There's Something About Molly


Sherlock stood by Molly’s grave as they lowered the coffin down. Everyone from her family was in attendance. John stood by Sherlock’s side as the supportive best friend and was even able to shed a few tears no doubt remembering his own ordeal when he thought Sherlock was dead. Mary was not attending as she was at the safe house with two-week old Will. Sherlock, of course, could cry on cue but did not want to overdue it in case they were being watched, which was why they were doing this in the first place. He was relieved that at the end of this trial he could go back to the safe house and curl up in his wife’s arms, maybe she would even indulge him because of the horrendous day he had endured.

They had not come up with any definite plans on dealing with either Magnussen’s legacy that he left behind like a computer file horcrux or Moriarty. Sherlock was trying to see if they were connected. According to Mary she had never heard of a connection during her time at Division but Moriarty could have located them on his own. Perhaps they partnered in some instances but Moriarty would not have allowed him to be owned by such a group, at this point he could have them wrapped around his finger.

There were so many questions. If Jim had been alive all this time why did he not stop Sherlock when he dismantled his entire network? Did he want the game reset that badly that he would allow Sherlock to enter into a false sense of security? Molly had posed that perhaps it was Division the blew up her apartment but the explosion fit perfectly with timing of Moriarty’s email giving no doubt as to who caused that catastrophe. Sherlock was holding off telling Mycroft about Magnussen’s email for now and he tried his best not to be fascinated when Molly gave a tell tale twitch when watching the news. It did not take long for Molly to give up on watching TV all together to avoid too much information passing through her mind.

Sherlock did not know what his brother would do. Molly did not realize it but Mycroft was actually protective over the pathologist in his own way. Granted Sherlock had not fostered any warm feelings for his brother. It didn’t help that he had had to explain about Sherrinford after they had brunch with his parents. Molly was the only person in Sherlock’s group who knew that his parents were also visiting his brother in New Jersey when they took trips to the states to go square dancing. Of course they went square dancing too but they also visited his oldest brother who was now working as a doctor with a busted leg thanks to Mycroft shooting him. Mycroft still maintained that he did Sherrinford a favor though the eldest brother was of the opinion that he would rather be dead. With Sherlock being Sherrinford made over Mycroft had almost let his baby brother die rather than suffer in a prison. The question Sherlock was now facing was whether Mycroft could be trusted with his wife’s life or not.

Sherlock’s mind jumped from thought to thought as he stood by the supposed graveside of his beloved. The tombstone read Molly Hooper because no one save the select few knew that they were already married and there was a picture of a robin carved on the stone as a mark to those who knew the truth of the deceased. Mycroft had made a few calls and had the stone ready in two weeks.

Sherlock grimaced as he saw Molly’s mother walk towards him. Another aspect of Molly being buried a Hooper was that the funeral was held in the Hooper hometown. That being said many of the church members came out to support the family and the gathering was grating to Sherlock. He did not know the many strangers in attendance and he doubted Molly did, they certainly did not know her. His parents were also in attendance to help suggest the authenticity of the funeral, they would be told sooner than the Hooper’s that Molly was indeed alive but during the funeral they believed that they were mourning their son’s bride to be.

Sherlock noticed one woman who seemed to be out of place at the service. She wore all black as most of those attending had but she had a rougher look. She was of Asian descent and she wore a black leather jacket over a tank top her tight black jeans were shoved into some black boots that were made for running. He deduced that she was an agent but she was not one who belonged to his brother. He made to head in her direction but was intercepted.

Anne Hooper approached Sherlock with her arms open wide but waited for him to approach the last steps into the hug. It took a gentle nudge from his friend to step towards the woman who looked nothing like her daughter but had the same kindness for those in pain. He bent down into the hug and tried to escape quickly but the woman held on. She was stronger than she looked, Sherlock would give the lady that much.

“I am so sorry for your loss my dear boy,” Anne said into his ear and then released him from her embrace.

Sherlock straightened himself up and looked at her in confusion. “Shouldn’t I be the one saying that to you?”

“We both lost someone we hold dear. I know how important she was to you.” Anne smiled sadly and cupped his cheek in a familiar manner.

Anne dropped her hand and turned from Sherlock to leave him with his loved ones.

“You should be angry with me.”

Anne heard Sherlock’s baritone voice in confused tones. She turned back to him and searched his face as she looked for words. “Why should I be angry with you?”

“It’s my fault she’s dead. I should I have kept myself alone and away from her for her own safety.” Sherlock spoke the words he thought when he had first thought Molly had died.

“You were not the one who took her life. Do I wish she were alive still? Of course. Could she have possibly been safer staying away from you? Perhaps or perhaps not. She was happier with you than I had seen her in a long time and for that I am grateful. My one regret is that…” Anne shook her head as she let her words die out.

“I told you that I would keep her safe.” Sherlock said in anguish.

“I hold no hate and anger for you in my heart Sherlock. I hope in time you can understand that and that you can forgive yourself and that you let God forgive you as well. If you ever have any need you are always welcome at my house.” With that Anne turned to leave.

“She did you know.” Sherlock’s voice stopped her once again. Anne stopped but didn’t turn around so Sherlock continued speaking giving Mrs. Hooper an answer to her one regret that Sherlock had deduced, “She believed in your God.”

Anne turned slightly with tears in her eyes and gave him a nod of acknowledgement with a sad smile. Two of Molly’s brothers avoided Sherlock but Stevie acknowledged him with a clasped hand and pat on the back though no words passed. Peter shared the same sentiment as his mother and Sherlock wondered at what kind of people they were.

Sherlock scanned the crowd to find the woman who had gained his attention before his mother-in-law had commandeered his focus but she was gone.

Mycroft observed his younger brother from a distance and was surprised that he did not witness any punches to Sherlock’s face. His phone rang and he answered it. Mycroft listened for a moment to the other side of the line and then hung up the phone after hearing what he needed to. He placed his phone back in his pocket and retrieved a cigarette. He lit it and took a long draw. His brother was not going to happy when he learned that Mycroft had moved Molly for everyone’s safety. He would be even angrier when Mycroft refused to tell him where she was sent, but until Moriarty was stopped he knew she would be safer in America.

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