The Clockmakers Daughter

The Jokers

Aliya sat up in her bed and sighed. It had been a good effort at getting some rest before having to leave the tower, but it was just not meant to be. She gave up. ‘Well, what does a sacrifice wear?’ She thought to herself. ‘Red, of course.” She laughed and got up to get dressed. She might as well have fun with it, she figured.

The dress she chose was simply done. It was white where it started at her shoulders, then flowed loosely down her body until just past her knees where it looked like it had been dipped in blood, the edges deliberately torn and jagged. The sleeves were long and flowed past her wrists into that dark red. She lined her eyes in black and added the same red to her lips. She wore white booties, roses dyed red along the sides. She left her hair loose and a little wild. Smiling she left her room.

She walked into Julius’s office, surprised to see Blood and the twins already there. The twins were dressed appropriately in jet black and blood red ties. They whistled when she came through the door, earning a glare from the clockmaker. “Daddy,” she smiled at him and kissed his cheek, “don’t worry.” He gave her a grumpy look.

She then moved over to Blood “father, I was not expecting you to come.” She said, kissing his cheek as well.

I wanted to.” He said, handing her a single rose. She tucked it behind her ear and rubbed his hand, then she turned to the twins “let’s go.” She left, not looking back as the twins fell in step beside her.

Julius stood next to Blood and handed him a glass of clear liquid. They both tossed them back, “are we friends now?” Blood asked setting the glass on the table.

“No.” He set his on the table to. “From one father to another, though, I know where they will be afterwards.”

Blood smiled. “Agreed judge.”

Aliya looked at the building next to Whites circus tent. She was a little early. Turning to the twins she said, “As soon as the glow fades, come get me and get me out.”

“We will...” Dum said.

“Lil sis, are you going to play with us some day?” Dee asked, running a hand through her hair.

She grinned. “Get me through this and I will play a game with you when this is all over.” She pressed a kiss to both their lips and turned to face the building. She had only taken a few steps when they appeared before her.

“You brought an audience with you?” White asked smirking.

“Why, darling, are you shy?” She asked rolling her eyes. “Don’t worry, my guards will stay outside, as will yours, I assume.” Aliya could see shadow figures all around the building.

Black laughed. “Certainly, my lady,” White said, holding out his hand to her with Black mimicking the gesture.

Aliya gave the twins a smile, then walked to where the jokers waited, placing her hands in theirs. She could feel the tension in them already, in just a touch. They led her through the door into the dim room beyond it. There was a large four post bed in the center of the room, made in black and white blankets and pillows heaped upon it. “Did you make this just for me?” she asked, taking note of the chain dangling above the bed.

“We didn’t.” Black said, his hand tightening on hers. “ However, there are some special things we made just for you.” He said grinning.

“You’ll have to forgive us, my dear, but you parting comment last time stuck with us.” White said, producing a pair of cloth lined cuffs. “We would have you wear these we don’t have to pick ourselves up off the floor.”

She could tell that part of them wanted her to fight them on it and the other just liked the idea of getting her all tied up. It didn’t really bother her because she didn’t really need her hands if she really wanted to drop them. “If it will make you feel better, dears.” She said meekly holding her hands out with a smile. She had to laugh a little at Blacks disappointment. She decided that she would drop the cuffs when she got ready, just to make him feel better. White fit the cuffs snuggly on her wrists then walked her to the bed, Black following behind.

“You seem to be taking this well.” Black said, kneeling at her feet. His hand traced down the inside of her calf, leaving a warm trail, pulling her boots off for her.

“Just trying to be a proper sacrifice.” She told him cheerfully.

White chuckled behind her. He brushed her hair back and kissed her neck, making her shiver. “I wonder how long the good girl act can last.”

“Me too.” she said honestly. She held still even when White produced a knife and cut down the sleeves of her gown. It fell to the ground leaving her standing in a white strapless corset with matching panties and thigh highs. The corset laced down the front with a black silk ribbon with matching bows at her waist and thighs. White’s eyes darkened as Black sucked in a harsh breath. His hands followed the lines of the corset on her sides while he pressed a kiss to her exposed stomach, making her gasp.

He rose up before her and kissed her, his tongue thrusting hard in her mouth. Her body lit up as the warmth spread through her. She had known that she would respond to them because it was part of what she had been chosen for, but she was surprised how quickly that it happened. As he started to release her, she bit his bottom lip, letting it slid between her teeth. “Not too long,” Black said, his eyes hot. She had begun to glow, proof for him that she wanted them, despite how she might feel.

White turned her, leading her onto the bed. He positioned her on her knees, her bound hands held above her by the chain. She watched them as they shed their cloths. He returned to the bed, loving the way her eyes followed. He was not sure if the desire he felt for her was from the power they could build together or for herself, but he knew he wanted her. The sight of her bound on his bed was immensely satisfying to him. He vowed that he would have her there again one way or another.

