wasn’t about to take her on, especially with that cricket bat in hand.

Molly told him to sit as she came up with a plan. It wasn’t brilliant but it was all she had to work with at the moment.

“I need your help.” Molly waited with baited breath for Wiggins’ response.

“I am supposed to watch you and make sure you don’ go gettin’ into any trouble. Thems Shezza’s orders, they are.”

“Billy, Shezza may die if you don’t help me.”

Wiggins eyed Molly for a moment and ruffled his hair with his free hand. “What do I gotta do then luv?”

“Take off your sweatshirt.”

“Now I know Shezza would kill me if I tried to get fresh with his missus.”

“I just want your hoodie to wear.”

“I’ll freeze out there! It’s cold enough as it is with just they hoodie.”

“Sherlock has an extra Belstaff here, you can take it for now and we can trade later.”

Molly moved about the apartment as quickly as she could the adrenalin of the situation helping out to overcome some of the drugs effects. She grabbed a backpack and filled it with things she may have need of. She had Wiggins make her some PB and J sandwiches that absolutely revolted him. She packed the sandwiches along with some juice and a couple bottles of water. She grabbed her wallet, the papers Sherlock left with her, and some other possible necessities. She decided to leave her phone so that she could not be tracked. She was thankful that she wore baggy clothes and put on some jeans in order to look at least similar to Wiggins. She had some boots with some heel and though they would have helped with the height she decided to forgo them for some flats because she was afraid that she might fall over in her present state. She pulled Billy’s sweatshirt over Sherlock’s purple shirt that she had donned once again despite it being in the need of a good wash. She was afraid of her hair causing a problem and wasn’t thinking the most clearly so she took some scissors and hacked it off at the ponytail. She shoved the syringes in a pocket of the backpack and grabbed a gun from its hiding place and shoved it in one of the sweatshirt’s pockets. Her finishing touch was a pair of sunglasses and she lifted the hoodie over her head.

She told Billy to wait about an hour before leaving and then headed out the door herself. She headed to a café a few blocks away. She was swaying once she got there but she made it. She knew she could use the phone and made a call to the only person she could think of who could and possibly would help her with her plan.

The phone rang only once before someone picked.

“Hello Tom? I need your help.”

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