The Clockmakers Daughter

Fading Laughter

Aliya smiled up at the bright sunshine. Wonderland had graced them with a perfect time change, blue skies with the occasional drifting white puffy cloud. They were moving, deciding that clover had taken enough damage for the time being. They wanted to give Nightmare a chance to repair and catch up and Julius really wanted to go home. Boris, Peter, Black, and Gray refused to leave her. Being that there was not enough room at the clock tower, Blood insisted that they move to the hatter’s mansion where she would also have the added protection of the twins. She secretly believed that he just wanted to get back to work as well.

Though she felt that White would retaliate soon, she refused to be down and serious for the day. She noticed that morning when she had woke, a gentle rounding of her stomach. It was not so others would tell just yet, but she could and it made it real for her. She was going to have babies. Aliya wished that her mother was there to share it with her. Alice had been very fond of children, she could only imagine how she would have loved those that were tied to her by blood. Her hand softly covered the tiny mound.

Boris, noticing her movement, asked, “Everything ok in there?” It still had not really sunk in for him that he was to be a father, but it in no way bothered or scared him. He intended to have the best prankster in all of wonderland; he figured he already had a good start between him and Aliya’s playful personalities.

“Yeah.” She smiled up at him, “I just noticed that I can see my belly sticking out.” She giggled, “I’m just a little excited. Wanna see?” she asked pulling him close.

He put his hands on her hips, caressing softly before looking down and grinning. “I see something, love, but it’s not your tummy.”

She looked at him leering at her breasts before playfully smacking his arm. “Perv!” She said laughing.

She tried to get away, but he wrapped around her, his hands coming around her to cover the spot she held earlier, lightly stroking the area. “Yep, you got a belly now.” He teased, loving the sound of her laughter.

Even Black smiled slightly at the sound as he watched the surrounding greenery for any threat against his sweet death. He did not have a problem with her loving the others. They took the light of her, the playful, sexy wild child. He got the anger, the dark, erotic woman that gave pain and pleasure in equal measure and that was just the way he wanted it. Something drew his eyes, just a slight flash of white against the ground cover. “What was that?” He asked, getting their attention.

Aliya gasped, spotting the blood covered figure slowly crawling toward them. They rushed to where she lay, Boris turning her over carefully. “Those were made from White’s metal.” Black said, her ravaged back clearly showing the signs of his favored weapon. “I’m surprised she’s alive, he usually takes their heads.” It was not until they turned her that he realized who it was on the bloody ground. “Mira.” His voice was quiet.

Aliya looked up at him as she knelt at the woman’s side. “She was punished for helping us, wasn’t she?” She did not need his nod to know it to be true. Her eyes became glassy as the light dimmed, gray clouds rolling across the sky that had been so blue seconds before.

Mira grabbed her ladies hands, her mouth moving slightly. Leaning down she caught the words the faceless had endured so much pain to bring to her. “It lives, it lives, it lives.” She said over and over, her voice losing strength with every repetition. Aliya found herself holding a gold clock that had been in her hand as Mira weakened, her body failing her.

Wind moved across the field, slightly bending the trees where they stood. Waves of violet began to rise from Aliya as she stared down upon the one who had had hope in her. She could feel the clock in her chest slowing, sputtering, trying to stop, and anger filled her. “No.” Her voice was low at first, “No.” she put her hands on Mira’s chest, the purple light visibly entering the woman as rain began to pour from the sky. “You will live.” She told her, pushing more and more power into her. “YOU WILL LIVE!” She shouted above the storm as the men tried to cover them. Lightning flashed, the land trembled and the sky boomed, the sound deafening, as the bright light blinded them. They crashed to the ground, unable to stand in the onslaught.

As suddenly as it came, the wind diminished, the rain faded to a soft drizzle. Gray and Boris sat up, slowly moving to their feet. They helped a still blinded Black and Peter off of the women where they had tried to shelter them. Aliya was passed out over top of the girl she had tried to save. They lifted her, astonished at what they had found. Their eyes met, all at a loss at what to say. They lifted them, carrying them the rest of the way to the hatter’s mansion. The rain continued its slow shower until Aliya woke once more a short while later.

“IT LIVES” echoed in her head as Aliya sat strait up out of her exhausted sleep. She knew what she had meant, the only thing that it could have been. The fire failed to kill the jabberwocky and it had to be fully risen by now. She had to tell Nightmare. Aliya got up only to sink back on the bed, lightheaded. She rubbed her forehead trying to dispel the feeling.

“Aliya?” Peter came over to her. He bent down to where he could see her face as she dropped her hand. “Are you well?”

“Room just took a little turn.” She smiled at him, “I think I just used a lot of energy trying to heal Mira.” She frowned, having just really thought about what had happened. “Did it work?”

“Yes, it did. You don’t remember?” Peter asked, he searched her eyes, concerned.

