Majora's Return

15: Complications

Telma, Rusl, Uli, Ilia, Talo, Shad, Ashei, Auru and Renado all puzzled over the sleeping wolf that they had placed in front of the fireplace. They had bandaged the wolf as best they could, and Link was now sleeping off the exhaustion.

"A Hero turning into a wolf?""I've seen stranger things...""It's really weird.""You can say that again..."

Rusl shook his head in bewilderment. He should've seen this sooner...first the sword and shield that had been stolen by the wolf had reappeared with Link holding them, and then it appeared in Link's all seemed ridiculous...

"How long until he wakes up?""He should be up and about in while, honey. Looks like he got into a right fight.""Course he did. He's Link, isn't he?""I think so, but...""He is Link. What happened to him I'm not certain, but he's Link."

Talo looked at Renado intrigued. "Ya know, I just remembered. Back at Kakariko, while we were hiding I felt something furry brush against me...I didn't think about it..."

Telma promptly made a decision. "Well, I guess the best thing we can do is let him sleep it off. C'mon, let's grab a drink. We'll lock the door and say a patient is in there."

Ilia and Uli stayed behind for a bit, thinking. Ilia remembered that something had brushed against her in the doctor's office as well...but...

Uli was looking more troubled than ever, and Ilia ventured a question. "Is something wrong?"

"I...saw a wolf cub yesterday. I thought it might hurt Aliyah, but...the more I think about it...the more it looked like..."

Ilia rose up before Uli could finish. "Come. We'll get a drink. Maybe we can get more out of Link later..."

Link heard Uli and Ilia walk out the door through his sleep. The transformed wolf sighed before falling back asleep.

Goron Colin had been dragged through all the tunnels around death mountain by his overeager young guide. "An over here is what I call red tunnel, cuz' it's all reddy, and over here has a bit ' moss, so I call it green tunnel..." The young Goron seemed determined to more than make up for Colin's silence.

Just then the young one's father walked up to Colin, apologizing for his son. "Don't mind him too much, he's very young."

"I'm not young no more!"

"Sure, sure. Listen, you're probably wondering why we are still in the mountain and not at Hyrule for the festival?"

Colin nodded in response.

"Well, we simply don't have the stomach for long journeys. Don't look at me like that, we really don't. Something funny with our lungs, we can't breathe right outside the volcano."

"Liar! You just 'fraid!" The little goron piped up.

"No I am not!" the elder snapped unexpectantly. "I'm just..."

He didn't get to finish. "Ah, whatever. C'mon, biggie, I'll show yu a new tunnel. It just appeared yesterday, it's right over here!" Colin found himself being dragged by the hand of the enthusiastic little one towards a small tunnel, leaving the beleaguered father behind.

"Right over here!" the young one pointed excitedly at a rock tunnel that seemed to be recently dug.

"I dunno what to call this'un yet, I haven't explored it yet! I gonna, though..."

"GOR KIRO!" A female voice boomed out towards the two gorons and the little one snapped to attention.

"Oh, right, it's suppertime! C'mon, Biggie! I meet you t' Mum!" The little one, who was apparently called Gor Kiro, took off towards the voice with Goron Colin following close behind.

A Goron table is little more than a flat rock with a tablecloth, but it served it's purpose quite well. after being introduced to Kiro's mother, Colin sat down and as politly as he could munched down the red rocks alongside the Goron family.

"Doesn't talk much, does he?" the mother once remarked.

"No, Biggy doesn't talk at all!"

"Kiro!" And that was the end of that conversation. Another one quickly came up, though.

"So, are you heading to Hyrule later?"

Colin thought about it briefly, then nodded yes.

"Good for you. I hear the new year festival is supposed to be the best in Hyrule history."

"Why can't we go, daddy? If it's that good, we should go! everone else is."

"No, Kiro."

The little one pulled a frustrated face. "Why Nooooot?"

"Because I said so.""That's a lousy reason.""It's reason enough.""But WHY?""I just said. No.""Daddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..."

"NO!" The goron elder's booming voice echoed through the cave, and the young one sprinted away, sobbing. The father left two, leaving Colin and the Goron mother sitting silently at the table.

"It's not always like that, really." the mother reassured Colin. "He loves Kiro. He just...he just has such a fear of change, it's...well, he has never left this cave system in his life. Kiro wants him to move out, but he..." the mother sighed and shook her head. "You know anything about changes?"

More than you can imagine, Colin thought, but he didn't say anything.

The mother tidied up. "You can sleep where you were sleeping for tonight. Maybe things will be better in the morning."

Colin smiled, nodded, and then went to bed.

Colin woke up to a panicked Goron father shaking him.

"Kiro? Have you seen Kiro? He didn't show up all night, where's Kiro?"

Colin could do nothing but shake his head. The father went on his way, holding his head in worry.

"I've looked through all the caves...almost...all the ones he would be in, but I still can't find him! This is horrible! Where's Kiro!" He walked out of the room, still ranting in a panic.

Goron Colin sat up. This was not good. Little Kiro was missing. He was probably just exploring where his dad couldn't find him,but something about the whole business worried him badly...where could he...

"This tunnel just appeared! I haven't explored it yet, but I will!"

Colin rose and walked quietly to the tunnel towards the entrance of the cave that Kiro had showed him earlier. A deep, low growl emanated from the cave and Colin started having second thoughts.

Then he asked himself if Link would stop at second thoughts.

Colin walked into the mysterious, new cave.

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