The Clockmakers Daughter

Teatime with Father

Julius headed back to his office, having just returned from the dreaming void. He sighed, thinking of his daughter and those he left waiting in his office who worried about her. Life just wasn’t simple anymore, but then, Alice had always told him he needed to live more and not stay shut away from those around him. Her daughter was certainly taking care of that. His enemy for as long as he could recall waited on him to pardon his second in command for breaking a cardinal rule. Of course he had used Aliya as an excuse for it, knowing that Julius would do anything for her, including break the rules himself if he had to.

When he had left, Ace and Elliot stood across the room from each other, glaring lethally. The hatter was calmly making himself at home, tea pot in hand. Julius was not surprised to see much the same view when he returned. “She is safe.” He said before taking his customary seat behind his large wooden desk. “Nightmare said that Black has showed himself and warned Aliya of his brother.”

“What did he want?” Blood asked, setting his cup down.

Julius practically growled. “A night alone with her.”

Elliot began to laugh. “Bet she shot him again.” Ace smirked as well, hating to agree with the rabbit.

With an annoyed sigh, Julius signed the parchment on his desk, pardoning the March hare for crimes against Wonderland, namely destroying his friend’s clock so that it could not be used again. “I will only pardon you once. Elliot. If you are caught again, it is a death sentence and another will take your role.” Elliot just smirked and took the document from him.

“That is just depressing.” Blood commented, finishing his tea. “Imagine all those poor souls that have no desire to pass on their pitiful existence.”

Julius scoffed. “Like you care, hatter. You use them as a threat against your enemies, you have no compassion for those of us with clocks.”

“Not so,” Blood replied, “I have been quite merciful as of late.” He ignored Elliot’s quiet chuckle, rising from his seat. Julius came and leaned against his desk, very much like his daughter did. He could not wait to have his office empty again.

“I guess this means that I don’t get to hunt you anymore, rabbit.” Ace said, falling in behind Elliot as he headed for the door.

He turned back, red-faced. “I AM NOT a RABBIT!” They faced off, Elliot nearly drawing his guns, while Ace rested his hand on the hilt of his sword.

“Children should not fight.” Blood said condescendingly.

“Yeah, you’ll make a mess of my office. Take it out side.” Julius popped in.

“Children!?” Both men said together, “Well at least we don’t act like an old married couple!” Elliot returned before stomping out of the room. Ace left right behind him, laughing outright at the look of horror on the clockmakers face.

Seeing his reaction, Blood could not resist messing with him. “Come now, Julius don’t look so put out. Aliya would love it if her parents got together.” His lips threatened to twitch at how pale the clockmaker had become. Just for fun, he wanted to see how far he could push his old enemy.

“You have to be joking!” Julius choked out as he backed into the room. “Besides, we both prefer women.” The wall prevented any farther escape.

Blood drew near. Apparently the clockmaker had not studied his rival very well. “Actually, I do not have a preference.” He paused just before him. “You honestly think the wicked man in all of wonderland had not tried everything? It is usually the person who draws me in, not the gender.” Thought the words he spoke were in fact truth, he had to control the urge to laugh at Julius’s expression. He braced his hand on the wall just beside the other man, gently running a finger down his face. “Who knows, you might like it.” He said before his lips descended, stealing Julius’s breath away.

The hatter himself was surprised as a warm rush went through him. He could feel the other man weakening, leaning forward as he briefly returned the embrace. He broke away, pushing Blood back before fleeing the room. Blood smirked, walking over to where his hat rested on the clockmakers desk. “Interesting.” Placing it on his head, he strolled from the room.

A short time later, Aliya presented herself at the gates of the mafia’s mansion. The twins were thrilled to see her, following behind her as she crashed Blood's afternoon tea time. “You know it should only be seven, since there are two of us.” Dee was saying to her as she was held between the both of them, making walking interesting.

She just laughed before gently untangling herself. Blood sent them back to guard duty before taking her in. “How understated.” He commented on her outfit, she was still in the white and gray lace dress.

“Hay, it was comfortable for what I was doing at the time.” She smiled as she sat, blue eyes shining. “I have just come from hearts castle so I thought that I might drop by on my way to the clock tower and maybe change. After all, it would not feel like I came home unless Daddy drops his coffee cup!” She laughed at the thought.

“I take it Peter White is in an exceptional mood now” she just grinned. “Speaking of the clockmaker, we had a bit of a run in earlier.” He watched her carefully. She was the one person in all the world he did not want to upset.

“Is everything all right.” She asked, covering his hand with her own. It would break her heart if her fathers were constantly at each others throats. Plus, Blood did have a habit of killing indiscriminately.

“Everything is fine.” He patted her hand before reaching for his tea. “He pardoned Elliot for you. I could almost read manipulative bastard in his smirk today.”

She giggled as she lifted her hand away, “So what is the problem then?”

“After a comment made by number two, your Dad looked so amusing that I could not help but tease him about it. In the process, I kissed him.” He said very coolly. He felt a spark of worry when she covered her mouth with her hands, eyes watering.

Then the laughter came, throwing herself back so hard, she flipped the chair she had been seated in. “Oh mom, you said you wanted to see a shocked clockmaker and now you defiantly have.”

Blood smirked, waiting for the torrent of humor to cease “I’m so glad you find it so amusing, daughter of mine.” He said with the definite bark of sarcasm.

.“Oh, Father,” she said, righting her chair and resuming her spot at the table, “You know that his face had to be comical. Way better than if I walked out in strait up lace with my lovers all over me!” She calmed herself, sensing that there was more. “So, you liked it?”

“Would you care?” He turned around on her.

“No, so long as you guys were happy and didn’t get hurt.” She propped her face in her hand, elbow resting on the table, “Well, at least emotionally. I know things can get rough from time to time.” His narrow eyed look made the giggles start again. How her mother would have loved this, a shocked Julius and a blushing Blood, how fun!

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