Majora's Return

12: Heists

Link had to sit outside the gate for what seemed like hours until the guard changed, and snuck inside the town while the door was open. Luckily, there was no-one around to see him, and he darted behind a building to wait until night had truly fallen and everyone was asleep. A dog and cat had tried to make conversation with him, but he shooed them off, not wanting to draw attention.

Eventually the streets were almost pitch black, a few lanterns illuminating the decorated streets of Hyrule. That was when the wolf made his move, stealing quietly away to Telma's bar.

He reached it with little trouble, and crept closer to the door. He knew that Telma's cat would sleep by the door. He whispered hoarsely, not daring to raise his voice. "Louise! Louise, are you there?"

The cat door crept open in response, and a white pedigreed cat answered.

"Oh hello Link." Louise didn't seem the least bit surprised by Link's transformation. "Nice to see you again. Love your look."

Link hid his frustration. "Wonderful. Listen, Louise, I need a favor. I'm still looking for Colin, and I may be able to sniff him out if I have something of his."

"Colin? Oh yes, the blond boy who always scratched me the wrong way. I see. But how can I help?"

"I need something he touched, something with his scent on it. The sword he picked up yesterday. Is it still here?"

"Yes...Rusl was looking at it. It's on the table inside. I'd bring it out, but I can't carry such a heavy sharp thing. You'll have to that's why you need my help. I see."

"Yessss." Link growled, hiding his impatience poorly.

Louise snapped to attention. "Right. Listen, you remember the door I opened the last time you were here? Well, if you can get up there and sneak into the back room, you may get a good sniff before you get thrown out. It's your best bet. I'll go open the door."

"It'll have to do." Link mumbled as Louise disappeared into the bar. Link set out to push crates in a specific position so that he could get up to the window.

In all honesty, he was excited. This was a feeling he had missed, the sense of danger and excitement. He was eager to get onto the search, and waited impatiently for Louise to get the door open.

Link promised himself that he would apologize to Telma afterwards, when he found Colin.

Ironically, the boy he was looking for wasn't too far away. The transformed Colin had been shoved into a suffocating backpack as the crazed boy who transformed him snuck around town, looking for something.

Colin was starting to get angry when Majora stopped and hoisted him out of the backpack, and the wolf cub was able to breathe again.

"OK little buddy, we're here. Recognize this place?" the masked boy whispered.

Colin looked at the smiling face emblazoned on the door and recognized the Happy Mask Shop from a few days ago.

Majora began whispering. "Great. Now listen, that favor I asked you? Well, I want you to get inside there, grab the masks I tell you about, and then run as fast as you can to the southern field. 'K? I have to run, if those dumb guards see me I'll get in trouble. You too. Got that?"

Colin grudgingly growled in response.

"Super. Now these are the masks I want..."

It seemed like an eternity before Louise popped out of the secret door.

"Sorry I took so long, Link. One of the late customers insisted on petting me for a while."

Link sighed. Customers. He had forgotten that Telma's was a popular all-night bar and was busy all hours of the day and night. He would have to be extra careful.

"Alright. I'm coming up."

"Do just that." Louise responded. "I'll see what I can do to buy you time." And with that, she vanished into the bar.

Wolf Link clambered over the crates he had arranged and entered the small doorway into the bar.

Wolf Colin was dropped through the window of the Mask Shop, courtesy of Majora, and rose from the ground quickly. He looked around sharply, and upon seeing that no-one was around, began to creep around the deserted shop.

The staring masks terrified Colin at night, but he pressed on, looking for the masks that Majora had described.

He saw one of them immediately, a mask that looked like a brown, melting face. It disgusted Colin, but he picked it up and placed it on a part of the floor. He then started looking for the other masks.

A sepentlike face loomed high above where Colin could reach, and he became concerned about collecting it without alerting the sleeping salesman. Colin then noticed some large crates in a corner of the shop...the salesman must not have finished unpacking.

With a little effort, he was able to push one of the larger crates close to the serpent mask, but he found to his dismay that it wasn't tall enough. Taking a risk, the wolf leapt up at caught the mask in it's teeth, propping down onto the floor promptly. He placed it with the melting mask, before buzzing around the shop once more.

A mask that looked like a giant black eye was on the ground floor. It reminded Colin of the Shadow monsters he had seen in Kakariko. Not wanting to overlook it, he took it down, along with two identical masks behind it.

Colin had to use another crate to get at a puppet mask the boy had requested, and he placed it with the others. Then, putting all of them in his mouth in a single movement, he crept into the back of the shop to look for the last mask Majora had asked for.

"It'll be in the back, the very last one. It's an important mask, that one, make double-sure you get it!"

Colin creaked open the thankfully-ajar door and looked around hurriedly. No-one was there, and the wolf slunk in to find the last mask Majora wanted. He saw several strange looking crates around the room decorated with black and blue symbols, but an imposing chest was in the corner.

"That has to be where it is!" Colin thought. He approached the chest and opened it.

Staring right at him was a face that resembled his hero, Link. But the hair was white with white eyes, and had red and blue marks covering it's face. When Colin picked it up, his teeth seemed to buzz excitedly, like a strange energy was coursing through the mask.

"Who's there?"

Colin started. The salesman had woken up! He snatched up the other masks he had collected and sped for an exit. He found a low window that had been left open and jumped straight through it without second thought.

A wolf carrying six masks could be seen skirting through castle town with all speed towards the southern entrance, running past Telma's bar in his haste.

Wolf Link had crept up on the ropes that hung over the bar before, so there was little difficulty in reaching the back room. To the hero's relief, there was only one customer, a shabby Hyrule guard.

"That's your last drink, Viscen!" Telma called out suddenly, startling the wolf.

"Who're you t' tell me?" the guard slurred.

Link made his move then. He saw the sword, and leapt onto the table while the guard was momentarily distracted. Grabbing the sword with his teeth, he made for the door before the stunned guard and barkeeper could react.

Link blasted out the door like a thunderbolt. Quickly placing the sword down, he sniffed it thoroughly. He was rewarded with a familiar scent. One he had picked up, among others, at the Twilight incident a year before.



That was enough for Link. He ran out posthaste, and when he was on the street, noticed something.

Colin's scent was extra strong here. In fact, it was as if he had just ran past! It hovered like an invisible trail towards the southern gate.

Chiding himself for missing Colin when he had the chance, Link followed the scent trail.

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