The Clockmakers Daughter

A Visit from Mother

How many time changes had come and gone, she could not say. They came to bring food, bathe her, and redress her in a silky white nightgown, always the same silent faceless women. White himself came twice more, making her sweet promises and torrid offers. Her response to him was bad, even for her. Needless to say, he left angry. He had been right though, when he told her what was coming. She burned, aching from every nerve she could lay claim to. Her body stayed clenched tight, heat constantly pouring through her veins like lava flowing through the ground. Sometimes it would hurt so bad, all of her muscles would cramp at once, seizing to the point all she could do was scream in agony. Even so, she vowed that she would not break. She would not give into him or insanity. Her eyes glowed constant now, blue fire that terrified the women who served her

“Aliya” a soft muti-toned voice called out to her. She jerked up from the bed where she lay, tormented and suffering. Pressed against the bars of her prison was a small woman who appeared no older than her. Her eyes were prisms of red, white and pinks. Her short hair was stark white as was her skin, her mouth a red slash across all that white, looking as if she had been drinking fresh blood. Her aura was very familiar.

“Bitch,” Aliya whispered, struggling to her feet. She moved closer, gaining momentum in her fury. “You fucking bitch.” Her hands outstretched as if she could wrap her hands around that pale throat. “You had to know.”

“Yes, I knew that he slayed his father. That is why I banished him from my side, making him and his brother role holders.” Her head cocked to the side, jewel eyes glittering. “Would you have me kill my son for his nature? They are all I had of him.”

“That is not his nature. He revels in it, giving into the hate and anger that helped to form you. It was his choice to act as he does. You lie to yourself if you believe otherwise.” Aliya fell back on the bed, her body father drained from her outburst.

“We shall see, daughter of Alice, if you fare any better with the children of my blood that you bear.” The mother grinned, self-satisfied.

“Children?” Aliya squeaked.

“Yes,” the word was drawn out into a hiss. “Part of your sacrifice, you know carry the fruit of your trials within you. Each child will have their father’s gifts, their ties to Wonderland. When they are born, this world will become self-sustaining, no longer tied to my fate.” She studied the bars, “I am fading,” she said factually, “to many times, I gave of myself to make role holders, to give birth, which is unnatural for one such as me, and to take this form has doomed me. I did not want this place that he loved to die as well, so I have tied it to you and the lives within you.” She tried to open the bars, but sparks flew from her hands. “Clever, clever boy,” she grinned with a sick sense of paternal pride. “I will go and speak with him. Once he learns of his child, he will give you a reprieve then.”

“You don’t want me to just give into him?” Aliya asked, confused.

“Never. White cannot rule here.” Her tone was cold and serious. “Only you or Nightmare may do so. He would uncrate, taking things back to the times of monsters and death, undoing all that he had loved. I cannot allow that. He hated the dark creatures so.” Crystalline tears fell upon her cheeks.

“Nightmare's father?” She almost felt bad for her. Almost.

“His name was Jeremy.” She said before fading away.

“I never knew any of that.” Black commented as he came out of the hallway. “So White killed our father.” He sounded as if someone had just shared some mundane fact with him.

Aliya watched him with fascination, the burn in her increasing. He was the first male she had seen other that White since she had been imprisoned. She hoped that that was the reason he seemed absolutely appealing at that moment. She stalked him like pray, her eyes following his every movement.

“Careful, Aliya. A man might tear apart this cage for a look like that.” His black eyes glittered brightly.

“You would give your life away for one good fuck?” She asked, reaching for him unconsciously, the limit of her chains holding her back. Her very skin was on fire in need of even the slightest touch.

“With you, nearly so, I’m afraid, but you forget that I cannot die so long as I am within Wonderland. You have my brother and I obsessed, something that we share, along with this.” He stepped to the barred door. He slashed his hand, smearing the blood on the metal bars before simply pushing it open. Soundlessly, he stepped inside. “However, there is something that I would give my life for, and you now carry it inside you. He will kill these children, including his own, to make sure you bare only his seed. Mother is a blind fool to believe otherwise.” He stopped within inches of her reach. “So, Aliya, will you come with me, and fuck me, kill me, and save our children?”

Nightmare coughed up more blood, Boris helping him to sit up. Gray had left to acquire some more of the medicine that had sustained him for so long. The seven remaining men in the room tried to conceal their frustration. Nightmare was the only one capable of tracking her most anywhere and he was too weak to do so.

“Can we not feed you a faceless?” Blood asked, “You are an incubus, sex would help, would it not?” He sat close to where a grumpy Elliot cared for an equally irritable Julius.

“They are too weak. I would kill them” he rasped, “and it would do little good.”

“What about kissing?” Julius asked, “You once said that Aliya kissed everyone, pulling energy from them, would that not work without killing them?”

“True,” Nightmare replied, “But it would have to be a role holder.”

“Well, I’m not kissin ya.” Elliot grumbled. He was worried for Aliya.

“Sorry, I already have my sights on another.” Blood said, looking at Julius.

“Would you stop that?” Julius growled, face reddend again.

“Well, I’ll do it.” Boris said, surprisingly. He stood all playfulness gone from his expression.

“I didn’t know you swung like that.” Peter commented

“I don’t,” he replied, “But the woman that I loves only hope lies in that bed. If she needs me to kiss men to save her, then you all better be lining the fuck up.”

“Aw, kitty,” came an amused feminine voice from the doorway. “We think we like you for real now, but its best that we do this, yes?” Vivaldi asked, coming to the edge of Nightmares bed.

Nightmare perked up. “Boris, Peter, hold on to her. When the light gets too intense, pull her away from me.” He commanded them.

They each took on of her hands and braced their other hands on her shoulders, holding tightly. Vivaldi chuckled, “we think we had a dream like this once.”

“I did not want to hear that.” Blood shuttered.

Nightmare just rolled his eyes at the siblings, only a hint of amusement there. He placed a hand on her face, gently drawing her near. “Thank you.” He whispered against her lips. His tongue plunged into her mouth, furiously drawing power from her. She moaned loudly as he began to glow. He explored her, his greedy body taking more and more from her until his light became blinding. They both whimpered as she was drug away from him.

Vivaldi fell back against those who still held her, breathless and suddenly exhausted. “No wonder you flock to her bed so.” She shook her head, trying to recover from the best kiss of her life. She winked at Nightmare, “Let us know if we are ever need again.” A laughing Boris helped her to a room where she could rest and recover.

Nightmare lay flat, sending himself into the dreaming void. He calmed it, actively seeking Aliya. He had never failed to find her, even in the human world, but now there was no sign, not even a faint trail. He woke, six sets of eyes met his. “There is not sign of her.” he sat up, existed.

“Damn!” Boris hung his head.

“No, that’s actually helpful.” Nightmare assured him, “There is only one place in all of two worlds where I cannot go.”

“The prisons.” Julius said, wincing as he tried to stand. “He took her underground.”

“Only two of us can go there now.” Nightmare looked Julius over, “but only one is in the condition to go.”

“Goodie!” Ace bounced up from the chair where he had been napping in the corner. “I always wanted to rescue a damsel in distress!”

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