There's Something About Molly

Chapter 49

Molly felt hands on her face and a female voice calling her name. A man’s voice was telling the woman to be careful because of the baby. Everything seemed far away and she felt like she was outside of her body. Suddenly a slap across her face brought her back to where she was. She was in a car headed for a safe house and she was scared.

“We need to pull over,” Molly said in desperation.

Molly felt Sherlock rubbing her back in soothing circles, “We can’t pull over. We’re safer if we keep going,” he told her.

She shook her head vehemently, “Please it’s not safe.” She looked into Sherlock’s eyes and begged.

“Really Dr. Hooper your estimation in my eyes has grown over the course of the day but you disappoint me.” Mycroft drawled in an annoyed tone. He did not care for the idea of dealing with a woman in hysterics.

Molly turned to her other side to glare at her brother-in-law. “It’s Dr. Holmes now in case you have forgotten. You signed the paperwork yourself as our officiate and I don’t give a flying fig what you think of me pull the car over!”

Sherlock would have laughed at the situation of the mild pathologist losing her temper at someone other than him, especially since it was Mycroft who was on the receiving end of her ire, but he was too concerned about the panic attack she was experiencing. At least Mary had gotten her to breathe again and Mary seemed to be able to understand the situation fully.

“Molly look at me,” Mary said in a stern tone, “this is not like last time.”

“But-“ Molly tried to interrupt.

“No buts just listen. I know you’re scared but you are safe. This situation is different.” Mary grimaced at the difference in the situations. “This car is bullet proof and the one you and your mother rode in was not. Plus Moriarty likes to play games, his game would be over too soon if he were to kill us all.”

Molly blinked as she processed the information. If what they were facing was Moriarty that meant she indeed had two enemies. She decided she needed to tell Sherlock about Magnussen’s email but refused to do so in front of Mycroft.

Sherlock watched his wife as she processed the information. Molly had calmed down externally but he was concerned with the way she seemed to be thinking. He needed to distract her. He observed the people in the car, who were for the moment riding in silence, for inspiration. John was clenching and unclenching his fists as he stared stoically out the window. Mary was texting someone on the phone but glancing at the different people in the car as she did so, her eyes met Sherlock’s for a moment before sliding her phone into her pocket. She seemed to be experiencing some kind of pain as she shifted in her seat. Moments later Mycroft was reading a text himself. Sherlock naturally deduced that Mary had started her contractions and was asking Mycroft for medical assistance to be wherever they were headed. Mary saw that he had deduced and she made quick glances at Molly and her husband. They needed to be kept calm, Molly was currently a loose cannon and John would only add to the stress when he found out his wife may be going into labor. Fortunately the due date wasn’t so far that they had to worry about premature birth complications but since the imminent birth was brought on by stress that could bring in some other elements to be concerned about. Sherlock thought on what Molly had said to Mycroft and smiled to himself.

“Dr. Holmes? So you decided to take my name did you?” Sherlock said in his smuggest tone, partly because he was satisfied and partly to goad Molly into verbal sparring.

“You said you would be honored if I did so,” she replied with confusion on her face.

“I am,” he reassured her but let down that she didn’t rise to the bait, though someone else did in a way he was not prepared for.

“Speaking of names, is it true that you gave Molly her name?” John asked.

Sherlock glanced down at Molly who was blushing and biting her bottom lip before looking at his best friend, “As you can hear from the conversation I gave her my name. She is now Molly Holmes.”

“But you also named her Molly, didn’t you?” John questioned his friend.

Sherlock squinted his eyes as he tried to deduce his friend, “I may have what of it?”

Sherlock didn’t know where the line of questioning was going but Molly was now trying to fight a smile and was hiding her face in his side so he chose to endure whatever was coming. He also noted Molly must have told John things about her past and deduced that it had to have been before Christmas day causing his miraculous appearance at his parent’s house. From the look on Mary’s face she must have been thinking the same thing.

“You met Molly at rehab and then named her after a drug?” John exclaimed.

“I...” Sherlock cleared his throat, “that was not my intention at the time, I was just looking for a name similar to her own but different. However… you could say that Molly is my ecstasy and my addiction,” he gloated in his response.

“I am disturbed on so many levels right now brother mine,” Mycroft was the first to chime in a response.

Mary was the next to deliver a quip, “I don’t know if that is sweet or disturbing Sherlock.”

John just looked like he was going to be sick and Molly stared at him like he had grown two heads all of sudden. Sherlock thought he would remedy the situation with a quick peck to her lips.

“So you named her Molly and then gave her your last name…thanks for the invitation to the wedding by the way.” Mary jibed as a look of pain quickly flitted over her face.

“You were at the wedding don’t you remember?” Molly drily asked.

“Hmm…refresh my memory.” Mary said playing along.

“You were there the same as me. Here I’ll show you…I have proof.”

Molly gingerly looked through her bag with her bandaged hands and handed over the wedding certificate when she found it. Sherlock looked in her bag as she rooted around and was able to see two of the syringes he and Billy had prepared earlier. One was full but the other was half empty, that information solved the mystery of Molly’s lethargy. With Molly’s attention on Mary he was able to quickly pocket the two needles, it never hurt to be prepared.

Mary took the certificate from her and looked to see both her and John’s names signed on the form. “How could I forget? I was your matron of honor and John was Sherlock’s best man.” She could see her husband was not surprised. “Well since my memory is lapsing, Molly, how about you tell me what it was like.”

“Our time would be better spent focusing on the task at hand rather than divulging in such fantasies.” Mycroft spouted off.

“Mycroft’s right,” Molly said with downcast eyes as she played with her hands on her lap.

Mary was annoyed with Mycroft. At the moment keeping everyone calm was the best. Molly needed to recover from the day and then she would be able to help but she was barely keeping it together. Imagining a wedding scenario would be like a drug for Molly. Mary had used this method in the past of getting Molly to cooperate when they had been on the move. Mary opened her mouth to make a retort but was shocked when she heard Sherlock start speaking.

“Molly was a beautiful bride. She wore a dress that had purple sash tied in a big bow that matched her favorite shirt of mine. She also wore gerbera daises in her hair, which was braided.” Sherlock fingered her shorn locks that she had chopped off in the heat of the moment.

Molly chimed in joining the game cautiously still afraid Mycroft would snap. “Sherlock wore a matching bowtie because his mother would not allow him to wear anything other than a tux. It was a small affair with family and close friends. Mycroft officiated. It was in August so Mary and John weren’t talking to each other but they were civil for the day. Umm…”

“We promised mummy that we would have a bigger celebration with the Holmes side of the family to introduce you if we could have a quieter ceremony.” Sherlock commented.

“That detail sounds very…real Sherlock.” Molly stopped her musing.

“When you come back from the dead it is a probability.” Mycroft commented.

“How was the reception?” Mary asked trying to get the story back on track so Molly would not start panicking about a new topic.

Since Molly would not respond Sherlock once again took the lead and Molly joined in once again. They recounted details of their imaginary wedding including that the ceremony was held at the Holmes’ home and the reception nearby. They even filled in details about what kind of napkin folding they had from a question posed by John. It was not any wonder that Sherlock was able to recount a fabled wedding with the expertise he had acquired during the Watson’s engagement. Sherlock marveled that in less than a year from that time he was married to the woman whose seating arrangement he had jealously attempted to rearrange. The game was brought to a halt when the party of five heard a gasp from John as he called his wife’s name in a question.

Mary took a deep breath and asked Mycroft, “How far are we from the safe house? My water just broke.”

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