The Clockmakers Daughter

A Chosen Lover

Aliya dressed to go to her first tea with the queen of hearts. She chose to ware charcoal gray and dark red to suit her mood. She wore a heart shaped dark red corset dress that laced down the side. The flowing skirt stopped above her knees and tapped back to the floor behind her. She had charcoal lace gloves that stopped just above the bend of her elbow, fingers cut out. The thigh high stockings that she wore matched them she also wore dark red high heel ankle boots to match the dress.

Her hair was braided and curled, then pulled up and pinned back from her face. She added some of the blood red roses the hatter had sent her along with his note telling her he would meet her. She kept her makeup simple, just lining her eyes in black and adding blood red lipstick to her mouth.

Ace, who was waiting to escort her, whistled when she walked into the room. “Wow.” He said, holding his hand out to her.

She laughed, coming to him and he kissed her lips gently. “Thanks.” She said.

“Ace, stop kissing my daughter!” Julius walked into the room, coffee in hand, making both of them laugh.

They started to walk out. “Oh, Daddy, don’t worry if I don’t make it back in tonight. I’m pretty sure the queen will invite me to stay and I think it might be fun.”

“Be careful.” He said grumpily.

“K” she said as Ace led her from the room. A short while later, Aliya led Ace through the castle gates. “Told you so.” She teased him, making him laugh. They walked into the rose garden where the queen waited for her.

Ace bowed slightly before her, silly look still on his face. “Aliya, the clockmakers daughter, her highness Vivaldi, queen of hearts.” Vivaldi rose and took her hand. “How like your mother you look.” Her eyes got a little misty, “You know we loved her.”

“I know,” she said hugging her, “she loved you too. She said that you were a sister to her and asked that you think of me as the same.”

“We would like that,” she said as they took their places at the table. “Now tell us,” the queen said after a short time of small talk, “about this whole mess you’re in. When Ace reported in about it, Peter White shot two guards and disappeared.”

Aliya looked away. “I hate that. I hate that he had new hope only for it to be ripped away. Even though I did warn him not to love me.” She took a sip of her earl gray. “To tell the honest truth, I’m not too thrilled about it either, especially the first part, but I’m capable of going through with it.”

“We hope your right dear.” She said patting her hand, “is it really necessary?”

“I’m afraid so. If I don’t, over time this special place will slowly start to disappear. The land, the people, everything that my mother and I loved. I can’t not do it.” She smiled weakly. “My only regret will be not having had a lover beforehand. Despite years on the street, I have never been with anyone before. I seriously doubt that Black especially will take it easy on me.”

Vivaldi nodded. Then they went on to talk about Alice and her time in Wonderland, and her death at her sister’s hand. She was offered a room, as expected, which she accepted. The queen rose and bid her good night, promising to send someone to show her to her room when she requested to stay in the rose garden for a while. Walking to the edge of the garden, she looked up at the evening sky as the first stars appeared.

“So, you hate that I am hurting?” she heard steps behind her, but didn’t turn.

She sighed. “No rhymes tonight, Peter?” She asked still gazing at the sky.

“I’m not in the mood for it.” He said coming to stand beside her.

Aliya smiled at him. He much preferred her care free smile that lit her whole face. “No, me either.”

“I came to be your escort if you are ready to go in?” he said a little grumpily.

She placed a hand on his arm, “you don’t have to. I can find my way and I would never want to make you do something you did not want to.” He saw a glint of anger in her eyes.

He smiled slightly, “Trust me, I will show you where you need to go.” She nodded and looped her arm through his, allowing him to guide her away.

They were quiet through the long hall ways, not seeing anyone as they went through the castle. He led her to the bedroom door, opening it for her and following behind her, closing the door. Aliya was admiring the room that had been done in blue and white when she heard the lock click into place.

“Peter?” she asked, watching him walk toward her.

“You will have to forgive me, my dear. I’m taking your choice from you as well.” His red eyes were a little wild. A shiver went through her, but she did not back away from him. She did not try to stop him when he touched the lace tie holding her dress closed.

“Given the choice, you think that I would choose them over you?” She asked as he slowly pulled the laces from her gown.

“Would you?” he asked, his hands never stalling.

She held the top of her gown up when it would have fallen forward, placing her other hand on his cheek. “Peter, I would choose you over a great many people, especially the jokers.”

“But not the cat.” He said bitterly.

Sighing, she turned her back to him. “I won’t lie to you, Peter. There is no time for me to get to know you for myself, beyond the stories. All I can tell you is that you and Boris were on equal footing, had he chosen to join the game, which he had not yet. The choice was taken from all of us, but it doesn’t matter. I told you not to love me, Peter. I’m not made for it.” She said quietly. Aliya heard the sound of clothing hitting the floor. She stepped out of her boots, but did not turn.

