The Clockmakers Daughter

The Seduction of Gray

Aliya spent a quiet night without seeing Gray or Nightmare. That was fine, she thought as she got up to an evening sun. She looked through her cloths, looking for something simple. No need to show off, no one in clover tower appreciated it. Well maybe Nightmare, but he was not her target. She chose a simple white sun dress and sandals, pulling her hair back into a simple ponytail, tying it with a blue silk ribbon. Looking down, she decided it was to unlike her and added her rose slowly climbing up the skirt until the bloom lay across her breasts. Of course, her locket was tied around her neck with its blue silk ribbon. Smiling, she left her room to find trouble for the day.

She found Gray and Nightmare in their office working. “Whatcha up too?” She asked, leaning against Nightmares desk. He looked up grumpily, then stood, his eyes sparkling. “Aliya, you look so cute.” He said.

She peeked at him coyly over her shoulder, “so you don’t think I’m normally cute?” she asked pouting

“That’s not it at all!” Nightmare said coming around his desk taking her hands, “But usually you have a very hard, sexy edge to you.”

Laughing on the inside, she looked at him mournfully, “So you don’t find me sexy today.” She kept her eyes wide and as she moved around him, winking at Gray on her way to the door.

“Aliya…” Nightmare said, at a loss for words. He looked like he was about to cry. Payback was so fun.

“I’m going into town, just wanted to let you know.” She said as she walked slowly out the door.

Nightmare fell back into his chair moping. He pushed his paperwork around on his desk, looking at none of it. After a moment, he got up, “I better go with her. She might get into trouble on her own in a new country.”

“You have to much work to do.” Gray said calmly from his desk.

“But what if she gets hurt.” He looked at Gray pathetically.

Gray sighed and stood. “I’ll go, you work.” He could hear Nightmares whining halfway down the hall. Sometimes friendship was hard work. He wondered where she had wondered off to and how fast he could catch her.

Aliya was slowly walking through outside market just west of the tower. She still had plenty of energy and would need to share with Nightmare tonight. So she had no real plan, she really was just sightseeing, having no inclination to seriously go after Gray. It was nice to not have pressure on her for anything. She smiled, looking through some fresh cut flowers.

“Beautiful, just like you.” Black said from besides her making, her stiffen. He laid a white tulip down as she turned to look at him, “Your rose suites you better, full of life and thorns, not peace and tranquility.”

“Elegant, coming from you.” She raised a blue iris to her lips, “However, I agree, probably. Peaceful never suited me, it seems.” Replacing the flower, she faced him fully. He gently brushed his hand down her cheek, leaving it resting on her throat. “What do you want, Black?”

His dark eyes glittered. “White wants you, to lock you away for his personal toy, an unending source of power. You are fast becoming an obsession.”

“And you tell me this out of the kindness of heart you don’t have, Black. What is it that you want?” she asked again, studying his face.

“I want you.” He said darkly, his hand tightening, just on the edge of choking her. “In my bed alone with me for an entire night. You have become a fire in my blood as well. Maybe if I fuck you enough, it will cool, but I doubt it.” He pulled her close, laying a gentle kiss on her lips.

Despite herself, she warmed for him, drawing power from his lip, making him gasp. She placed her hand on his wrist where he still held her. “That is unlikely.” She told him, waiting for the moment to pull away from him before she dropped him. Even with her body burning for him, she just didn’t like him.

A knife suddenly appeared at Blacks throat. “Let her go now”, Gray said calmly.

Black smiled slightly, “Anything you say, Mr. Lizard.” He slowly slid his hand away, touching the top of her breasts when he did so. “Remember what I want, Aliya, if he does catch you.” He disappeared.

“Shit.” Aliya said, sitting on a nearby bench. She lay her head back and closed her eyes.

“Are you alright?” Gray asked, sitting beside her, taking her hand. He had never seen her like that, weary and upset.

“Yeah, I will be.” She covered her eyes with her hand, thinking about being caged by White, “Of course, sluts like me get used to being grabbed I guess.” She said, temper showing through as she recovered. No way any cage would hold her, so let him try.

“That’s not what I meant, Aliya.” He said concerned that he had made her feel that way.

“Really.” She said sitting up. “What did you mean then?” Her blue eyes cut into him.

“Just that I didn’t want to be another number in your bed.”

“I don’t see them as numbers.” She told him, “Peter is so serious and intense, I care for him, Boris is my confidant and lover, I care for him, the twins are my protection and fun, and I care for them. You don’t understand it.”

“What is Nightmare, then?”

She stood, “Nightmare is my teacher, my friend and many things. But you needn’t worry, Gray. I have no intention of making you a number in my bed. After I see to Nightmare tonight, I will go home for a while.”

He stood beside her and they slowly walked through the stalls. “You don’t want to sleep with me?” He asked slightly puzzled.

She laughed, “Don’t get me wrong, it would have been fun and very little sleep involved, but I’m fine letting you be. You don’t want me and that’s fine.” She picked up a white stuffed animal and squeezed it close to her chest, loving the squishy feel of it. Smiling happily, she paid for it and walked on, a bemused Gray trailing behind her.

Gray was very confused himself. “What gave you the idea that I don’t want you?” He asked when they finally started to go back to the tower.

“You did. When you took my teasing so serious, I did get a little mad and planned some kind of mayhem toward you, but now I’m good with it. I’m not such a bitch that every man must want me.” She looked up at him as they entered the tower. “Thanks for earlier.” She started to walk off.

