The Clockmakers Daughter

A Nightmare’s Embrace

A lone one story cabin stood a short distance from the outskirts of town, just passed Clover's boundary with Hearts. It was well hidden and often overlooked by the few that passed by, the wooden exterior matching perfectly with the surrounding trees. Shapes shifted in the dark, a flash of blue, a hint of pink passing each other, their eyes turned outward to the foliage around them, watching for any sign of movement. Others paced as well, waiting for anything to strike at.

A lone figure in the distance watched with amusement. How foolish they were, running around like bees protecting their queen. As if he would just walk right up to the door and say ‘give her to me’ just to be shot again. A smaller figure scurried up the little hill to join the first. “It is done as you asked.” He whispered low as if they were within a few feet of them.

“Good.” The man never took his red eyes off the scene in front of him.

“The clockmaker, the cat, and the knight?” came the small voice. “Rest assured, little mousy, new role holders will be in their place after tonight. I can’t guarantee that they will like you any better though.” He waived, dismissing the timid creature. Yes, tonight he would finely have what he wanted and the power to rule Wonderland as it had once been, creatures of dark, one king, one queen chained to his side.

Inside the quaint little cabin, Nightmare paced, Aliya watching with warily eyes. “I said that I was sorry.” She tried again, “I just get so frustrated, it felt like I was being caged.”

“If White gets ahold of you, it will be a lot worse” he growled, not really angry, but terrified for her. It was not for her death, because he knew that that was nearly impossible, but sometimes there were things worse than death. Aliya bound by the White joker was one of them.

She came to him, running her fingers down his arms, stalling his movement. “I’m alright, right here with you.” She grinned charmingly. “Wanna make up?” Aliya asked, blue eyes sparkling as she teased him.

He blew out a harsh breath, letting his anxiety go. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly to him while he buried his face in her neck. “Please understand, Aliya, in every way you can imagine, I cannot live without you. Please be more careful.”

She tangled her hands in his hair, lifting his face to hers. “I will, but in the same turn, you must understand that I have never had anyone beyond mom. It may take some time for me to get used to all of you caring so much about me. Please don’t get fanatical, ok?”

His burning silver eyes, no patch or covering to block her view of them, met hers. He nodded soundlessly, another sort of feeling coming over him now. He lowered his head, his mouth resting gently on hers for a moment. Then things exploded around them as the room filled with light, the moment that his tongue began to play with hers, his hands digging in to her hips pulling her taut against him. He broke away, breathing roughly. “We have to move in there.” He gestured toward his bedroom door. She gave him a funny look, but allowed him to pull her into the only other room in the cabin. Aliya gasped as she looked around his bedroom. It was so dark, with black walls and dark cherry wood floors, but that was only a passing note. The astounding thing was the ceiling. Black clouds and swirling silver mist danced together above their heads. She recognized the feel of it, very similar to the experience on his island of nightmares. “Is this the dreaming void?” She looked up in awe.

“Yes. This is where it is bound to Wonderland, and again in my room at Clover tower as a failsafe. The whole reason I took Clover's guardianship is because this was where the thinning of the worlds was most evident. I created the dreaming void so that we could connect to the human world in a softer way and a way not connected to the mother. I was hoping to stop the fading problem, but it only slowed it down

She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. “Have I told you how amazing you are?” Aliya smiled, pressing a sweet kiss to his lips.

“No, but feel free to.” He returned her smile. He captured her mouth again, slowly exploring every part, bringing her tight to him once more until he could feel her strange ticking heartbeat match his, the only two like them in all of the land of wonder. Nightmare fought with himself, trying to stay somewhat calm. Later, he would take her wildly in every way imaginable, but this first time, he wanted to show her his love, the light of him. He carried her to his bed, large and covered with black and grey silk sheets and blankets. There, kissed again, her slowly unbuttoning his shirt while he undid the laces that crisscrossed her back. Before long, they stood bare before each other.

Nightmare lifted her and lay her across his bed, half covering her, one leg between hers while he braced himself on one hand. Watching her eyes, he took his other hand and drew gently across her skin, drawing from her as she so often did from her lovers. Aliya nearly gasped at the sensation, never really knowing how her touch had felt to others. It was incredible, the feel of a hot mouth where ever he touched her. Deciding two could play, she opened herself up, allowing the power to cover her skin before reaching out to return his touch. So distracted by the feel of their skin against one another they failed to noticed that it was not their bodies glowing, but the ceiling above them growing more radiant with every touch.

He kissed down her neck as her hands wrapped around the length of him, lovingly stroking. “Aliya.” He groaned, quickly returning the favor, his touch finding the heart of her sex. It seemed that his love was not going to allow him his wish, nearly begging him to come into her with her voice, her touch. He could not bear waiting any longer. Lifting her hips, he placed himself between her strong thighs that wrapped around him as he slowly slid inside her, her fingers digging in where she held his waist. She moaned at the feel of him deeply seated inside of her, that wondrously, hot drawing phenomenon now both inside and out.

He held still, both overwhelmed at the incredible feeling. When he began to move inside of her, all thoughts of going slow fled him. The light above them became blinding as he held her hips steady, thrusting himself into her stronger, harder with every harsh breath they took. Her nails dug bloody marks into his back, his name upon her lips only to be stolen away by his tongue. They came together in a blinding rush, the whole house lighting up in a spectacularly white light that rose to the midnight sky and lasting as long as they did.

The light suddenly went out taking most of their energy with it. As they lay together, both on the edge of blacking out, he lay his hand over her heart, “I love you, Aliya.”

She smiled and lay a soft kiss on his hand, because she did not have the energy to move anything else. “I know, Nightmare. I love you too.”

As they began to fade into unconsciousness, the world exploded around them. Outside several bombs went off, bringing trees down on the protectors as they were swarmed in faceless. Inside, the floor rose, breaking as it shattered outward, White coming through the giant hole. Maliciously grinning, he drove a black dagger down into Nightmares chest. Aliya’s last sight was his blood soaking the sheets. As her vision left her, she vowed she would find a way to kill that man.

Outside, flames rained down upon those who had circled the cabin. A group of six sinister figures, all in Janus masks, their porcelain faces eerily reflecting the firelight, searched through the wreckage. They were seeking specific targets. They came across the cat first, his tail pinned by a falling tree when he had rushed toward the house at the first explosion. Two branched off to deal with him. The four went on, coming across the clockmaker next. He faced them, though he had never been a fighter, his role calling for something different. However, even though he bled from several injuries made from debris, he would not just allow them to take his life when it would devastate his daughter so much. The final two walked away while their companions faced the blue eyed man, searching ever still for their target in the smoke filled destruction.
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