There's Something About Molly

Chapter 4

Should she or should she not? That was the dilemma Dr. Molly Hooper now faced. On one hand she felt like to do so would be to betray Sherlock’s trust. On the other she already was. She questioned whether or not that was really her fault though as she took another sip of her wine. It really was Mycroft’s fault, wasn’t it? Things were getting a bit fuzzy in her head.

She was not a drunk like Sherlock insinuated she was yet, she did have a drink from time to time. She knew she had to be careful with her history and made sure she wasn’t self-medicating. Tonight was one of the nights that she allowed herself the luxury. He had wanted the practical experience after all, so here she was at her flat drinking her wine and finishing Sherlock and John’s drinking profiles. At least she would have been if she could figure out how she should finish them.

Besides having thoughts on the chemistry work before her she thought of both the men who had been manipulating her life too much as of late. Sherlock she expected it of and was able to handle. What she was finding harder to handle was having Mycroft Holmes invade her life as if he had the right to! To say Molly was beyond irritated with the Holmes men at the moment would be a gross understatement. She couldn’t figure out who she was more frustrated with and wondered how she got in such a predicament.

Sherlock was steadily growing a list of wrongs, so much so that some day soon he may finally incur the wrath of the petite woman. He had known her for years, probably even longer than he even remembered. She suspected their earlier acquaintance had been deleted from his hard drive as inconsequential all though it had a deep and lasting impact on her life. She knew that he knew she brought men to her morgue for him to tear to shreds so they would break up and she could get on with her life. She didn’t know how to say no and had no interest in dating, though for different reasons than Sherlock. Alone is what kept others safe. She knew Sherlock didn’t care like other people did but he also picked up on things and often said or acted out on what he saw. How he could possibly think so little of her to think that the Tom farce held any validity was beyond her. Molly did not know what was going on in that genius brain of his and decided to just let it be for now.

So Molly and Sherlock continued their dance of working together mostly in a silence that once was comfortable but now had questions hanging in the air. Molly had been patient knowing Sherlock would need time to adjust to all the changes around him. She continued fetching him coffee, body parts, and assisting in the lab. She knew he didn’t like small talk but after months of him not saying anything on the topic of Tom she was about to snap.

Earlier that day in the morgue she was taken aback by the sudden interest. Wait no, that wasn’t true. It was not interest but a way to manipulate her to get what he wanted. Either way she was finally able to say the line she had planned for months. She thought he would finally be able to see the lie for what it was! She took great pleasure in his discomfort as she boldly told him that she and Tom were having quite a lot of sex. There were no forthcoming comments from him, however, and she was left with the responsibility of calculating ideal alcohol intakes that Sherlock could have done himself.

Molly felt guilty about being mad at Sherlock. Mycroft did know his brother inside out and knew he would overlook his pathologist when he had no need of her. So she did not fault him for not knowing what Mycroft was doing. Molly only went along with the crazy scheme because of her concern for Sherlock’s safety. At least that was how the situation was presented to her the day Sherlock met Tom. She had reached her limits that day and insisted on speaking to Mycroft. When Tom realized she was about to turn the cab around and go straight back up the stairs to 221 B Baker Street he knew he had no other choice but to let her speak to his boss if he was going to carry out his mission of keeping Sherlock safe.

“Ah, Ms. Hooper I have to confess I am surprised you wanted to see me, I was under the impression you didn’t want anything to do with me. Should I be flattered by this visit?” Mycroft delivered his words with eyebrows lifted high while looking down his nose at Molly.

“It’s doctor as you are well aware.”

“I never thought you would be so much trouble, you never give my brother this much trouble.”

“Your brother is my friend.”

Mycroft bit back the retort that Sherlock was not her friend because, loath as he was to admit it, Mycroft needed her at the moment. “Yes, well, that’s all very well and good but when you are friends with Sherlock Holmes there are certain dangers that come with that.” He delivered his last speech with his eyebrows pinched together as if to indicate the seriousness of the matter.

