The Clockmakers Daughter


Boris helped Aliya off the parks fastest coaster. Blood had watched for awhile before taking his crew home, the twins complaining all the way. He never said what he wanted to her. 'Oh well,' Aliya thought.

“You want to do another?” Boris asked

“I’m good,” she said sitting on a bench.

“So,” he said, sitting close to her, “I was your favorite story, huh?” His ears were up and his tail curled around her leg.

She laughed. “Yep. You were the most like me, Mom even said so. She said we were fun and crazy, but she said it with affection.” She rubbed behind his ear, making him shiver.

“Are you going to kiss me again?” he asked, leaning into her hand.

“Probably,” she grinned at him, “but don’t take it to heart, my kitty cat. I’m not made for love like Mom was.”

“I wonder if I can change your mind.” He looked down into her blue eyes, “it could be fun!”

“We are so alike. I am already playing a game with Peter White. He thinks he can change my heart as well, though I warned him not to try. Your welcome to join in the game, but don’t get hurt when you lose.”

“I have not decided whether I want to play that game or not. Maybe we’ll just stay friends and I’ll aggravate everyone by kissing you a lot.” He laughed and dropped one on her lips, making her giggle.

“Well, if it isn’t the whore’s daughter.” A nasty voice said in front of them.

Aliya was on her feet, all playfulness gone, sliver gun pointed directly at the speaker. “Mind your tongue, Black, or I will cut it from your filthy mouth.” She said facing the black and white jokers.

He sneered. “It’s alright, little girl, it’s not your fault that your mother was a….” Aliya fired, blowing a hole through the back of his head. Boris chuckled from behind her, loving her violent side as well.

“Now, lady, everyone else got a kiss for a greeting.” White said sweetly.

“I have no message for you. You tormented my mother the few times you met. Both you and Black tried your best to lock her up or kill her. Why wouldn’t I greet you with a bullet?” Aliya walked over to Blacks body, knowing that he would revive soon. She changed her gun to her dagger and cut his tongue out, tossing it into a nearby garbage can. “Must be a girl of my word, after all.” She said absently.

“Aliya” Julius and Gowland came up behind Boris. They had been taking in Gowland’s office while he waited for Aliya to get done with the rides. The gun shot had alarmed them.

“I’m fine, Daddy.” Aliya said calmly cleaning the blood off her knife before it became a ring again.

“Now sweetheart, that’s going to hurt when as it grows back.” White said as Black's body began to twitch.

“What are you doing here, White?” Julius asked. They were his jailers so normally he had some control over what they did, though not much.

“Not intending any harm, judge.” White bowed his head slightly, “We just came to see our future lover is all.” He looked at Aliya and smiled.

She laughed out loud, watching as Black stood up shakily. “What kind of delusion are you living in?”

The smile changed to a grin, mirrored by Black who still could not talk just yet. “We are three of a kind, my dear. You are a wild card and so are we. You cannot be killed for very long either. There is a reason for it. Your friend, Nightmare should have explained this by now, but he’s afraid of what you will do.”

Aliya looked at them, “What is it, then?” she asked, sensing that they were telling the truth and she was not going to like it one bit.

“If you would permit us the welcome kiss as well, it could help us explain better.” White held his hand out to her.

Curious, she took his hand and allowed him to draw her close. Her dagger went to his throat. “Just a kiss” she told him, her eye beginning to glow.

He ignored the knife and put his lips on hers. Sparks flashed between them. His tongue slipped between her lips, tangling with her own. The dagger disappeared and her hand tangled in his hair. There was a heat pulling between them. It took her a moment to realize that it was their power mixing together between them. When she pulled back from him, Black pulled her to him, taking her mouth in a punishing way. Aliya was shocked at how her body was responding to them. She could feel his power mix with her and Whites. When she pulled from him, she felt the energy release. It seemed like Wonderland was drinking it in. “Damn.” She cursed and pushed away from them “Fuck!” she wiped her mouth with her hand.

“That’s the idea, princess.” The Black laughed.

Aliya glared at him, wanting to shoot him again. She swiftly walked up to Julius and leaned against him. “Watch my body, please, Daddy. I will be right back.” He barely had time to catch her before she sent herself to the void of dreams.

Aliya stepped into the void where Nightmare waited for her. “What the fuck?”

His sliver eye followed her as she paced in front of him like a beautiful caged tiger. “Remember how I told you what Wonderland really was?”

“Yes, it’s built on dreams and wishes,” she said without stopping.

