Majora's Return

13: Tricks

Colin ran through the field as fast as he could go, doing his best not to drop any of the masks he had stolen from the shop. He sped through on all four paws towards the lone figure in the middle of the field.

"Little Buddy? You're back! Great!"

Colin dropped the masks at Majora's feet. The masked boy picked them up one by one, checking them to make sure he didn't miss any.

"Puppet...Mud puddle...serpent...three shadow beasts...great great super great, but did you get..."

Majora picked up the white-haired mask and gasped...

"You got it...the Fierce Deity's mask...Wow..." A change had come over Majora at the sight of the mysterious mask. The crazed child became almost revering, and Colin thought he detected a trace of fear in the boy. But that quickly passed over and the maniacal child that Colin knew returned.

"Great! This is super, thanks little buddy! These are all I need to play! Heeheehahahawoohoo! Thanks!" The child transformed into the monster again, and started doing a mad happy dance around the wolf. "WOOHOO! Hahahaahahaa-"

Colin gave out a snarl. The monster stopped.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh riiiiiiiiiiiiight. Pinky swear. OK." Majora sounded almost disappointed at the concept. "Alright, here."

Colin felt himself being picked up and painfully rearranged. He was growing taller and thicker and more...hard...something was wrong...

Colin dropped with a resounding thump on a stone ground. He felt heavier and could barely pick himself up. As he did, he looked at his hands.

They weren't his hands. These were orange, stony, hands that had rocks on them and looked like they could crush whatever they wanted. He knew immediately what he was now.

A Goron. Majora had turned him into a Goron.

"Like the new look? I do."

Goron Colin turned around to see the masked boy perched on a cliff face. He glared at the mad Monster that had tricked him.

"Don't lookit me like that. I kept my promise, didn't I? You're not a wolf anymore. I never said what I'd transform you into, now, didn't I?"

Colin attempted to yell at the boy only to find he no longer had a voice. At all. He had a mouth, but no sound came from it.

"Oh, did I forget to mention? Whoopsies. Well, I can't have you telling everybody about our little secret, can I now?" The mask on the boy winked at Colin. "'Sides, heroes don't talk. Least, the one I knew never said anything."

Colin clenched his fist angrily.

"OH, stop it. You're stronger, you're tougher, you can even go really really fast if you roll up. Try it." Majora snapped his fingers, and the ground shifted suddenly. A piece of the ground came up, spiraling around like a twisted staircase, leading up to the boy.

Colin saw his chance to get Majora. He stepped up onto the spiral only to slide down humiliatingly.

Majora let out a hysterical giggle. "HahaHEEEEEHA! Not like THAT, little buddy. You roll up and pick up speed! C'mon, the original hero could do it. Try it! C'mon! I wanna see. I think you get to go spiky, too."

Goron Colin let out an angry growl as best he could, then sighed and rolled up into a ball. He strangely knew how to do it, like it was an instinct, just like when he was a wolf.

"C'mon, rolllllllll." Majora tapped impatiently.

Instinctively, Colin started to roll towards the spiral, picking up speed. How he knew where he was going, he didn't know and cared less. It was just like he did it all his life.


Doing his best to block out Majora's cheers, Colin sped up as best he could.

Suddenly, he started going faster and faster and faster than before, and he felt invincible. Spikes that had mysteriously materialized dug into the spiral as the transformed Goron sped up towards the maniacal monster that changed his life without his say-so.

Majora kept on leaping and cheering, apparently oblivious to what Colin was planning. "That's it little buddy! Faster! C'mon, you're almost there!"

Seeing the crazed child close to him, anger took over Colin. He sped up, spikes out, determined to hit the monster.

He didn't.

Majora leapt aside just as Colin reached the end of the spiral. There was a sickening sense of weightlessness as Colin realized he had been tricked again. The Goron sailed into the mountains far away as the masked boy waved goodbye.

"Nice job, buddy! Happy landings! Bye bye! Have fun! See ya soon."

Wolf Link tore through the field as quickly as he could, following the scent trail he had picked up from the sword in Telma's bar. It led right into the southern part of Hyrule field, where it...

...abruptly stopped.

Link screeched to a halt in shock. The trail had just... ended. Like Colin had come to this point only to vanish again. Link thought for a moment he had been buried there, but a solid digging relieved that fear.

Wolf Link paced the area angrily. He had vanished again! Wolf Link gave out a loud howl of anguish.

"Lookin' for someone?"

Link's ears shot up at the mocking meritone that had stated those words. He looked around but didn't see anyone.


Suddenly a barrier that was identical to the Twilight Barriers Link had seen was brought down around the wolf. The voice rang out again, a disturbed child's voice.

"He ain't here, ya know. He's fine now, but I can't let you find 'im yet. Aheeheehee..."

Link looked around looking for the source of the maniacal voice.

"Well, I gotta go, but here's some company!"

Three shadow monsters appeared as if out of nowhere. They were the same as the twilight beasts Link had faced a year ago, with their single black eyes and deadly claws outstretched.

"Heeheehee...byeeeee! Have fun!"

One of the beasts leaped at Link. The wolf dodged aside, and, in one quick movement, leapt onto the monsters neck and slashed at it with his teeth. The creature fell down with a thump.

Another beast made a swipe at Link and very nearly connected. But the wolf dodged again, and made short work of the beast with his teeth. Link then charged towards the last one.

However, he was stopped as an earsplitting shriek rent the air. To Link's horror, the beasts he had felled rose up again, eager to join the fray.

He had forgotten about that.

Midna wasn't here with her barrier. He didn't have his sword. The barrier stood, taunt and impossible to breach.

This was going to be a long night.

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