Halloween The Last Trick


The Killer gets his last treat

Horror / Fantasy
Wolf Wild
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Chapter 1


Man looks into the abyss, there's nothing staring back at him. And at that moment, man finds his character, And that is what keeps him out of the abyss.

Hal Holbrook

October 28th

The shape silently walks the wooded area just a few short miles from Hadddonfield, he is hungry and he needs to satisfy his need for blood. To tear holes into the flesh of a once living being, to feel their fear as their life is ripped from their body. He is the force of horror and fear, and the coldness that delights death, a few short years ago there was another force walking the streets taking lives and the people all feared his name. All know the name, and his name is the name where nightmares are more gentle. The name is Michael Myers.

In his own mind he cannot understand why he is still alive, he is just wanting to do what he has always done so well, he hears the sounds of the approaching couple and he silently blends into the trees, and watches as the boy quickly fades into the trees complaining that the water from the spring gave him the shits. He rushes over to a thick set of trees and quickly dropped his pants just into before his body erupted in a loud escape of liquid matter.

He's looking around at the leaves and and he hears a twig snap and he was thinking that the girl was kinky to try and sneak up on him in such an awkward position. He looking toward the only path expecting to see the girl, and he's thinking now that it must have been some animal, he breathes a sigh of relief at the thought that the gil would not be seeing or hearing him make such disgusting sounds. He felt someone violently grab his hair and before he could protest he feels the knife as it slashes his throat. His blood spraying the trees.

The girl goes in search of the boy sensing something has got to be terribly wrong. She slowly walks in the direction he had gone, and the growing sense that something was really wrong had grown to the breaking point. She calls out to him and there was only silence. She went into the thickness of the trees and stumbles over his body. Fear clutches at her heart and she is unable to scream or to move. She crawls to her knees and the large shape is suddenly there. She sees the pasty mask and she tries to get to her feet, and she stumbles back and falls on her back. The large shape lunges toward her and begins to stab her over and over again.

Michael walks away leaving the cooling bodies of his first victims in close to two years., his anger is has been appeased for the moment, his hunger for the taste of someone's fear was never fully satisfied, but for now it was at a low point. In two days he would be back in Hadddonfield, and the residents would once again be at his mercy.

They had been the reason for him to become as he has become, it was them that had turned a deaf ear to the cries of a little boy that was in trouble. It was them that had turned a deaf ear to him, and had allowed his pain to grow out of control. If it wasn't the students it was the teachers or that principal. Nobody was exactly as they presented themselves at all the school functions.

People becoming teachers, the shapers of young minds, those who were suppose to help build character for the people of the future. With people like them it wasn't any wonder that a young boy grew into a serial killer. That his mind was consumed with such a evil darkness that there was no reaching him ever.


The young boy Michael Myers approached the beautiful blonds Jenny Adams, there was to be a party in two nights and he had actually been invited. It was to be the party of the year and and he just wanted to ask Jenny if she'd like to go with him as his date. If she said yes all he'd had to do is to lose the nest of butterflies that were loose in his stomach.

“Jenny, as you know there's a party at Susan Thompson's, and I was thinking. . .” God his stomach was queasy. “that maybe you'd like to go with me.” Whoa that was easier than he thought it would be.

“Eww gross get your cooties away from me Michael Meyers.”

The crowd of students seemed to come out of nowhere and they were all there to add to his humiliation. His stomach was getting worse and he realized he really needed the restroom. Before he could move to leave the students began to shove him further and further from the restroom. That was when the boys that always bullied someone was right there and they slammed him into the lockers and then that little witch Jenny kicked him in the groin, and he fell to the floor and he lost control of himself and the sound seemed like thunder and as he crapped himself.

Then came the taunts: “Shit-pants, shit pants, shit-pants.” His eyes filed with tears from his humiliation.

A short time later his mother showed up to get him to take him home to clean him up and then to take him to the doctor. Her never told anyone about the shot he took to his groin and he'd pay for that. The pain was always there, why do they let girls wear sharp toed shoes but if a boy wears his cleats to school he gets nailed for it.

