The Clockmakers Daughter

The Rose Mark

Aliya walked into Julius’s office still yawing. “I’m here, Daddy.” She said, dropping into his office chair, surprised to still see Blood sitting there with a cup of tea. “Thanks for coming.” She told him, propping her head up in her hand on the arm of the chair, her eyes drifting slowly closed. Blood looked at Julius who nodded.

“Aliya?” he asked her. It took her a moment to open her eyes and look at the hatter. “I would like it if you came to stay at the mansion tonight. It would be a quiet place for you to rest and not have to worry about visitors.”

She sat up existed. “Can I use the huge bath you have there? Mom always liked it.”

“Of course.” He said.

“Will you be ok, daddy?” she asked Julius. “You don’t need my help with anything?”

“No” he said, helping her stand. He was worried about how tired she was. “You go and relax for a while. Have fun.” He said kissing her cheek.

“Ok. Then I’ll see you later.” She followed Blood out the door. They walked quietly, following her mother’s path, only pausing for a moment when the sky blackened to midnight.

“Wow,” Aliya stopped and looked at the stars through a break in the trees. “This is the first time I’ve been out during a night time change. It’s beautiful.”

“Try not to be too far from shelter at night here. It’s dangerous.” Blood told her as the came up to his gates.

Elliot met them just inside the gates. “Boss, just locking up.” He smiled when he saw her. “Hay, Aliya, how are you feeling.”

She yawned again. “I’m fine. Just a little tired. Father thought that I might rest better here for a while.”

“Great, let’s grab some carrot cake to celebrate later.” He said hopefully, then moved passed them to get his job done.

Blood showed her to a large room. It was done in white and red, roses everywhere. “I love it.” She told him. She threw herself back on the biggest bed she had ever seen, sinking into it.

“It’s yours to use whenever you need it.” He started to walk to the door.

“Wait,” she jumped up and hugged him. He stiffened up, but lightly hugged her back. “Thanks for worrying about me.” She let him go. “I just wanted you to know, in case you weren’t sure, that I forgive you. Mom was right about you having a good side.”

“But my bad side is more active.” He said.

“Whose isn’t?” She asked with a laugh.

He smiled slightly at her. “If you still want to use the bathing chamber, its right down the hall.”

“That’s where I will head then, and thanks again.”

He nodded and headed out of her room. She walked to the closet, unsurprised to find it full of clothing, including two long nightgowns. Grabbing one of those, she headed for the bath. She found it two doors down from her room to the left. As you walked in there were shelves that held washing and drying cloths, along with a variety of soaps and shampoo. Aliya grabbed a rose scented set and headed for the bath. Steam rose up from the large pool, big enough for ten, she was sure. Happily, she stripped and waded into, enjoying every inch of hot water on her tired body.

“Where’s Aliya?” Elliot asked, piling his plate with carrot cake.

“She wanted to relax in the bath.” Blood said as the maid poured his tea, his gaze on the twins at the end of the table. Their eyes lit up and they started making excuses to leave. He waived them away, glad that he didn’t have to order them to go to her.

“You brought her here for them?” Elliot asked after they had left.

“No.” Blood said, “Their here for her at the moment.”

Aliya was relaxing, floating on her back in about three feet of hot water. She closed her eyes and let the warmth seep into her. She was so relaxed, she didn’t hear the door opening or the clothes that quickly hit the floor. She did, however, notice the water rippling around her. Standing, she turned and saw Dee and Dum next to her. A light hum started in her blood. Dee pulled her against him softly, his hands gently wrapping around her arms. Dum stood in front of her his hands sliding down her sides to her hip. Their manner was serious and far from the lighthearted side that they normally had. She relaxed against them and waited for them to speak.

“We don’t want to scare you.” Dum said, his fingers stroking her hips.

“But we want you.” Dee said, holding her closer, his breath stirring her hair.

“Let us show you,” Dum said, kissing her neck.

“How good could it can be with two.” Dee kissed her shoulder as his hand slid up her arms and across her chest. The light blue glow started under her skin, thrilling them. Aliya noticed that it was a little different this time. Instead of drawing massive amounts of power from them, she was slowly taking a little amount constantly, creating a warm sensation across their skin.

“Show me then,” she gave herself over to them, knowing they would not harm her. Aliya closed her eyes as their hands and mouths roamed all over her, slowly and lovingly. They led her out of the bath, laying her on a large bathing sheet. They continued to touch and taste her until she was pleading for them. Dee lay down and pulled her on top of him. Holding her hips steady, he pushed inside her making her moan. Dum kissed her back, his hands on her sides, caressing her rose as he helped hold her still as well. When he slowly slide inside her, she felt a pleasant burn instead of the pain she had had with the jokers. They had made her very hot and wet, making her twist her hips on them, taking them deeper. They all gasped as they wrapped around her tightly and thrust into her. They moved faster and deeper, her body drawing them in, her light spreading throughout them as if they were still in the hot water. Aliya came screaming with them as they filled her with heat and light. This time she held onto it, felt it as it spread through her, healing her, nourishing her, and giving her unbelievable energy.

