The Clockmakers Daughter

Blacks Sacrifice

Hot glowing eyes locked onto him. He was so close, she could almost feel him. “Free me, Black.” Her chains rattled as she reached for him, “Free me and I will give you what you ask.”

His eyes half closed, her very voice enticing him to draw nearer. “You must control yourself until I get us to a safe place, Aliya. Any spark of power on your part will send him searching too soon for you to be saved.”

“I understand. Free me.” She could and would control herself, otherwise she would have flung herself at White the last time he came to her. He came close, rubbing more of his blood over her locks until they opened with a snap, falling to the floor.

“Wrap your arms around me. Remember, not an ounce of power, until we get there.” She said nothing, just placing her arms around his neck as his went around her waist. Their breath mingled together as his hardness dug into her belly. “Fuck.” He whispered before shifting them. He released her as soon as he reached his destination. “White cannot come here without permission from me. This is my half of the prisons.”

Her eyes remained on him, that starving look never fading. Reaching behind her, she lifted the white silk off her body, tossing it down. “Was this what you wanted, Black?” she asked tearing the shirt from him. Aliya took his lips, her tongue dominating his mouth. She drew on him fiercely, warmth filling his mouth, then spreading throughout his body. Her nails left white trails down his chest and stomach as she attacked his remaining clothing. She bit down on his lip, roughly dragging it through her teeth before pushing him toward the bed in the corner of the room. He laughed darkly before doing as she bid.

Aliya pushed him back onto it, straddling him. Their mouths crashing together as his fingertips dug into her hips. Her light flared harshly as the feeling of thousands of tiny mouths ruthlessly sucked from him. The intense sensation made his shout as her mouth moved down his neck and her teeth bit into his skin. She slammed herself down onto him, causing both of them to freeze, overwhelmed by the molten feeling forcing itself through them both. They began to move together, her touch beginning to leave what looked like red burn marks across his skin.

“More, Aliya.” He growled, loving the pain as well as the incredible pleasure racing through him, “Take it all.” His fingertips dug in, leaving blood filled marks as he pounded up into her. She was helpless but to do as he asked, her starving form fully in command. They climaxed together in a dazzling surge of light.

Aliya flung herself off of him, lying near. She kissed him, literally stealing the last breath from his body. Then she rose, picking up the white silk, then letting it drop again in favor of Black shirt, still weaker than normal. She buttoned it, sitting beside him, waiting.

A gasping breath alerted her to Blacks return to life. A wide grin spread across his face. “Damn, I know that was the best thing I ever died for.”

“Masochist.” She nudged his hip with her foot. “Are you able to stand?” she asked. Aliya did not feel bad, after all, he survived it, kind of.

“Nope. You fucked me to death quite well. It will be a few moments before I can move.” He said, wiggling his fingers experimentally.

“Ass.” She said, getting up and tossing a sheet over him. “Will we be able to get out of here?”

“If we’re careful.” He set up slowly. “If he catches us, he’ll skin me alive. Again.” He added searching for his pants.

“Again?” she asked, surprised.

“Yeah. When we were younger, he would look at me and say, ‘want to play, little brother’ in this creepy ass voice. No one does sick and creepy like White.” He shivered at the memories, “Then he would string me up in a tree and peal my skin off until mother caught him. He would just say, ‘it grows back.’” Black chuckled, until he caught the look she was giving him. “Don’t Aliya.”

“Don’t what?” she whispered.

“Do not pity me or sympathize. I am a sadistic bastard who has killed many for the pleasure of it.” His eyes were cold and serious.

“So is my father, and I like him just fine.” She said, her own gaze becoming icy, “But you call my mother a whore at all and I will keep cutting your tongue out for you.”

But I have a talented tongue.” He grinned, “You may miss it.”

“I am a patient woman.” She replied looking out the door, “It will grow back in time.” Aliya smirked at him, “You ready to try this?”

“Whenever you are, oh bringer of death.” He laughed at her expression before leading her out of the room into the cool stone halls of the prison cells. “We will be fine until we reach the upper levels. I may be strong enough to move us again once we reach it, but he is going to be on us pretty quick. Some of his newer toys are not so easily passed either.”

“New toys?” she asked, dodging old broken debris of long forgotten things that had found their way to Wonderland.

“I don’t know how he gets them, but their weird. He keeps them masked most of the time. One actually ate one of the faceless, clock and all.” He became grim. “I do not like them being here, they feel wrong to me and you have to admit, that’s pretty damn bad.”

Aliya mentally agreed with him as they ascended the first of three flights of stairs to freedom. They would be in Whites domain before too much longer. She admitted to herself, she was slightly worried, she had no weapon and not enough energy to create one. She kept her aura very small and close to her, hoping that it was enough to avoid detection. Black seemed to recover more with every step, maybe it would be helpful, but would he fight his brother face to face?

The floor beneath their feet changed from black granite to white marble shot through with gold. To her, it felt like the temperature had dropped. They were in his area now. She shivered.

“We’re in luck. He is not here at the moment.” Black said, his voice low as he looked around, steadily leading her on passed bloody paintings of monsters rampaging, tearing into countless faceless.

Gray followed the path outlined in glowing blossoms. He had been here many times to retrieve what his friend needed, but never had he felt the creatures of the island so riled up. The trees themselves seemed to writhe, black hands clawing out for him. He quickly made to the stone arch way known as the looking glass. Taking a glass vail from his pocket, he gathered the remnant of the slivery fluid that made up the doorway to human minds, making sure to fill it full. Liquid dreams, a way to hold off the effects of a starving incubus. It kept his body in the state it had been when drinking it, just as I did for outsiders making sure that they never aged while in Wonderland, the key to their arrival and departure.