He missed the next three days he missed the party and everybody knew what he'd done in his pants. He was never going to live any of this down. He was going to be forever cursed and at the mercy of anyone with a mean streak inside them. Those that were the worse was the teachers. They could do it and get away with it, nobody was ever going to be on his side and tel on them. They could decide to flunk a student that ratted them out.

The pain in his groin was getting worse and yet he had yet to tell his mother or sister, his mother was too wrapped up in her own private striptease world, and his older sister was on her way to being queen of the mattress back whores. Besides it was to embargoing to tel. To tell that some girl gave him a kick to the beans, and that was why he had fallen and shit himself..

Don't tell anyone, it'll pass. Keep your yap shut, you don't need to miss anymore school, everyone will know then they'll just scream out more insults. This time some teacher will probably join in. The darkness began to grow and it was growing out of control. At night he welcomed the darkness of the night and he would zone out as the darkness slowly began to consume his mind as well as his soul.

He would sometimes slip out his bedroom window and go to different homes and watch as the kids played and there were times that his rage would grow out of control. He would hunt around until he'd find what he was looking for and he'd make a kill. And leave the dead kitten or puppy on the doorstep of the kids.

Jenny and Susan were both so heartbroken when they found their birthday present puppy dead on their doorstep. He had gone to a certain teacher's house and gutted her kitten and put it on her windshield under the wiper blade like he'd seen a cop do with a parking ticket. The bitch had it coming, she had made a comment about him messing in his pants, and had gotten the other students to laughing at him again.

He was never going to get a break, somebody somewhere was always going to be out to get him, to antagonize him, to set out and make his life a living hell. He would give back as well as what was given to him. He and his friend the darkness would make them all pay.

There was no turning back, he had already made a deal with the darkness, and he's never welch.

The shape silently walked the darkened forest and even in the wild he was the predator, the animals that would normally be watching for some careless human was avoiding him. They could sense his power and they were willing to just leave him alone. He had been in the area of the hospital where his sister was now a resident.

He had seen them wheel her out and park her under a large shade tree, the same one that Dr. Loomis and he had use to sit under when the sun was too hot for them to sit out in the open. She appeared to be in a catatonic state staring but not seeing and that was the way it will be for her until the darkness also awakens the rage within her. The she will release herself from the hold of the doctors and the hospital. Even with the strength that the darkness gives her she will still be no match for him.

But there is a possibility that she can be more pleasing to the darkness and they strip him of the power that was given to him. If that happened then he could be killed and then buried. Then it will be her out there doing the bidding and killing. It will be her helping to make the darkness to become more powerful.

Once it has reached the final stage of the power it needed it would be able to take hold of anyone and force them to kill. There are those who could stop him as well as the darkness, that was why they needed to be killed before the Light takes hold of their soul. If that ever happened they would be blessed with great strength and they will also become pretty much immortal.

The darkness whispers promises to those they have under their spell, those that had once been the target of certain types. They slowly chip away at the good that is inside them, until there is nothing left except for rage. They force the person to become defensive and to want to become powerful enough that never again will they be a target of anyone. They then long for for someone to attack them just so that they can fight back and destroy all that the person will ever be.

He could sense that time was drawing near for her to leave and to become a new faceless terror for the town of Hadddonfield. She will be the one that causes the people to want to hide and not leave their homes. They will see her from a distance and marvel at her beauty, and wonder who she is. It has been eight years since anyone has seen Laurie Strode and she has grown into a strikingly beautiful woman. But she no longer looks as she once did. He knew that the darkness was not happy with him, he had been stopped, and put un a hurt-locker

Laurie's sweet innocent look will soon be forever gone, and she'll have the look of coldness in her eyes. Not many would see it right off, many would not realize what she was until they were looking into her face as their life-force was slipping away. Their blood forever staining the ground and their mute cries being heard only by the darkness. Oh but yes she'll be able to control that look and she'll have her victims trapped and then dead.