“Sherlock is back. Any need for security detail around me is highly unnecessary and quite unbelievable.” Molly was able to maintain a steady voice. She did not like Mycroft and wanted to make it as hard as possible for him to read her. Yes she was biased on her opinions due to her friendship with Sherlock but it was more than that.

Mycroft was a representation of government and a government was what destroyed her childhood. So in her eyes any government and those who worked for one could not possibly be trusted. She had allowed the British government to follow her around for two years and now her nerves were fried. The only reason she allowed it in the first place was because of how much she cared about Sherlock. Now not only was she being followed by a British guard, but someone who had worked for the last government she had lived under had made a reappearance. Molly was currently doing a tightrope act with her sanity and it wasn’t exactly as if she could go for counseling for help.

“You can rest assured that Tom’s focus no longer rests solely on protecting you. I am concerned for my brother and as such I want to insure one of my men is at the Watson wedding. Since you are already seemingly engaged to Tom this makes it a lot easier to accomplish with out drawing too much attention from the happy couple and the best man. You have to agree it’s and elegant solution.” Mycroft smiled as if his brilliance was enough to light up the whole of England with no need for electricity.

Molly pursed her lips together so that they were non-existent and took a huge breath through her nose. After a couple of moments she took a breath to steady herself. “So, I am supposed to act engaged for the months to come while Mary and John plan their wedding? Meanwhile lying to Sherlock who may have been thrown off track today but will not be so easy to convince in the future, just so one of your men can go to the wedding?” She delivered her short speech with such a deadly calm that it had surprised the government man that it had come from the mousy pathologists mouth.

“A wedding is a perfect place for a murder. The Watson wedding would be an ideal place for any hidden enemies to make a sudden appearance. You did say it was a good thing for you not to have to look for a date did you not?” Mycroft once again looked very pleased with himself.

“I hate feeling like I’m lying to him and betraying his trust.” She shook her head at disgust. “Why can’t you just be honest with him?”

“That is not how our relationship works Ms. Hooper.”

She glared at him as he misused her title once again, “And your brotherly relationship works so well.” Her sarcastic bite was reminiscent of his younger brother.

“Will you agree to do it…for Sherlock?”

Molly looked away from Mycroft and started chewing on her thumbnail. After a full two minutes she responded. “It’s not like I have too much of a choice, but I have some conditions.”

“How cute conditions. How much will it be Ms. Hooper or would you like to just keep the ring as payment.”

Molly looked at him in confusion until his meaning became clear. “That is not what I meant and you know it. Now are you going to listen or keep bating me?”

They looked at each other in a battle of wills. Mycroft wondered if Sherlock knew this side of his pathologist while Molly wondered what kind of danger Mycroft was really concerned about. Finally Mycroft nodded his head for her to continue, as he could not waste any more time with what he perceived as her silliness.

“I will continue to wear the ring. I will act as if I am engaged and will answer questions as if I am. If Sherlock figures it out I get to come clean and tell him everything. But the next time I see Tom is when he picks me up for the wedding. I don’t want to see any more black cars. And I certainly don’t want a repeat of the alley incident, as I am sure none of your agents do either. A scalpel may be small but it still stings if applied to a still living body. After the wedding the engagement is of course over.”

Mycroft sighed and decided to give in to the pathologist. Overall he was getting what he wanted and despite his brother’s fondness for his goldfish he doubted he would pay to close to the details in this situation.

Molly sat awhile on her couch lost in thought. She went to pour herself one last glass of wine. Her eyes widened as she realized the bottle was empty. She had not drunk so much in years, even when Sherlock had to leave. The Holmes brothers were driving her to drink. For some reason that thought seemed a little funny so she giggled. Should she or shouldn’t she? That wasn’t really the question she knew that she shouldn’t. She decided that she would though. She closed the file on her computer with the proper calculations without and saving and instead saved the other file. As long as John didn’t do something stupid like add shots to their drinks they wouldn’t get into too much trouble during stag night right?

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