For once, no one passed out. They lay on the bath sheet, her on her back, them facing her on either side. Dum traced the lines of her rose. “I really like this on you.” He said.

“Me too.” Dum added, kissing the bloom.

She smiled, “Then I’ll give you one too.” She kissed Dee’s upper arm and watched as a miniature of her rose grew there, them she did the same to Dum. “There,” she said, “A mark of favor for being my lovers.” She giggled a little.

They took her serious. “Awesome.” They said together, grinning.

Elliot walked into the room. He took one look at them, his eye lingering on her for a second before his face redden and he turned around. Aliya was tickled about it. She was not shy at all, but took pity on him and clothed herself in the nightgown she grabbed earlier. She covered Dee and Dum as well, putting them in black pants and sleeveless shirts that matched the color of their eyes. She felt wonderful, her power stronger and more stable than it was before. She was also learning to use it better. “You can turn around now,” she told him, amusement in her voice as she stood with the twins by her side.

He reluctantly did, glad to see that they were covered. “I was coming to find you for dinner.” He said still a little red.

“Thanks” she said patting his hand on the way out the door. The twins each took one of her hands as they walked.

Blood was waiting when they arrived, released to see her looking better. “I had wondered if you were going to make it.” He told her.

“Had you, Father?” she asked, sparkle in her eye. She was pretty sure that he had sent the twins to her. He had a sneaky way of doing things, she thought fondly.

Elliot and the twins sat, them on the other side of her and him on the other side of Blood. They spent the meal telling her amusing stories about their lives and Wonderland. She had a great time, though Blood did not say much. She could tell that he was somehow satisfied having her under his roof.

After their meal, she hugged him and wished him sweet dreams before heading to her room. She noticed that the twins were following behind her. They stopped as she got to her room. Opening the door, she motioned them in, “Well, come on. I can’t sleep in that big bed alone, I might get lost.” She laughed as they jumped onto the bed.

The next morning as she prepared to leave, Blood met her just inside the gates. The twins were already out doing their jobs, mostly anyway. “Aliya.” He said taking her hand, “You could move here if you wanted to.”

“Thanks, Father,” she hugged him, smiling when he didn’t tense, “But I think that I should stay at the clock tower for now. I will come and stay a lot though.” She laughed, “I may have to move some of my cloths out here anyway. Daddy says there killing him.”

“Good.” Blood said, “It is amusing to me to watch him when you walk in like that.”

“That’s because your mean, but I love you anyway.” She said kissing his cheek. “See you later, Father.” Aliya waved as she walked out the gate.

The twins were there waiting for her. She was surprised to see them both in black shirts with one long sleeve and the other completely gone so that their roses were proudly displayed. They were talking to Boris who had come to see her home.

“Hi.” She joined them. “Watcha up to?” she asked.

“Where’s my rose, Ally Kat?” Boris asked, pouting, his ears flat.

“You want one?” it seemed to be important to him.


“Then I will give you one too, sweet kitty cat.” She looked him over for a second, then leaned down and kissed his lower left side just above his pants.

Boris grinned as he watched the rose bloom. “Wait til I show that rabbit,” he said gleefully.

Aliya just rolled her eyes and waved goodbye to them as she followed the train home, leaving Boris with the twins. One time change after she had made it back, she was sitting in Julius’s office have coffee with him when the door burst open.

“Aliya,” Peter White entered the room.

“What’s wrong Peter?” She asked, standing.

“Being the first lover you chose,” he said, trailing his hand through her hair, “Don’t I too deserve to wear your rose?”

“Oh, Peter.” She said smiling as her father groaned and laid his head down on his desk. “If my rose means that much to you, my heart you have not missed, I will give one to you too, just show me where to kiss.” She giggled.

His smile was gorgeous, making her heat a little. “I must wear your mark right here, my dear, “he said pulling his shirt off, “above my heart.”

Aliya was delighted by his charm and kissed his chest right above where his clock rested in his chest. They both chose to ignore Julius who banged his head on the desk a few times during the exchange. The blue rose bloomed out as he watched, amazed. He hugged her tightly then left as fast as he had come, being late for duties at the castle so that he could come to her.

“Are you all right, Daddy?” She asked, giggling at his expression.

“You’re killing me.” He said, ruffling her hair before going back to work. ‘But at least your happy” he thought to himself as she bounced around his office.
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