Aliya noticed the dark look in Whites eyes, but did not really care at that moment. Black was behind her touching her skin, down her arms and placing kisses on her back. She watched White in front of her as he slowly unlaced the front of her corset, his fingers brushing her skin each time he pulled the lace out. Finely it parted, revealing her to them. Black held her firmly against him as White kissed her, the glow flowing through his skin now.

She felt herself begin to draw power from him and his brother. Everywhere their skin touched, she pulled from them, making them groan. Blacks hands came around her hips and slipped in the front of her panties, making her cry out when he touched her. The glow in her skin brightened and started creep into them as well, feeling hot and urging them on. White ran his fingers down in between her breasts, tracing the shape of her before covering them completely. “You know, this is usually where the women we bring here begin to beg to be let go.” He squeezed her tightly at the same time Black bit down on the back of her neck just enough to hurt. She leaned back against Black allowing him better access to her, her hot gaze fixed on White. “I knew we could expect different from you.” He said against her lips. The kiss was hard, pressing with tongue and teeth, leaving them both breathless.

“And did you ever let any of them go?” She asked, her body tightening, drawing in more and more from them. She was even starting to crave more.

“No,” Black replied, pulling her head back by using her hair and kissing her while White kissed down her chest. He left a bite on the side of her breast, his fingers digging into her waist. She screamed when he did it again over her nipple, her light burning brighter. She had had enough and broke the chain between the cuffs that held her up. The men tensed up for a moment, but continued on when she wrapped her arms around White, her nails leaving red trails down his back.

She pushed him back onto the bed, following, allowing Black to admire the marks he had left on her skin. Aliya kissed and bit her way down Whites chest. He held her arms captive while Black positioned himself behind her, holding on to her hips tightly. As he pushed into her in one punishing thrust, she bit down hard on white’s stomach. His hissed turned into a groan as she sucked on the spot, easing the sting. He pushed into her mouth, holding her by her hair. She sucked hard on him, allowing her teeth to scrap against him. He held her down on him until she nearly chocked before he allowed her to slide up again. He could feel her drawing more and more energy from him from her mouth and where her hands touched him. He was finding the feeling addictive, needing to make her take more.

Black felt the same. She was hot and tight, her body clamping down on his as he pounded into her. It felt like she was drawing him into her, her body greedily wanting his. He moaned as she pushed back on him, pushing him to give her more, harder and faster, keeping him on the edge.

Wanting more, White pushed them back, allowing Black to hold her on top of him, pinning her shoulders with his arms, still moving inside of her. White leaned over her and whispered to her, “can you take both of us, will you be able to stand the pain of it?” He bit down on her bottom lip, “no one has been able to without trying to run.”

She licked her lip where he had bitten her and slid her tongue into his mouth, sucking his deep into her mouth. “I’m not running.”

He raised her thighs, opening her wide. He had no choice but to go slow, pushing inside her tight body with Black, causing them all pleasure and pain. Her body clamped down on theirs, burning bright now with their energy. She drew more and more of them in as the pushed harder and faster in her. She screamed as they both began to come inside her, filling her. They both thrust up really hard causing her to orgasm intensely. That released the energy that she had built in her body. It left her in a blinding light that went down into the floor and spread out. White rolled off of her, pulling her with him until she lie on his chest. Black was already out cold.

Aliya could feel herself trying to black out, but she held on stubbornly. She meant to get out of this bed before the twins had to take her out of it. White weakly grabbed her arm when she would have rolled off the bed. “Stay.” He demanded.

“No.” she said as he passed out. She rolled off the bed and landed in a pile of blankets in the floor. She had just managed to pull one over her shoulders when the twins arrived. Dee wrapped her up as Dum lifted her gently from the floor, taking note of the marks appearing all over her body. She lay a limp hand against his cheek, cuff still attached to her wrists, “Don’t let them see.” she said before she went limp in his arms.

“Keys” Dee demanded from one of the circus workers who had come to take care of the jokers. She silently handed it to him and turned to the jokers, smug smile on her face at the sight of bruises on their skin for once.

They pulled the cuffs off and wrapped her tightly in the white blanket. They left, Dum carrying her and Dee guarding his back on the way through the door. They did not stop until they reached the clock tower where Julius and Blood waited impatiently. They both rose when they came through the door. Julius went to take her from them, but Dum pulled back. “She said to not let you see.”

“Then it’s a good thing we’re here.” Vivaldi and Peter White were at the door. Peters red eyes burned when her saw the bruises already blackening on her arms. “Bring her to her room.” She told Dum. He looked to Blood who nodded. He took her and placed her on her bed and then Vivaldi pushed all the guys out.
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