There's Something About Molly

Chapter 45

“Molly? Where the devil are you? You are supposed to be at home. I didn’t see you leave.” Tom answered his phone and was surprised to hear Molly’s voice on the other end since she was definitely not calling him from her phone.

“So you are on my protection detail,” Molly muttered into the phone.

“It’s a semi-permanent job,” Tom answered. “Where are you?”

“Did you know Sherlock drugged me?”

When Tom cursed into the phone she realized Tom’s innocence on that count. She told Tom where she was and he headed to pick her up. She just had to convince him when he got there to get her to Lady Smallwood. Sherlock’s involvement had started with her and she had a great deal of influence in government workings. Molly was hoping that something would move the woman to work on Sherlock’s behalf, as she also knew what a monster Magnussen had been and that she bore partial responsibility for Sherlock’s position. Molly reminded herself that she also bore such a responsibility herself.

It was a little past a quarter after ten when Molly and Tom reached Lady Smallwood’s London office. It had taken some coaxing but Tom had finally relented to Molly and he agreed to help her however he could.

It surprised Molly at how relatively easy it was to get in to see Lady Smallwood. Tom used his ID badge and Molly named dropped the Holmes title and the woman welcomed her into her office, if warily.

When Molly entered the office she was met with a tired looking woman. Molly had already seen the files in her mind on Lady Smallwood before she arrived so she was not bowled over with information overload upon first seeing her.

“My assistant told me that you are the wife of Sherlock Holmes,” Lady Smallwood said with a questioning voice.

“Yes, I am. My name is Molly…Holmes and I am coming to you on my husband’s behalf.”

“I was unaware that the younger Holmes married. Mycroft has made no note of it.” Lady Smallwood sought out answers to Molly’s outrageous sounding claim.

“We wanted to keep it… quiet…my husband tends to get…unwelcome attention at times.”

“I understand. What I fail to see is why you have come to see me.”

Molly swayed a little on her feet due to the drugs still affecting her body and closed her eyes before speaking. “I came to beg you to help my husband. Surely there is something you can do for him.”

Lady Smallwood took her seat at the desk and looked at Molly sadly. She sighed as she spoke, “I am sorry. I tried, honestly I did. There is nothing more I can do.”

“You tried?”

“Yes, but Mr. Holmes killed a man-“

“Who was a monster, as you well know, interrupted Molly. “Your husband took his life because of that vile…I hesitate to call him a man…man’s threats. You went to my husband for help and he became involved in the case-“

“That may be true Mrs. Holmes but I never sought for Mr. Holmes to take Mr. Magnussen out in such a manner.”

“But you are not sorry for it,” Molly accused.

“I will not respond to such an outrageous claim,” Lady Smallwood said with a hint of steel in her voice.

Lady Smallwood’s facial expression softened as she saw the younger woman’s eyes fill with tears. Lady Smallwood got up and walked around her desk to approach Molly.

“I am sorry for how things turned out,” Lady Smallwood’s voice was laced with true regret.

“Please,” Molly’s voice cracked, “You lost your husband because of that abhorrent creature, please help me not lose mine.”

The politician’s eyes filled with tears, “I wish there was something I could do.”

“You could tell them of your involvement-“

“That is out of the question,” Lady Smallwood’s voice hardened. “It will not save your husband from his fate and if I were to be removed there would be less savory people to take my place. I do look out for the well-being of this country.”

Molly took a shuddering breath before lifting her chin up and concealing her emotions behind a mask. “I understand. I thank you for your time but I fear that I have taken up too much of it so I will be on my way.”

Molly turned and was almost to the door before turning around. “Could you do me a favor and not mention my visit to Mycroft?”

“I won’t be the one to bring it up but your young bodyguard will be required to report it.”

Molly nodded her head in understanding and strode out the door.

Molly had known it was a long shot. She went over the meeting in her head once she was back in the car with Tom. Was there something more she could have said or done? She had new dirt on Lady Smallwood herself, should she have blackmailed her? Molly shuddered at the thought. She was not Magnussen and would not become like him in order to get her way. Her mind felt so slow. She leaned her head against the cool window and watched the city fly by.

“He doesn’t deserve your loyalty and love,” Tom’s voice broke through her melancholic reverie.

Molly turned her head from her window and glared at him. “If love was about deserving or earning no one would experience it.”

Tom softly apologized for his callous words and added, “You’re a saint Molly Hooper.”

Molly snorted, “Hardly. To be saint one must follow God. He and I are at odds at the moment.” As an afterthought she added, “And it’s Molly Holmes now.”

Tom looked straight ahead, “Is there anywhere else you would like to go…the shops to get some food perhaps?”

“No,” said Molly, “just take me home.”

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