Majora's Return

11: Transformations

Nothing in all the world could've prepared Link for what happened next.

The wolf mask seemed to leap upon his face, and Link's body started to twist and alter.


It was painful, but oddly familiar. He became hotter, his bones rearranged and his senses seemed to come alive as thought they had been dead for a year. He fell on the floor.

"Link? Link, what was that?"

Link heard Rusl bounding up the steps, and panicked. A quick look at the mirror confirmed his suspicions.

He was a wolf again.

Rusl blasted through the door with his sword.

"Link! Where -" he saw the wolf. "YOU AGAIN! WHERE"S LINK, MONSTER?" Rusl raised his sword angrily at the beast who long ago stole his sword.

Not having time to think, the transformed hero jumped out of the window onto the crowded street, much to the resident's shock.

"EYAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" "RUN AWAY!" "MONSTER!" they all shouted at once.

Link knew the guard would be called, so he made headway for the southern gate, the closest one he saw, amidst the screaming crowd. Ducking under the gate guard, he ran to the field and didn't stop until he hit a small lake.

Wolf Link stopped to catch his breath. A look in the lake and a quick drink made him realize that this wasn't a dream. He had transformed again.

"That mask..." he growled in an animal language under his breath. "The salesman...he did this...he knew...When I'm back I'll..."

It suddenly came to Link that he had no idea how he would turn back. Midna and the crystal weren't here, and the master sword was hidden away in the woods. Link sat down, angry and dejected but most of all shocked.

He sat there for a long time before picking himself up and making a decision.

"Might as well look for Colin." He sighed. It feels good to have a definite plan to fall back on when you don't know what to do. The sword Colin had used will have his scent, and he knew that it was somewhere in Telma's bar Louise might be able to help, but it would have to wait until nightfall.

Satisfied to have a definite plan, the wolf began wandering around the field, killing a few kargoraks for meat.

Link soon found himself running around the field, revelling in the sense of nostalgia and simple enjoyment in his wolf form. He had forgotten how much fun it was...He began howling a familiar song to himself as dusk grew closer and closer.

A part of him simply loved being a wolf again.

No part of Colin was enjoying 'wolfhood' at all. At least, no part he was aware of. The wolf cub trudged towards the southern gate of Hyrule Castle town, hoping that there was something there that might help somehow...

He looked up and saw Aliyah playing in the grass, much to his surprise. He crept up closer, not sure how his sister would react.

Aliyah looked up at Colin. Colin reared back, expecting the child to cry.

She didn't. She stared at Colin's eyes and touched his snout. Colin wondered whether or not his sister understood more than she let on...


Uli ran up unexpectedly and grabbed Aliyah. "Don't wander off like that!" She glared at the wolf cub. "You leave my daughter alone, she's all I got now!"

Colin whined piteously and tried to follow.

"GO AWAY WOLF!" Uli and Aliyah ran up the steps towards Hyrule Castle.

Colin stood there awhile, shocked. He began sobbing hysterically at his predicament... his own mother didn't recognize...he looked at the fountain and saw that the bird's blood was still all over his snout. He groaned. Who could blame her? A wolf with blood on his snout. He dipped his nose down and scrubbed it best he could with his paws.

"Awwwwwww...poor, poor wolfy."

Colin's head shot up. He knew that voice all too well. He saw in the water a boy wearing a mask with horns and big eyes and swirling patterns.


Colin turned around and leapt up, teeth bared, at the monster that did this to him. Majora simply grabbed him by the collar, transforming into his monster form.

"Aheheheeeeee. You really wanna do that, little buddy?"

Colin snarled at snatched at the creatures mocking eyes in response.

"Huh. That's too bad. Ya do realize I'm the only one who can change you again, don't ya? Guess not. Heheeheh."

Colin immediately quieted up, although he still glared at Majora.

"That's better. I like you, I really do. Tell you what..." his claw came below Colin's jaw and scratched gently. "You do me a little favour, and I'll...well...change you from a wolf. OK?"

Colin was interested, but he still glared. How did he know the madman would keep his word? He shuffled uncomfortably at the creatures scratching, and Majora drew his hand back.

"I know what yer thinking, kiddo. Ok..." He stuck his little finger in the air. "Pinky swear. No crossies."

Colin still wasn't convinced.

Majora looked crestfallen for a second, but smiled all his teeth again momentarily.

"Like I said, It's the only option you got, little buddy. So, yes or no?"

They stared at each other silently, and Colin was forced to admit to himself that this was his only hope.

"Bark once for yes and twice for no."

Colin growled lowly, then answered.


Uli sat herself down on a convenient bench and sighed.

Aliyah's big green eyes gave her a funny look.

Uli groaned. "I know, I know it was just a cub, he didn't do anything, he was harmless but Aliyah..."

The child continued to stare at her.

Uli lowered her head. "I'm letting my fear get the better of me, aren't I?" Aliyah didn't need to respond.

Uli cried softly. "First the monster appears, then Colin, now Link has vanished...I don't know, this is all going mad. It's a wonder I'm still sane...If only I knew that they were alive, it might be better..."

Aliyah smiled. Uli looked at the infants smile and wondered what on earth the child knew that she didn't.

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