The Clockmakers Daughter

An Amusing Day

Aliya lay still in the darkness trying to remember where she had laid down that evening. Since that dark night she had watched her Aunt's home go up in flames, she had been adrift, what they had called a street child. Sleep was often a dangerous thing to do. Then she smiled as she remembered. “I’m home.” She whispered, “I made it Momma.”

Bright afternoon light suddenly came through her windows, making her chuckle. She jumped out of bed and went to the closet. She thought that she might could find some of her mother’s cloths, since she hated the street cloths she had been forced to wear. After looking through the nearly empty closet, she turned away dissatisfied.

Pondering for a moment, she smiled and grabbed a random dress out of the closet and laid it across the bed. She closed her eyes and pictured what she wanted. She had had certain ability’s in her mother’s world, but here in the land of wonder she should be able to do nearly anything. She opened them again and smiled. This was truly where she belonged.

It was now a sleeveless dress made in dark blue silk and black lace. It had a heart shaped corset top that laced tight with black ribbon. The ribbon flowed down into the skirt tying with a cute little bow on both sides of it, stopping about an inch above her knee. She had also made herself black lace gloves that were fingerless and went all the way to the top of her arm. She put on thigh high stockings that were stripped in black and blue. She finished it off with mid-calf black leather boots with a tall wedge heel. There was an imprint of a rose on the side of them and silver buckles. She brushed her hair back, tying it back with the same dark blue ribbon as her locket. Happily tying her locket on, she left her room in search of her father.

Aliya walked into Julius’s work room soon after she dressed. She was unsurprised to see him already diligently working, coffee by his side. She hopped up on the edge of his desk, her legs swinging slightly. “Good morning, daddy.”

“Morning.” He grumbled barely glancing at her. She smiled when his eyes instantly jerked back to her. “What are you wearing?” he asked, a little stunned.

“Clothes.” she said tickled, “I made them.” She jumped up and walked around his work room. “You see, I’m like a wild card in the game of wonderland. I have the powers of a role holder and then some, but the freedom of an outsider as well. That’s why the heart vial would not work to bring me here. I had to gather enough magic for lack of a better word, in a nearly magic less world to bring me here. Then I had to find a thin spot where this world touched that one. To be honest, Nightmare is unsure of what I will be able to do here, but he tells me I have a special purpose.” She paced around the room while he worked. She made a few passes before she stopped before him. “Come to the amusement park with me,” Aliya said, leaning against his desk, “don’t worry, I won’t ask you to ride with me.” She winked at him, with a small smile.

“Your mom told you I get sick?” he asked, smirking a little at the memory of his last trip to the park. “I would, but I really have to much work.” He gestured to his desk.

“I can help.” she said brightly. Before he could stop her, she reached out and touched one of the clocks on his desk. To his amazement, each one she touched remade itself and began to tick once more.

“How?” His startled eyes met hers.

“I am truly the clockmakers daughter. I can fix them, slow them, speed them up, and I can break them with a touch. Mom always said not to do that last one though. It was wrong, which is why I have to control my impulses,” she repeated dutifully.

He walked over to her, taking her hands in his. “Does anyone else know?”

“Nightmare and the twins know that I can speed them up and slow them down, but only mom knew the rest. She told me to keep it secret. I used to make Nightmare my age when I was young and made him play with me. I sped the twins up because I wanted to kiss them as men, rather than boys,” she responded, looking innocent.

Julius closed his midnight blue eyes and sighed, “You kissed the twins?”

She giggled. “Yeah. Its fun, but I usually don’t mean anything by it.” She patted his shoulder. “Mom always said that I had an outrageous personality and you just have to love me anyway.”

Julius’s mouth twitched at the corners where he wanted to smile at her. His much abused door slammed open again. He was surprised to see his newly discovered daughter hiding behind him. He was positive she was not afraid, because fear was not something he saw her having of anything. Still, he stood tall in front of her, blocking her as Peter White stormed into his office.

“Where is she?” Peter asked coldly. He had changed, becoming even more heartless than he had been before, when Alice left Wonderland. Even the queen of hearts avoided him on bad days now.

“What do you want Peter?” he asked calmly, wrench grasped in his hand.

Peter ignored him, his sharp eyes already catching sight of her. “Girl, come out here, of me you have nothing to fear.” He stepped to the side in an attempt to see her.

Julius copied his move. He started to speak, but Aliya’s hand on his arm stopped him. “Peter,” she said. He closed his eyes at the sound of his name. Her voice was a lot like her mothers. “I was coming to see you last.” Aliya said quietly with none of her usual playfulness.

“Why?” he asked, trying to circle around again, with Julius still blocking him.