A loud noise had him ducking behind the archway. He watched in complete surprise as White walked into the clearing. He carried with him one small jar and one large one. He opened the smaller one and called out, “Bandersnatch!” A black misty form of a horse sized cat appeared to slowly move out of the brush. “Come to me.” He ordered the form. After what seemed to be an immense struggle of wills, the cat hissed at him before fading back into the brush. White looked disgruntled, but went onto the large jar. “Boojum!” He tried again, this time several black things streaked out of the trees, rushing to the jar. White chuckled, replacing the lid. “Good.” He said before picking up both jars and fading away.

Gray waited a moment before retracing his steps down the path. He felt like he was being stalked, noting the shadow of the Bandersnatch followed behind him until he reached the white sand beach. This was bad, very bad. He needed to report to Nightmare as soon as possible. He jumped through the portal that had been made just for his use.

Things were not going as well as Aliya had hoped. Just before the second stair case, faceless guards began pouring down it. Black, of course began to laugh as he formed a sword and began to hack and slash his way through them as if they were paper dolls. They made the top of the stairs to be blocked by four percaline masked figures. “Shit.” Black said, he wrapped around her and blinked them passed the figures farther down the hall. He stumbled slightly, still not fully recovered from having all of his energy drained.

Aliya helped steady him. “What the hell are those things and can they catch us?”

“I have no idea and it depends on if they are the fast ones or the slow ones.” Black half dragged her down the hall. “Fuck!” he exclaimed as the four wavering forms appeared before them once more. He raised his sword.

“Aww, Aliya. I wanted to save you.” A voiced whined from behind the creatures.

“Ace!” she exclaimed, thrilled to see him. “Good, get your ass over here and do it then.”

He grinned, facing the two that turned to face him, “Let’s see,” he seemed to think, “This worked the last time.” He moved to behead the thing, only to have it dodge him, movement completely blurred.

Aliya rolled her eyes as Ace laughed, happy to be challenged. “You know he’s not right.” Black shook his head, dodging a blow himself.

She sighed, “That’s why we love him.” She backed up giving them room. How she hated being helpless. Silver flashing caught her eye as a gun streaked across the floor to hit her bare feet. She just barley caught the faceless ducking back down the stairs, something familiar about the retreating circus worker. Aliya quickly lifted the weapon, firing on Black’s opponents. Ace would get pissed if she interrupted his fun.

One of her bullets caught the frowning figure in the face, cracking the mask to reveal reptilian green eyes and a fang filled mouth. It never slowed, just changed direction so that it was poised to cut through her with its strange claws. She never flinched, praying to be fast enough to doge. The attack met with Blacks back instead as he covered her body with his own. Poison dripped from the quill like talons that pierced through his chest. “Fuck, that burns” he muttered, pulling himself and her free, he thrust her toward the knight. “She cannot take a hit, right now. Stop playing and find a way to kill them already.” The men stood in front of her.

“I can’t die, either, remember?” Aliya reminded him.

“I know,” he said, cutting off one creature’s head, only the see the body continue to fight. “But we can’t say that for sure about them, can we. The mother never said it was so.”

A serious look came over Ace’s face. As if he were dancing, he spun between the four, avoiding their every blow as he pierced their hearts. They dissolved into a fine green powder, black clouds leaving them. “Now, what do you mean?” He asked, sheathing his swords.

“How long did you know that would work?” Aliya asked, annoyed at him.

“Silly, knight one o one. If the head doesn’t work, stab the heart.” He smiled charmingly at her.

“That would have been useful to know earlier.” Black said, bracing himself against the wall. His chest burned as his flesh partially melted away. “Damn.” He added, looking at the damage, “It just seems to be my day to die.” He chuckled at the dirty look she gave him, pushing him away from the wall toward the last staircase that led out to Wonderland.

Ace caught her arm. “What did he mean, Aliya.” She stared up at him, tongue tied. She was not used to it yet herself.

“She’s pregnant.” Black announced, limping ever forward. He was nearly dragging himself along the wall.

“Really?” Ace asked, gesturing for her to proceed him, “And who is the lucky lottery winner?”

“You don’t have to say it like that.” she grumbled as Black laughed.

“That one’s going to be fun to explain, perhaps we should wait until were on the surface.” Black coughed a little, his lungs filling with fluid. Damn he hated when that happened.

They were nearly there, light could be seen when more white cloaked creatures in masks bore down upon them. They swept Black up before he could even raise his sword, holding him captive. Ace decapitated two more, cutting through their chests on the down swing just to be sure. White appeared at the bottom of the stairs, two strange clay jars in his arms.

“Take her and go.” Black said, drawing his brother’s attention, “NOW!” He shouted, blood leaking from his mouth. Ace nodded, pulling a fighting Aliya behind him. He finely lifted her, racing into the sunshine, met by the Cheshire cat who transported them away.

“Betrayed by one I love, how typical.” White said, setting his burden down. “How shall I repay this favor, little brother?”

“I have not delusion that you love me, brother,” he laughed, “And there is nothing that you have not done, or we have not done together.” His cough worsened. “It seems that you will have to wait a bit for your punishment, dear brother.” His vison dimming.

Red eyes studied him as he suffered. “True, I don’t think I carry the ability to love. However, there is still one lesson I can teach you.” He thrust his hand into Blacks already weakened chest cavity, seeking the faint ticking of a clock, “Funny, that’s the same face he made.” He said, grasping the metal and pulling sharply back.
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