The silent roar as the power that was once a living being is being fed into the darkness. They know that Michael has outlived his usefulness and soon there will be a new face of evil. A very misleading sweet looking face of pure evil. She has already started her downhill slide into the abyss. She will become the true lord of darkness. Then just maybe they too can escape their own imprisonment. They are forever chained to the giant rock that overlooks the raging river of fire.

If that rock were to shift and were to begin to go downward there would be no stopping it from sending them into the fire, creatures like Michael and other s like him are what give them hope for freedom. But over and over again somebody winds up kicking their ass, and sending them back into the comatose stage til it's time again for them rise.

The rise of evil will send mankind into a panic and there will be even more humans to finally show their true colors. Some will follow the path of darkness, while others will rise as heroes.

She sat listening to the staff knowing that it was coming time in less than six hours it will be Halloween, and it will be time for her to leave and do what her soul was commanding her to do. Michael was waiting for her to escape and he was waiting for his chance to finally kill her. The darkness had visited her many times and had told her why he hated her so much.

Only she or their sister Judith could ever have replaced the evil know as the Lord Of Death. . By Judith being so free in giving out sex she could become pregnant and then there would be another possibility to claim the throne. Laurie was too defiant as well as another possible threat to him.. She could be the one to finally kill him. Only darkness can kill darkness

There were other visitors to talk to he,r deep within her heart and mind. Both sides offering her great power, and with that power there would be those that would fear her, Her very name would force some to want to hide and wait. She had her escape plan already figured out with a little help she'll be free, and her mission to prove will then become reality.

She had her choice made and soon it would be a new beginning, not just for her but for certain others. She embraced the power flowing through her and she was ready to become what she was destined to become.. She was ready to face her brother for one final showdown and then he would be no more. The force inside had told her how to destroy him once and for all with no chance of his resurrection. Her mother was also whispering in her ear, trying to get her to listen only to her.

To not do what she was planning, telling her of the dangers, and how it will forever change her, that whatever had changed Michael, was not to be trusted, but that neither was any other force that was talking to her. That both sides were manipulators and very self-serving. She had heard the staff talking and they spoke of what Michael had done that first Halloween, how he had killed Ronnie White, taped him up then slit his throat, and her sister Judith was stabbed repeatedly, her mom had lost all hope and had killed herself . she had no real memory of any of them, so she was never going to grieve for them. She had slipped away countless times and had heard tapes of Michael being played by the doctor. It was almost as if he enjoyed hearing Michael screaming and wanting to be set free.. The doctor was just as close to being as evil as Michael.

She had heard a few of the female patients talking about how he would touch them and whisper things in their ears. Telling them of evil acts. Telling them that they could one day be like Michael Myers. She had already decided that when she does leave she was going to visit the doctor and see what's behind his eyes.

She had also heard just how good and dedicated Doctor Loomis had been, maybe he could have stopped the roar of voices in her head, but probably not since he was unable to save Michael. The fact that Michael had rammed a butcher knife in his stomach was proof of just how evil Michael had become. A bullet through his skull had not stopped him, he had returned, and he was believed to be unstoppable.

But one thing that both sets of voices had assured her of was nobody is ever totally unstoppable., her own mother knew her plan and and she could hear the tension in her mother's voice when she told her that she was sick and just as twisted as Michael. “Don't worry mommy he'll never get me again. I happen to know what will destroy him. There will be no White horse this time. To show love between Michael and his mom.

No, the horse she has seen is the pale horse a sickly green horse and it is carrying death and it is riding straight toward Michael at blinding speed. In the rider's hand is a heavy flaming sword , the rider's voice is emotionless but she hears the repeated word clearly. “Retribution!”

There will be a force that will intervene and and Michael will finally once and for all cease to be a problem, then and only then will she find her true place in life and she will embrace that new place. She will never again return to the Smith's Grove sanitarium. She too will be an unstoppable force. She will be the new faceless force for the terror of Halloween night.

