The Clockmakers Daughter

The Cat

Aliya was getting restless. It had been eight time changes since she had recovered from her night with the jokers. She had rested and helped her father catch up on his work. She had spent some time reading books and had one great party at Bloods place. She had been good as long as she could stand. It was time to go play with her kitty cat, she decided with a grin. She had not seen him or Nightmare since the day she had woken up and she had missed both of them. She was still unsure what to do with Nightmare, but time with Boris could be a lot of fun.

She once again thought carefully about what to wear. She needed something a little wild to suit his nature. She started bare, concentrating, she watched as a dark blue rose tattoo started at her hip and grew its way along her side to bloom just under her breast on her left side. She liked the way it looked, black outlined and complete with thorns. She then made a remade her dark blue corset, making it lace down the back and making it shorter so that part of her stomach showed. She add black lace panties and thigh highs with a blue sapphire garter belt. The skirt that she made was dark blue with a black lace overlay and it was shorted to mid-thigh, showing the black lace straps that connected to her thigh highs. Next she divided her hair and pulled it up high on both sides of her head with scraps of black lace. She lined her eyes in black and her lips in dark blood red. She put on black boots and looked at her reflection, smiling. “Perfect.”

A short time later, she walked into her father’s office. Julius was not there, so she started to leave a note. The sound of a cup crashing to the ground made her look up.

“Aliya, your killing me.” Julius said, not even glancing at the coffee at his feet.

She laughed and finished her note. “Just give this to Boris when he gets here, please.” She had sent word that she wanted to talk to him a time change ago. “Later, Dad.” She said, grinning at the way he sighed when she went out the door.

Boris walked in a little while later. “Aliya around?” He asked Julius who was working with the clocks.

“Note on the edge of the desk.” He pointed to it with his screw driver, “And I don’t want to know.”

He opened it and laughed. She had wrote, ‘Catch me if you can, kitty cat.’ He folded the note and walked out. As soon as he exited the tower, he opened his senses up to get the direction she was in. Finding her fairly easy, he disappeared and appeared a few moments later in the woods. He walked into a clearing, knowing that she was there. “Found you.” He said.

“So you have,” he looked up to the tree she was standing in and stood shocked. Fire burned through him at the sight of her dressed in a way that he knew was just for him. “But what I said was catch me.” She grinned down at him, blue eyes sparkling.

He appeared directly behind her so close, she could feel his breath on the back of her neck. Just when he would have touched her, she jumped from the tree. Landing on her feet, she took off knowing that he would be right behind her. He chased her through the woods, dodging trees bushes, her laughter ringing through the tree tops. She stopped, sensing that he was no longer behind her. She quickly dropped behind a large tree and peaked around it.

Aliya yelped as his arms came around her and pulled her back against his chest. “Caught you.” He said, kissing her neck, making her shiver.

She turned in his arms, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Would you like the prize?” she asked, nipping his bottom lip.

Pushing her back against the tree, he kissed her deeply. He already could feel the draw of her magic as she pulled energy from him everywhere her skin touched his. It was a hot pleasure that he wanted to get addicted to. Holding her tightly, he moved them.

Aliya held on to him as she fell through the air. They bounced a little as they hit his bed. He rose off of her, stripping his shirt off as he did. She leaned back on his pillows watching him with glowing eyes.

“Damn, I like seeing you there.” He said coming back to her.

“I like being here.” She told him as he pushed her arms above her head, one knee resting between her legs. His hands caressed her skin as he kissed her. He started at her wrists and placed small kisses down her arms making her giggle. When he got to her neck, he slowly licked her, his tongue a little rough. His hands ran down her sides, just brushing the side of her breasts. Moving his leg, he flipped her making her laugh again, until he began to unlace her, his warm skin brushing against her. He kissed the back of her neck making her lean back to him. Soon he had the corset off and tossed into his floor.

He slowly turned her back over. She was softly glowing under her skin. Before he was done, he was determined to turn that glow into a blinding light. “Beautiful, beautiful, Aliya.” He whispered against her lips. He moved down with long slow licks and gentle kisses. His fingers traced the blue rose across her side just under her breast, loving the color on her skin. She moaned as his mouth covered her nipple, his tongue gently brushing over it as his sucked. Her back bowed, his hand covering her other breast, teasing her.

He slowly moved down, pushing her skirt off of her. He ran his tongue along the edge of her guarder belt. She looked so hot laying there wanting him in her sapphires and lace. He placed a hot hand over her lower waist as he snapped her panties with his other. He rubbed down on her, her hips jerking. Her hands found his shoulders as he pushed her legs up. Her nails dug in as he licked and sucked on the front of her. Aliya screamed as he slipped a finger inside of her while he kissed her there. “Boris.” She breathed, wanting him. With one last wicked lick, he raised up and stripped the pants from his body. The glow had intensified, but he still wanted to give her more.

Pushing her legs up until her hips rose off the bed, he slowly fed himself into her. Immediately, he felt her drawing on him, a pulsing heat all around him. He forced himself to go slow, pushing to the bottom of her, slowly twisting inside of her with every movement. She was coming apart beneath him and he loved the sight of it. Her eyes and skin glowed bright and her mouth called for him. Her hands tightly griping his arms while her hips were pulled solid against him. He sucked in a harsh breath as he tried to push them to their limits. She screamed her body jerking and tugging on his as she came. Her skin burned brightly, but did not release the power they had built up.