“You’re not going to kiss me?” He asked. She always had before when saying hello or goodbye.

“Nah, I won’t force myself on you anymore now that I know how you feel about it.” She waived as she almost skipped back to her room.

Gray stood in the hallway, unsure of himself. She always made him feel warm when she kissed him, thinking about not getting that anymore was depressing. He did want her, her warmth and her hot body spread beneath him, but what could do about it now? Almost angrily, he went to see what Nightmare had gotten done while he was gone.

Later that day, the morning dawn appeared in the sky. Aliya stood at the window in Nightmares office. How beautiful it was, she thought to herself. Her favorite skies were sunsets and rises. Soon she would have to go, she thought as orange and pink streaked across her view. She had to tell her fathers what Black had said. Turning away, she walked up to Nightmares desk. “Can I see you in the hall for a moment?”

“Sure” he said, gleefully laying papers down.

“Why?” Gray asked, pen stalling.

“I need to give him energy before I leave and I don’t want to offend you by making you watch us.” She said, following Nightmare out the door, not seeing the pen snap in his hand.

Nightmare stood there with a blissfully happy look on his face, making her laugh. “Is it the kiss or getting to leave your paper work?”

“It’s the kiss, love, but the paperwork is a nice bonus.” He placed his hands on her shoulders, pulling her close. She kissed him long and lovingly, giving him most of the energy she had with gentle strokes of her tongue.

Nightmare broke away, gasping. “Careful or you have me as messed up as Gray is right now.”

“Gray?” she asked innocently, “I have not touched him.”

“I can hardly ever read his mind, you know. But right now he’s a mess inside and things are leaking out. Wasn’t that your plan?” He asked, a wicked sparkle in his eye.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Nighty, I merely told him that I would leave him alone, since that was his wish.” She kissed him on the cheek, “I’m going back tonight, but I will return soon. One more good shot and we should be able to finish this.”

“You don’t sound too happy.” He said, placing a hand on her arm.

“Some of its been a lot of fun, but I don’t like being told what to do, even if it’s for the greater good and all that BS” she smiled at him as she turned to go, “See you later.” She went to her room packed, then took some time to soak in the large tub that was in her rooms. She was just getting out when a loud banging came at her door.

“Aliya, let me in.” Gray said in a low voice.

She grabbed a large white button down shirt she had stolen from one of the guys and covered her naked body, her hair still damp from her bath. She opened the door just enough to see him through. “Is everything alright?” she asked, curiously.

He pushed open her door, lifting her and tossing her on the bed before she could blink. His hands held her arms above her head and his pelvis dug intimately into hers. The yellow in his eyes looked like burning amber as he stared down at her. “Gray?” she asked quietly, not afraid, but wondering what had brought this sudden change on.

“This is what you wanted, isn’t it?” he asked darkly, his breath hot as he kissed her neck. “Playing with me is a bad thing, Aliya.” He nipped her lips before kissing her deeply.

She gasped as he released her, the warm glow already starting in her skin. “I wasn’t playing with you” yet, she added to herself. “When I halfway offered, you didn’t want me, but when I walk away, you do.” He began to unbutton her shirt, taking his hands from her arms. “That’s twisted Gray.”

“And yet, you don’t stop me.” He said, kissing the skin he revealed as he undid her shirt.

“I already know that I’m twisted, darling.” Her hands ran through his hair as he licked across her stomach. Then she pulled the shirt from him, making him raise up. Her eyes began to glow brightly as she saw his body. He was very muscular and she ran her fingers down each defined line until she reached the pants at his waist. “Secrets, Gray?”

“Many.” His voice was very low now, loving the look in her eyes when they were on him.

Aliya slowly undid his belt and pants, easing them down his hips. Her eyes slid shut at the first touch of him across her. Her hands went to his waist as he slowly raised her hips, pushing inside her. He was very large, causing him to go slow. She dug her fingers in his skin and moaned at being filled by him. Then he began to move, throwing her right leg over his shoulder. He went deeper with every thrust making her scream and cling to him. Their lips clashed with hard and deep kisses that trailed away, him leaving marks on her neck and chest while she mirrored his act on his shoulders, her nails raking down his back.

She drew heat from him like metal on a hot summer day. It was like he was filling her in more ways than one and she was helpless to stop it or control what she took from him. He had stolen all thought from her, just mindless pleasure until they came together, their screams echoing off the walls.

Dropping her leg, he collapsed on top of her, drained. She rolled him to the side, completely energized, but still out of breath. Her skin still held a light glow to it. “Gray? Are you alright?” she asked concerned, laying her head on his chest.

His arms came around her. “I fine. Just tired, don’t worry for me, my rose.” She lay with him until he fell firmly to sleep, then tried to get up. He stalled her by catching her with his arms and legs until she had to wake him up, telling him she had to go. He gave her a grumpy kiss and was asleep again before she left the bed.

Laughing, she repeated her bath and dressed. Deciding to keep with the simple clothing, she pulled on a white gown with a gray lace overlay. The white fabric was strapless and came to her knees, getting longer in the back. The gray lace covered her arms and gathered just blow her bust then tapering down like the white. For once she left her hair down and her feet bare, not bothering with anymore as she slipped from the room, leaving Gray to sleep in peace.

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