The Clockmakers Daughter

Knights Night

“Uh oh,” Boris said, “Who wants to be the sacrifice to go calm her down.”

“I vote the knight, since it was his idea to take her Daddy.” Black said, deciding he was in enough pain for the moment. Any other time, he would love to tease the tiger in her den. “She’s scary when she’s mad, fun, but scary.”

“I guess I’ll be the brave one then,” Ace responded good naturedly, following her path to her room. He paused briefly at her door before swinging it open. The first thing he did was lay his red coat across her dresser as her wild eyes followed him, then he lay his swords beside them.

“Why?” She asked her voice low and angry, “Why would you take him there?”

“Because I wanted to.” He smiled charmingly at her before dodging the heavy bedside table she tossed his way along with the light that had been sitting on it. “Now that’s lady like.” He chided, unbuttoning his shirt.

The sight of his bare chest made her pause, blinking. For a moment, her mind went to the thought of tasting all that skin, running her tongue over every defined muscle. His chuckle made her come back, raging twice as bad. She balled up her fist and swung at his smug little smile, yelling in frustration. He laughed boisterously, catching her as they crashed into the wall with the force of her swing. Literally growling at him, she tried to elbow him in that amazing stomach, but he turned her, pushing her back on the bed, hands pinning her wrists in place.

“Ace, I’m mad at you.” She whispered as his knee pressed in between her legs, firmly pinning her in place while pushing her short dress up.

“I know” he breathed against her neck, lightly running his lips over her.

“So what are you doing?” Her eyes closed as he moved to the other side, the light pressure of his mouth an amazing contrast to the firm grip of his hands and knee against her.

“Calming you down.” He nipped her lips, making her eyes snap open, wide and backlit. “Is it helping?” He asked, his tone quiet and low, all playfulness gone.

A tremor went through her, “No,” she replied, calm being the farthest emotion she could claim at that moment.

“Perhaps a change a change of tactic, then.” He said, hovering above her mouth before kissing her hard, his tongue thrusting deep into her mouth. She moaned loudly, returning his kiss as rough as he gave it. His hands moved down her arms, keeping pressure on them until he met with cloth. Without breaking contact with her mouth, he gathered the material, rending it in two with one quick jerk.

Aliya slid her arms across the silk of her sheets, up the steel of his arms until she pushed on his shoulders, flipping him. Straddling him, she allowed the ruined remains of her dress slip off her shoulders. The way he looked up at her, eyes dilated, ever present smile gone from him, reminded her of how he looked fighting, entirely focused and unerringly accurate. Her fingers traced over the lines of his chest and stomach as she studied him, heating his skin under her touch. Gently raking her teeth over her bottom lip, she returned to his mouth.

Ace sat up meeting her halfway, his hands tangling in her hair as her legs wrapped around his body. Hanging onto him with one hand as he ravaged her mouth, she used the other to grasp at the laces of her boots wanting them gone, but not wanting to let go of him long enough to do it properly. His hands traveled down, pressing her bare breasts against his chest, making her gasp at the contact. He cupped her bottom as he caught her lip, copying her earlier motion. He lifted her, setting her down on her dresser, she finely managed to kick them off, wrapping her legs tighter around his waist even as she traced the waistband of his pants, pulling at the fastenings. He kicked his own boots off just as she pushed his pants off his hips, leaving them bare but for her lacey thigh highs. He lifted her again, his fingers digging into her, her arms coming around his neck, holding tightly as he drove into her fiery body. He braced her as her head slung back, crying out at the way he filled her.

Several things fell off the dresser, colliding with the floor as he braced her against it, plunging within her, lost to the way she grasped him inside and out. Her light began to shine underneath her skin, beautiful as her power drew off his. Her mouth nipped, sucking on his flesh, leaving little red marks in her wake, as if she could not get enough of the taste of him. Her hands roamed him, fingers digging in as her voice pleaded with him. Never before had he had such sensations rolling over him.

Lifting her once more, he lay her back on the bed, sinking back into her warmth. Raising her hips to meet his every thrust, clutching him tightly to her as he sped up, stretching her more as he hardened farther, coming close to climaxing. He rose up, pulling her hips flush with his as he ground into her, her heels pressing into him, trying to keep him deep within her as she began to shudder, internal muscles pulling and clenching him as they crested together, voices mingling as they shouted in pleasure.

Breathing heavy, they collapsed on the bed, twisting to the side so that he did not crush her. She burrowed into his chest, gently tracing circles over his skin. He held her tightly, the soft ticking of his clock resting just below her head. When they had calmed, she rose up, looking into those serious eyes. “Why, Ace.”

He lightly touched her swollen lips as he searched her lovely face. “He needed to, Aliya. He once handed a rope to a struggling man and I have waited a long time to repay the favor.” He smirked slightly, “Of course, I had to immediately cancel the good by sexing my best friend’s daughter. You still mad?” He asked, playfulness returning.

She rolled over on top of him, “I don’t know,” she smiled wickedly, “You gonna try to calm me again?”
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