“Wonderland is fading” he told her, watching her closely. How beautiful she had become. He had watched over her and had been with her as she grew. The craving for her had started after she had left her mother. Life on the streets had been hard and she called to him often. 'How upset she's going to be,' he thought as he sighed. “When Alice choose to leave, the fading began. Her dreams fed this place more than any before her. And when she began to love Blood, the connections to her world grew stronger. We didn’t know how critical she was to Wonderland. This place has a will, a want to survive. So it made a way to do that the night Alice and the clockmaker conceived a child. It gave you a gift and a curse. A way to give it what it needed, but…” he faltered.

“You know me better than anyone. You know I would save my home no matter the means, but you tell me strait. All of it.”

He closed his eye. “There are three stages in which you have to release energy into the world. You have to release to the ever changing land with the wild cards because that is what they connect to. It’s why none of you can die while you’re there. You have to power the doors to other places in the second. Thirdly, you have to expand the void of dreams so that we can once again reach into the other world. All three require…” he stopped again looking away from her.

“Require sex,” she said bluntly.

“That is how it is released from you and your partners, yes.”

She stared at him, a suspicion started to form. “The jokers for the land, the cat for the doors, who does the void, uncle?” She asked, glaring as he blushed.

“Me,” he admitted, looking away.

“You knew from the beginning?” she asked her hands clenching.

“Yes,” he slowly backed away as her eye started to glow, “now Aliya, I told you I wasn’t your uncle and I really don’t have a choice about it either.”

“You would not change it if you could, perv, I can see it in your eye,” she said eerily calm. “Somehow that just doesn’t make me feel better. Maybe this will.” She pointed her gun at him and started shooting. He dodged every shot.

“You know that you can’t physically harm me here,” he said, hands held out, “please understand, Aliya.”

“Oh, I understand perfectly, coward. I will even comply with it. I would have done that and more to stay here. It is home to me. I love Wonderland, with growing affection even though she’s a bitch.” She slowly reloaded her gun. “But you should have told me this long ago.”

“I wanted to spare you pain, Aliya,” he said, hands still out, though she seemed to be calming.

She laughed. “I will spare you none until my anger subsides. It is true that I can’t hurt you bodily here, however, you can still feel it, asshole.” She shot him twice, once in each hand and left.

She woke in her father’s arms. “Bastard,” she muttered, making the jokers laugh.

“Meeting went well then, lady?” White asked, smirking.

“Put me down, please, Daddy.” As soon as he released her, she began to pace.

“What is going on, Aliya?” her father asked, Boris also looking curious. Apparently he had been left out of the loop too.

“Well, when you and Mom hooked up, the land of wonder saw the perfect tool to make itself pretty again” she laughed darkly, “I am to sacrifice three times to protect Wonderland, isn’t that fuckin wonderful?”

“Sacrifice?” Julius and Boris looked horrified.

She laughed at their expressions, her anger fading away. “It’s not as bad as your thinking. I have to release energy through sex three times with different key people, the first being the jokers” Aliya said waving in their direction.

“Aliya, you don’t have to do….” Her father began.

“I will go through with it. It causes no lasting damage and apparently I’m made for it.” She laughed again, “It’s a small price to pay to stay here instead of there.”

“Who are the other key people?” Boris wanted to know.

“Funny you should ask,” she said, looking pointedly at him.

“Me?” he asked, ears picking up.

“Are number two.” She said sitting on the bench beside him.

“Somehow I just can’t say sorry for it, ally cat," he said making her chuckle.

“Who is the third?” her father asked, noting that she was instantly mad again, her dark eye glowing. “Aliya?”

“Nightmare of course.” White said, instantly dodging the bullet she shot his way. He grinned. “Would you come with us now, my lady?”

“Not yet. I need to take some time to prepare myself for this. After all, I don’t want to lose my temper and hurt you and have to start all over again when you pick your bodies up off the floor.” Black laughed loudly at that.

“You have seven time changes before we come for you. Be ready by then,” White said pleasantly before Black and he disappeared.

She sighed. Turning to Boris, she asked, “Can you go to Blood for me?” he nodded. “Tell him what’s going on and I need his help, if he is willing. In fact, why don’t you just send a message through the twins and tell them I will meet at the base of the clock tower in five time changes.” She smiled at him, “Don’t tell him yourself in case he wants something to shoot at.”

“Sure thing,” he said before he disappeared as well.

After saying farewell to Gowland, Julius and Aliya headed toward the clock tower. “I’m sorry that this happened.” Her father said sadly.

“Its fine,” she got quiet for a moment, “you know mom used to say that no good thing comes without sacrifice, a loss of something to have something new. It’s a choice we make. My choice is a lot easier than hers was. I’m really not bothered by the act, you know. I just really don’t like the jokers and feel betrayed by my only childhood friend. That’s what makes me so angry, but I will be fine. Don’t worry for me daddy.” She patted him on the arm as they walked home.

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