No one would ever be safe again.

Halloween Night

Doctor Huggo was putting in later hours his concerns about the Strode girl were growing and he could feel that something was up and all hell was about to break loose. He himself had his own problems and they were soon to be resolved permanently. He had a hard time keeping his hands off the female patients, and he was also a whispering factor for the darkness.

He hears a noise at the door and he rises and goes to the door and as he opens the door his eyes open in shock when he sees Laurie standing there. Before he can speak her hand rises up and slashes toward him. His throat is cut and his head is hanging for a brief moment then falls to the floor with a thud.

Laurie smiles as she walks away, and she can feel Michael thinking about her, and she thinks back to him and in a bizarre way she realizes that they are mentally connected. She tells him where to meet him that it was time the true lord of darkness rises to take the throne. She is uncertain if he really got the message but now was the time for her to leave for it was now Halloween night and it was time to go home.

She made it out of the hospital undetected and out into the yard, she knew that a new patient was to be delivered very shortly and she waited in the darkness until the vehicle arrived and she just slipped out the gate. She was now free, and the place for the final showdown was close by. Her uncle on her adoptive mother's side owned the place. She use to go and watch from the control booth with her uncle.

She saw the pale horse and the rider and she followed him to the wrecking yard and she paused at the gate and she could actually feel that Michael was very close by. He was there and he was waiting for her, waiting for the chance to gut her or to slit her throat. He was angry and now he wanted to kill her. He might have reconsidered had she remembered him and had not run from him. Putting a bullet in his head was what had finally pissed him off to the point of wanting to kill her.

The rider upon the sickly green colored horse paused and it seemed that he gave her an approving nod of his head, and she moved forward toward the center of the yard where the final battle would take place. She began turning on the machinery and the sound was almost deafening. “Come get me you bastard!” She screams loudly. “Yes, I'm talking to you, you sick evil fucker!”

Michael begins walking toward her, his inner rage is burning out of control. Tonight one of them was going to die and they were going to stay dead. The darkness was going to have but one traveler and he was going to be it. He can feel her rage as it grows to match his own and her rage is just as dark and cold as his own.

Under his mask he actually smiles, and he preparers himself for the battle that was destined to come. The darkness knew it was to be and so did he and his last remaining sister. Both their hearts were both dark as coal, he knew that certain other forces had been after her to join them but he had been assured that the light had failed. She belonged to the side of darkness and they were most pleased with her.

Laurie dropped the bag that she had gotten and began her climb up on the shredder and she turned to see if her brother was following her. “Come-on Mikey, time to end this once and for all, you'll never win tonight you lose.”

His rage was growing and she was making it worse with her taunts.

“You can't win, you're not smart enough to win, you were always too stupid.” Laurie taunts as she backs away and turns to look where she was stepping. She got pass the opening where the cars feel in and were to be shredded .

Michael moved faster trying to catch his sister. And she turned to face him. “Come-on fuck-face come and get me. I never liked it when you called me Boo , that was such a stupid name.” She knew she was really pushing it and his rage was going to be way out of control. If she failed then there were going to be a lot of deaths on this Halloween night.

Michael stepped forward to be closer to Laurie, and that was when she leaped at him and they both fell into the shredder and she took hold of Michael's knife and pulled it from his hand and drove it savagely deep into his skull. She tried to pull herself free from Michael's grasp, but he held on.

Both bodies were fed into the crushing mass and neither screamed out as their life was torn from them, the darkness that made up their souls burst from the machine and blood poured onto the ground. What emerged on the other side could never pass for human. It was a large pile of what appeared to be spoiled hamburger meat,

Both Michael and Laurie Myers were both finally dead.

The lone shape walked over to the bag that belonged to Laurie and opened it. Inside was a Knife and very larg, very sharp butcher knife. An evil fairy princess mask. Neither would be worn by she who was to be crowned the Queen Of Evil.


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