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Virushka _ made for each other


Virat-an Indian cricketer. He is aggressive, fun and loved by the whole country Anushka- Bollywood actress. She is bubbly and always want to have fun. They both meet on an add shoot. And start developing feelings for each other but what will happen if they breakup. Will they realize in time that they both are only made for each other? Or they will fall apart and will never be one.... Read the story to find out and get ready for a roller-coaster journey of life,full of emotions and i hope you like it.

Zainab Farooq
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Chapter 1

Virat's POV

Virat: Maa where are you? Iam hungry. Bring the food.

It had been 3 or 4 since virat had returned from his series with England and they had won the series.

Maa: Beta lati Hon.

(Son Iam bringing It)

His mother brought the food he was just about to take its 1st bite when his phone rang.

V: Why does the phone always ring at the wrong time?

He picked up the phone in a angry mode.

V: hello. Karthik(he was his manager)

K: sir you have a add shoot today. If you remember?

V:oh! How can I forgot about it. I remember it . At which time.

K: at 3:45PM at yash raj studios.

V: Okay I'll be there.

Virat apart from playing cricket was interested in acting.

Maa: Chalo abb kha lou .

V: maa kha raha Hon.

Maa: Acha Acha na

Anushka's pov

Cut ... the director said

Anushka : shoou!

Anushka was shooting for her film The Ring along with sharukh Khan . It was really a tiring shoot and she was tired.

Her phone rang.

A: hello. Nikita( she was her manager and best friend)

Nikita: nush do you remember about your shoot?

A: no what are you talking about ?

N: nush you are joking I mean like I reminded you a several times about it.

A: hey chill! I was just joking. Of course I remember about it .

N: you gave me a mini heart attack.

A: yeah ! Yeah! Tell me the time.

N: at 3:45 PM at yash raj studios

A: okay miss I will be there at time

N: you should be

A: I will try at least....

N:- nush .....

A: okay okay will be there

N:- good. Okay bye

A: bye

A: wow like just I was planning to have a sleep and now I have to go for a shoot.

A: why does this always happen to me.

A: well at least Iam excited for it as add shoots freshen up my mood. Curios who will be my co star.

I just don't know how to write Iam very bad at writing. Sorry if you don't like what I have written. If you can help me can you tell me how to write a story .

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