“Mom was unsure how stable you would be. She broke your heart.” She replied quietly.

“Yes, she did,” he said looking down, “But I forgive her.”

Aliya peaked around her father, giving him the first glance of her face. Peter had tears shinning in his eyes. Moved by his emotions, she slowly walked up to him. She placed a hand on his cheek, warming when he rubbed against her. “Would you like her message, then?”

He nodded, caught up in her eyes. She slowly leaned forward and pressed her lips against his gently. He closed his eyes, a new fire lighting inside of him. She moved back and waited until he was looking at her again. “Thank you, Peter for bringing me to Wonderland. It was the happiest that I have ever been,” she said and started to back away.

“Aliya, do you have to kiss everyone?” Julius asked, easing the intense moment.

A wicked sparkle lit her face. Peter found that he like that look on her. “Yes, Daddy, I do.” She smiled at him over her shoulder, causing Peter to give a rusty laugh.

When she turned away from him, Peter gently took her hand. “Aliya, my dear, are there any in your heart that you hold near?”

“Oh, Peter,” she said sighing. “If my heart you think to take, then your own will once again break. My mother was caged like a dove and I have vowed never to fall in love.”

Peter’s eyes widened delightedly. “It is a chance I must dare, for my heart is now fully in your care.” He kissed her hand where he still held her.

She laughed and thought for a moment. “You are welcome to try, but remember, I had no wish to make you cry.”

Smiling, he released her and bowed slightly, handing her a red envelope. “An invitation from the queen of hearts, and now my dear I must depart.” He took her chin between his finger and thumb, pressing a quick hard kiss on her mouth. He then turned and left, closing the door behind him.

Julius was not all that surprised to find himself walking with his daughter toward the amusement park a short time later. He believed her fully capable of talking anyone into anything.

Aliya was happy. Even the air was better here. She had always felt out of place and confined where she had been, but here, she was free. She was determined that nothing would make her leave Wonderland.

“What are you going to do about Peter?” her father asked her.

“Nothing. All he asked was for a chance to make me fall in love with him. I made no promises. It’s like a game,” Aliya said cheerfully. “I guess he has more points, though, his rhymes were better. “Julius just shook his head and continued on toward the park.

A figure rushed out in front of them. Seeing Aliya, the little mouse eared man ran behind her. “Run, he’s coming.”

“Pierce!” Julius started to reach for him.

“Aww, clockmaker!” he took off once more, too fast for him to bother going after.

A few moments later, there was a rustling sound from the bushes. Then out stepped a man with dark pink hair and cat ears and a tail. He was wearing no shirt. He had a few cuts and scrapes on his bare chest and arms.

Aliya lit up. Before Julius could stop her, she ran to him, “Boris!” she jumped and wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. He caught her easily, his hands cupping her bottom, holding her up. “You are my favorite.” She kissed him long and slow.

Julius blushed, “Aliya, stop kissing that cat!”

She raised her head, staring down into the cat's vibrant golden eyes, “Do I have to, Daddy?” she asked not looking away from him.

“Yeah, does she have to?” Boris asked returning her smile.

“Yes she does,” Came a new voice from behind them. Boris slowly let her slide down his body.

“Blood.” Aliya went to him and kissed his cheek.

“Lil sis, you were supposed to come play with us first.” Dee said

“Not the kitty cat.” Dum followed up.

She laughed and hugged them both. “I’m going to the amusement park.” She said.

“To play with me!” Boris said as he slung an arm over her shoulders.

“No fair!” the twins yelled, tackling him, much to her amusement.

“Come on, Aliya!” Elliot said grabbing her and running toward the park. “They have carrot cake there!”

“Hay” the twins and Boris shouted, chasing behind them.

This left Julius and Blood alone. They stared at each other. “What do you want with my daughter, hatter?”

“Part of me feels like she’s my daughter, clockmaker, “he sneered, “perhaps it is because Alice was mine.”

Julius glared, the barb hitting home. “That does not answer my question.”

Blood looked at him directly. Neither man had ever like each other. Whether from the roles they held or natural dislike, there had always been hostility between them. Alice had change that only a little, but now that would have to change even more. “I don’t know for certain what I want with her, I only know that she feels like mine.,” he smiled coldly, “Maybe it was the way she almost cut my heart out. What is your intention with her, judge?”

Julius looked toward the park. “I don’t know what I can do for her. She is very independent and in no real need of anyone.” he turned to Blood, “I only know, that I want to make sure she is happy, like I couldn’t for her mother.”

“Exactly.” Blood said. Both men walked into the amusement park, a new understanding between them.
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