“Not really. The last thing I recall is shouting at her and the rain.” She leaned back, looking up at him. “I need to get her message to Nightmare, but I’m so tired.” She said yawning.

He came closer, bracing his hands on either side of her hips on the bed. He moved slowly up her body, his eyes hot on hers even through the shine of his glasses. “Perhaps you need a little boost.” She moaned into his mouth as he covered hers, tongue delving deeply within. She lit up, drawing him in. His hands began to work under her lose shirt that she liked to sleep in when there was a knock at the door. He rose up, smirking at her pouty face. “We can always continue this, the next opportunity will not be missed.” He held out his hand.

Aliya slipped her hand into his, bouncing up, feeling better from the small amount of energy he had fed her. She wrapped around him, holding tightly.

He returned the gesture, feeling the slight rounding of her, could not help but run his fingers over it when she pulled away. “Aliya,” he looked serious and slightly needy at the same time. She rubbed his cheek with her open palm, waiting for him to speak again. “Do you think we might have a child together some day?”

“Is that what you wish?” she asked, head cocked to the side. She could have sworn her bunny got misty for a moment. Peter White was by no means a soft character, despite the side he had shone to her and her mother. For him to be teary eyed was an extraordinary thing.

“Yes.” He said quietly, serious as she had ever seen him. She smiled. “When comes the right time, Peter, I will gladly have your child as mine.” She kissed his cheek and turned for the door, his hand in hers.

What she found waiting for her when she opened it left her speech less. Kneeling before her on the floor were two women. Mira’s dark hair and height were recognizable, but she had never seen the small blonde beside her. What held her attention most was the pale lavender eyes that looked up at her from the no longer faceless. Shaking off her shock, she squatted before them. “Why are you on the floor?” she asked curiously.

“We wish to serve you, my lady.” Mira said, keeping her head bowed, “we owe you our lives and more than we can ever repay. We are now yours.”

Aliya looked up a Peter for a moment, “Are they serious?” she asked, arching an eyebrow.

“They seem to be.” He said, trying hard not to laugh at her. The look on her face was priceless.

“OOOK, then.” She said, standing back up. “One, I don’t own people.” She pulled them up off the floor. “Two, don’t do that bowing thing, its creeping me out. Three, you were a great help to me and you owe me nothing.”

“We just wish to serve you, my lady.” The blonde, Damia said. She was grateful to be alive and that she carried not memory of the horrible way that she had died. To be given a face was something she had never dreamed of. She would follow Aliya anywhere and do anything that she asked of her.

“What do I do?” she asked Peter.

“Perhaps you should assign them roles, since you are the one that gave them faces.” He said trying to be helpful.

“Um, sure.” She said, chewing on her bottom lip. Aliya was thrilled that she had given them eyes, but now she was lost. What do you do when random people wish to belong to you?

“It would seem, darling daughter,” Blood said from the doorway he had been listening from, “That you will be requiring child care in the near future.” He silently chuckled at the relief on her face.

“Right! So you wanna be my new nannies?” she asked the women, just glad to have some direction to send them in. One so they did not have to face White anymore, and two because she really had had no clue what to do with them.

Both women smiled brightly, honored that she would let them care for her future children. “We will,” they answered together, their lavender eyes making them seem almost twin like. One of Bloods maids showed them toward their new quarters and the nursery he was already putting together.

She jumped into her father’s arms, “Thank you!” She said, nearly squeezing the breath from him. It was a sensation that he cherished, her being the only one brave enough to do such a thing.

“You are welcome.” He guided her down the hall, Peter coming up behind them watching the space around them suspiciously. It was unlikely that anyone would try to attack her inside the hatter’s home, but then again, it was the mafia. “Shall we join the others at tea?” He not really asking since he was already leading her in that direction.

She sat down at the table he had had set with blue and red roses with a white and blue tea set. She smiled brightly at her father who was catering to her. He may never tell her that he cared for her, but he showed it quite well. It was a detail her mother had often talked of while smiling, Aliya chuckled, thinking that the smile had not always been an innocent one. She was drawn out of her musings as Nightmare strolled into the room. Setting her tea down, she went to him, kissing him. “I need to tell you something.”

“I know. You dreamed, I can still hear the words echoing through my head. I have also talked to the girls and they said he was pulling together a small army along with the creatures. He really means to try to take over Wonderland.” Nightmare shook his head, saddened and angered by the whole mess.

“It is time we gathered our own.” Blood said, pouring himself some more black tea.

Aliya grinned as she lay her arm across his shoulders, kissing his cheek. “Like you didn’t have one already, Father, you sister either. You guys have been playing war games with each other for years.” He just smiled and sipped his tea. “Someone needs to bring Daddy here and track down Ace. White will be after them too, wanting to get rid of all the role holders.” She looked around the table at the faces of all those she loved in one way or another. He would not succeed.
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