Carefully, he turned her again. Raising her hips, he slowly worked himself back into her. Then he covered her with his body, holding her tightly, their hands tangling together as he began his slow, steady pace again.

Aliya’s very skin hummed with power. She still had begun to build as if she was still coming, each thrust from him taking her higher. She could feel heat pouring into her where his body touched her. “Please.” She said her breath coming in pants and her fingers digging into his hands.

At the sound of her voice, he lost all restraint. “Ally” his harsh breath on her neck. He held her tighter and drove into her hard and fast. His shout mixed with her screaming, waves of power and light mimicking their bodies as they released.

Boris hissed a little as he pulled out of her tight body, throwing himself beside her, completely drained. She rolled into his arms, barley able to move and he drug a blanket over her, both passing out together.

Aliya woke on Boris’s chest with him gently stroking her hair. Being a cat, he loved to cuddle and for once she was glad to have that. Wrapping her arms around his waist, she squeezed him tightly.

“Ally?” he asked.

“Shhh,” she said, “I’m enjoying this.” She snuggled down into his arms. “If you talk, I’m sure something will happen and I will have to get up.” She buried her face in his chest, making him smile.

“We just won’t open the door,” he whispered to her, “Of course it may be one of your fathers after my blood because you’ve been gone for three time changes.”

“Three?” she asked looking at him.

“Uh hu.” He answered rubbing his face in her hair.

“Your right, you could be risking a bloody death right now.” She laughed with him, “but I’m still not moving.” They played for a little while longer, until his stomach began to growl.

Taking pity on him, she grilled him fish in his tiny kitchen and stayed to eat it with him. Half way through, aloud banging came at the door. Aliya laughed. He shushed her with a finger to his lip, sliding his pants on, but leaving them unbuttoned. Still grinning, she pulled the sheet she had wrapped around her tighter.

He opened the door, grinning at what he saw on the other side. “Ally Kat, your father is here.” He said peaking at her around the open door.

“Which one?” she asked, standing, she wrapped the sheet around her, tucking the ends under her arms, making a temporary dress. She would have made one, but she was still drained.

“The one with the great big gun.”

“Come in, Blood.” She said. She was sure the sight of her in a sheet wasn’t the worst thing he’d ever seen, however, it might give Julius a stroke. She gave him a weak hug when he walked in the door.

“We were worried.” He said, sneering at the small room.

She smiled at him. “I’m fine, just sleepy,” she said yawing. “I was just going to rest some more before I went home.” She sat on the edge of the bed. “Really sleepy.” She laughed as Boris pounced on the bed behind her, almost bouncing her off.

The door burst open and Peter ran in. “Aliya, are you ok?” He asked glaring at the cat, making him laugh. “The clockmaker said you haven’t been home in a while.”

“Daddy is sending out people,” she giggled, “He doesn’t want to come for fear of what he might see.” She stood up slowly and looked around the room. “I’m fine, Peter. I was just resting a little” she started looking through Boris’s cloths, to his amusement. “My outfit met with a fortunate accident and I’m too weak to make more at the moment, but I will come up with something before Julius has all of the country of hearts out here to see if we survived the night.” She heard Blood snicker. Turning his way, she added, “Father, could you go tell him I will be there in a bit.”

“If you insist, my dear.” He kissed her on the forehead and left, closing the door behind him.

After a moment of digging, she found a pair of black pants. She pulled her blue corset and thigh highs out of her pile of cloths on the floor. The sheet fell to the floor making both men inhale sharply. She slowly pulled her thigh highs on, teasing them a little. She giggled when they drooped after she pulled the pants up over her hips.

“The rose is new.” Peter said, his eyes following the lines of it.

“Yeah, I like it a lot.” She said trying to fix the laces in her corset.

“Yeah, I did too.” Boris said, coming over to her and helping her tighten the black lace up, tying it in a bow that trailed down her back. She sat next to Peter on the small couch and started pulling on her boots. Boris sat on the other side of her as she slouched back stretching. “How long before you go to Nightmare?” he asked leaning back with her.

“A while. Doing that is not like just having sex, which gives me energy. When we give to the land, so to speak, it takes from both of us. I’m so tired after every time because I haven’t learned how to use the energy properly, I just pour it all out. That’s something Nightmare has to teach me.”

“So, how do you stop being so tired?” Peter asked, concerned.

“I can sleep and regain some or I can go out and kiss a bunch of people.” She said smiling at him.

“Or you can have sex.” Boris said, gleam in his eyes.

“Don’t even think about it, either of you. Fourteen time changes, until I have better control. Otherwise I can hurt you. There hasn’t been enough time between.” She said firmly, getting up. She snatched a leather jacket by the door, pulling it on, she faced them. Walking up to Boris, she smiled and kissed him lightly, “Thanks for the cloths.” She said, eyes sparkling. Stopping where Peter stood near the door, she kissed him too. “See you later.” She waved as she went out the door and headed toward the clock tower.

They both watched as she walked away, already wanting her back. “Man, I’m in trouble.” Boris said running a hand through his hair.

Peter nodded. “Some trouble is worth it.” He said, still watching her walk away.

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