Majora's Return

9: The games begin

Night had fallen over Hyrule Castle Town. The stars were out en masse, creating a spectacular mosaic high above the land.

Not that Viscen cared. Now that his plan had failed, he had returned home to sulk miserably. The monster had never arrived...he had been told that the monster had been distracted by some kid. What more, it had been the spoiled princess that had saved the day with those stupid flash arrows...she was a hero now. She and the farmboy...ugh.

He didn't see his mask there, which was probably a good thing, as it would only make things worse for the guard.

The mask had other business.

Colin had retired just outside Telma's. Everyone else was inside having a hearty meal and drink. He needed to think.

Shad, one of Link's friends, had promised to find out as much as he could about a monster that called itself Majora. He had been having a difficult time of it until a new book that seemed to have sprung out of nowhere (Like the sword earlier) shed a new light on things.

"Where'd this come...Oh my!" Shad read the strange, worn book aloud with vigor. "It seems there was another city, a place called Clock Town in a region called...uh...Termina. A possessed mask had taken over an imp and cruelly tormented the region, playing twisted games with its populace...It's remarkable how informative this book is..."

"Go on, honey." Telma had prompted.

"Yes, well, the mask, called Majora's mask...the picture seems to have been torn out...finished it's attack by threatening to crush the town under a grinning moon...but it was stopped by the combined effort of the four gods of Termina and...My word...Link, Colin, take a look at this..."

Link and Colin looked over and saw the hero of Termina, and were quite surprised.

There was a worn but clear picture of a boy, exactly Colin's age, holding a sword above his head. He was dressed in a green cap and tunic, and had blond hair.

"That's the hero's outfit..."Link puzzled. "'The clothes the hero of Hyrule once wore..."

"He looks like me..." Colin was equally puzzled. "Majora thought I was him..."

"Yes...Somehow...It's strange, but I don't doubt this books legitimacy." Shad thought aloud. "So the hero was Colin's age when he defeated this monster...Amazing..."

Colin shook his head in disbelief and walked out, but not before he overheard another thing.

"How did he finally defeat Majora?"

"Ummm...It says that the hero acquired a mask that gave him the power he needed...Ugh, why aren't there more pictures? Half this book is missing..."

That was all Colin heard before he stepped outside and sat down beside the door. The Ancient hero was a hero at his age? Then could he possibly...


Colin was startled again by the masked boy, who had materialized out of nowhere right behind him.

"Gah! Please don't do that."

The boy groaned. "Sow-wy. Do you wanna play now, or what?"

"S-sorry no. Maybe tomorrow."

"Do you EVER play?"

Colin thought back awhile, and realized something. He hadn't played at all recently...just trained to be a swordsman and help his family rebuild.

"Not recently..."

"Ya should. You can only have fun fer a while..." the boy sounded a little sad. "Ever seen a grown-up play?"

"Well, my dad -"

Suddenly the masked boy looked behind Colin and ducked behind a crate swiftly. Colin was bewildered for a moment, and then turned around to see a depressed looking guard approach the bar.

Viscen wanted a good drink, and he shoved the kid over out of his way. When he opened the door, though, he saw the hero of Hyrule in the bar and decided against a drink. He quickly left in a miserable shuffle.

Colin uprighted himself and saw the boy again.

"Oh hello...did you know him?"

"Yeeeeah..." the boy darted around to see if anyone else was around, then leaned in close to Colin.

"Listen, I kinda like you, so I'll let you in on a little secret. But you can't tell anyone just yet, OK?"


"That guy, the one who just pushed you? That's Viscen, the guard captain. He's jealous of...Whathisname, the boy in green?"

"That's Link. He saved Hyrule a while ago. I wanna be like him..."

"So that's why...well, he's reeeeallly jealous. So jealous that he was willin' to make it look like he's a any way possible.

"That monster that came to town? He sent it."

Colin was shocked "What?"

"Yep. He told it to charge into town an' attack the Queen, so he'd defeat it and look like a hero. He lured Link away wit' a big lie, so he wouldn't interfere."

Colin shook his head. "That's ridiculous. A guard wouldn't do that...would he?"

Colin imagined the boy was smiling under his creepy mask.

"Um...Besides, how would you know? That's ridiculous..."

"You can trust me on that, kiddo."

To Colin's horror, the mask began to pulsate and grow until it was as big as Colin itself, its immense yellow eyes piercing into him. Two purple, heavily tattooed legs shot out, and the mask-creature stood above Colin. Two clawed hands attached to tattooed arms popped out on the huge masks sides, and they covered to top area like a child hiding its head.

The hands shot back out, revealing a grinning, yellow eyed monster with two horns atop it's head and a green-and white streak under it's eyes.

"SURPRISE!" Majora roared out.

Colin turned to run, but discovered that Telma's wasn't there. Or Castle Town. He was in the middle of Hyrule field, alone with the maniacal monster.

A clawed hand shot out and grabbed him by the collar.

"Re-laxxxx, little buddy. I won't hurt ya now, I just wanna play..."

"LET ME GO!" Colin shrieked.

"You scream like a girl...Ok, I'll let ya go, but before I do..."

Colin felt as though his bones were being rearranged, and he was getting hotter.

"I can't let ya spill the secret just yet...besides, ya wanna be like that hero, huh? Well, I've got my own ideas on what a hero looks like..."

Colin howled in pain and panic.

"'Sides, You'll have more fun like this. Let yourself go, enjoy yourself. Ya need it. I can tell. !"

Majora thrust Colin down onto the ground hard, and let out a satisfied chuckle.

"Oh, by the way...sorry about earlier. Thought you were someone else. Heheheh. See ya." And with that, Majora vanished.

Colin struggled to pick himself up, and found he couldn't get any higher than his arms and legs, all four on the ground. Groaning miserably, he struggled, walking towards a lake he saw. He needed a drink...clear his head, cool him down...

Colin felt oddly comfortable walking on all fours, as if he had done so all his life. He arrived at the lake surprisingly quickly and stooped down for a drink.

Only to find it wasn't Colin looking back at him.

A small, brown wolfcub with his eyes was staring back from the water. He had funny looking tattoos on his face, and had remarkably sharp teeth.

It took Colin a second to figure out that the wolfcub was him.

He reared his now furry head back in an angry, frustrated, and terrified howl.


Link heard the howl somehow. It reminded him of his own days as a wolf, and it seemed familiar in another way somehow...

Link had stepped out of Telma's bar to tell Colin to come back in, but he didn't see him anywhere. His panic started to mount as he looked frantically.

"Colin! Where are you Colin?


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