She felt his warm hands on her bare shoulders. “Then I am left with only one choice.” He said, his hands sliding down her arms. She dropped her arms, allowing her dress to fall and he slowly pulled her gloves off. It left her bare, but for her under ware and thigh highs, the dark lace standing out against her skin.

He groaned, pulling her back against his bare chest, burring his face in her hair. “What choice is that?” she asked, turning in his arms.

He held her close, wanting to burn the memories into his mind. “To take you so well that you never forget. That you think of me before you go to them,” he kissed her gently, “and when you leave them.” He kissed her harder, his tongue sliding between her lips, making her moan. Her arms wrapped around his neck, hand tangling into his hair, pulling closer to her. He lifted her and carried her to his bed, laying her down gently.

His kiss became intense as he began to trace the lines of her body. Her shoulders, down her chest, he gently ran his fingers over her breasts, loving the way she gasped, pushing herself up into his hands. Her skin and her eyes began to glow as the heat from his touch raced through her body.

Peter could feel power building between them, making him crave more from her. She was drawing from him, the sensation alone brought them pleasure, and her body was truly built for this. He kissed her breast, his mouth closing over her nipple, sucking hard. His hand worked his way down the soft skin of her stomach until he slipped into her panties, his fingers circling the front of her. She screamed and the glow intensified.

She was on fire where ever he touched her. One hand played in his hair, while the other trailed down his back until she reached the edge of the pants he still wore. She held tight to him as he slipped a finger inside her, teasing her. “Peter,” she moaned. Her body pulled power from him at a faster rate now. It was like many tiny hot mouths pulling from him where ever they touched each other.

Her fingers dug into his lower back and shoulder, “Peter, please.” She pleaded with him. Her body felt drawn tight. It was almost a painful kind of pleasure the way she took from him, she could feel it building beneath her skin. Aliya rolled him, needing to move. She lovingly ran her hands down his stomach, undoing his pants. She burned inside, needing him.

He rose up on his elbows and watched her with hot eyes as she kissed her way down his chest and his stomach. Her glowing eyes never left his. She pulled his clothes off, tossing them in the floor. His eyes slid closed as she touched him. He groaned as her mouth closed around him, sucking on him and drawing more from him at the same time. He could not bear it long and pulled her up and rolled her under him, kissing her deeply. He tore her panties from her, pushing her legs up, he slowly guided himself into her. He hissed with pleasure. Her body was so tight and she clamped down on him, her hips rising to meet him. He broke through the barrier within her, quickly filling her. Unable to help himself, he held her hips down and thrust hard into her, her hands and voice edging him on.

Aliya felt as if she was coming apart. Her body was full of him and drawing him deeper and deeper. She was pulling tighter, more and more power coming into her. She screamed as her body quivered, clenching and drawing on him, making him come deep within her with a loud shout. At that moment her body released and the room lit up as all the she had drawn out of him left her. Peter collapsed on the bed beside her. She could feel that power being soaked up. Her eyes closed and she went out, completely drained.

Peter woke with the knowledge that he must once again let the one he loved go. She was so strong, she could eventually drain him completely. He smiled a little, thinking he wouldn’t mind that as much as she would. What she had been born with almost made it impossible for her to stay with just one person, but he did not feel as bad about it as he had. He brushed the hair from her face, memorizing the way she looked in his bed, knowing that she would not return there to stay. At least this time he knew that it wasn’t a choice of leaving him. She would always be near and he would do whatever he could to make sure that she was happy.

Aliya woke up alone in the bed. He had cleaned her up a little and she was now wearing his shirt. Smiling sadly, she knew, as he had, that what he wanted could never be. That did not mean that she did not carry feelings for him, however. She would find her way here again from time to time for as long as he wanted her.

She got up and walked into the little sitting room that was just off the bedroom. He was stand at the window looking out into the bright morning light. He wore his pants, but didn’t bother getting another shirt. She wrapped around him, placing a kiss in the center of his back. “Are you alright, Peter?” she asked, concerned about his feelings and the toll taking that much energy from him might have caused his body.

“I’m fine.” He said rubbing her hands where they rested on his waist. “I wish that we had more time, but we were out for one full time change. You don’t have long, now.”

“I know.” She said easing back as he turned to her. “Would it be bad to say thank you?” She said, grinning. “It’s my first morning after, you know.”

He laughed softly. “You’re very welcome. I am grateful to be your first morning after.” He hugged her, kissing her hair. “Think of me from time to time.”

She returned his embrace, “trust me, Peter, I will think of you often.” She smiled at him and left him to get washed and dressed, knowing that he would be gone when she was done. She dressed in a simple gray gown with black knee high boots. Before she left, she placed a single blood red rose on his pillow. Then she walked out of heart castle and headed toward the clock tower.

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