Majora's Return

17: Masks

After looking at the puppet monster for a brief second, Colin and Kiro turned quickly and headed for the exit, running as quickly as they could.

"Oh No You Don't." A voice that could only be described as wooden snarled after them. The now-huge puppet whipped up one of it's claws, and the string attached to it snapped like a whip around Kiro's legs.

"GAAAAH!" Kiro screamed as the whip snapped again, forcing him into the puppet's other hand. He gave one last yelp before the claws covered him in a wooden grip.

"Get Back Here NOW." The malevolent marionette hissed as it clutched Kiro.

Colin attempted to limp back but was stopped by the creatures flailing strings, cracking around him like whips. They snapped around his legs like snarling snakes as the puppet growled.

Colin shook himself loose and took several steps out of the whip's range. What to do? If he walked or rolled there directly, he would be caught up like Kiro...But he couldn't just leave Kiro. What to do...

Suddenly he had an idea.

Rolling into a Goron Ball, Colin rolled full speed towards the opposite wall.

"Where Are You Going?" The puppet growled from far behind him.

Suddenly, the magical spikes stuck out of Colin's speeding body just before he hit the wall. Instead of stopping, though, he climbed up it, the spikes gripping the decrepit theatre's wallpaper as he sped upwards toward the roof.


Colin promptly was jarred off the roof, spikes still out. By pure luck, he was diving directly towards the puppet. The puzzled creature stood blankly as Colin flew towards him.


Colin's spikes smashed right into the creature's head, and the monster let out a yelp of pain as the Goron spikes tore into his eyes. Colin nearly spit the huge wooden head in two, splintering wood everywhere and forcing the marionette to drop Kiro.

Both of the Gorons fell to the ground with a loud thump, and watched the monstrous marionette twist and howl in pain and rage. The creature spun from side to side, throwing it's head and arms around like dangerous clubs. Colin realized the creature wasn't yet dead. As soon as the monster's head was within his range, he let fly with a powerful punch that splintered the puppet's mask for good. The creature let out a final roar of pain before it collapsed in a heap of wood and disappeared into shadowy cubes like a dead demon.

Kiro and Colin looked at each other for a brief, silent minute. Kiro gazed at his new hero with wonder and amazement. He could scarcely restrain himself, and after a while, decided not to even try.

"WOW! That was so sweet! Thank you so much! That was epic!"

"Yeah, it was really cool, little buddy."

Kiro and Colin turned to the sound of the voice and saw the masked boy, nonchalantly chewing popcorn on the higher banister, where they couldn't reach. Colin glared at Majora as the mad boy chuckled.

"So cool, I guess I'll let you leave here. For now. Great show, can't wait to see more. Bye Bye." And with that, the boy disappeared again.

Kiro and Colin stared at the spot for a short time. Then Kiro got up and made a welcome suggestion.

"Let's go. I gotta get back to daddy. C'mon biggie, I'll tell him all about it."

With that, Kiro and Colin walked out of the decrepit theatre.

Link was able to walk again now, and he went over to the bowl of water that Uli had set out by the fire. He had a quiet drink while Rusl and the others regarded him with curiosity.

"He probably needed that sword to find Colin. I think wolves can scent people down."

To Rusl's surprise, the wolf nodded, proving again that this was Link.

"I still can't did this happen?" Uli asked the wolf.

A curious look from Link reminded her that she couldn't get a real answer from him quite yet. Ilia was sitting, quietly thinking.

"That man...the salesman, he said something about a hero pretending to be a beast..."

"How could he know?" Ashei blurted out.

"I don't know...That salesman is an odd one...Shad, what did that book say about masks again?"

"Ummm...well, it said that the hero was able to transform into a goron or a zora, and something else...not much else though...why?"

Ilia sat silent for a time, then approached the wolf that had been her childhood friend.

"Just a hunch..."

Ilia kneeled in front of the puzzled Link and gripped his head's sides where she thought it might make sense. She felt something that signified an end, and began to pull as firmly as she could.

"Ilia, what are you doing -"

Suddenly, a strange, bright light shone out from Ilia was gripping that nearly blinded everyone in the room. The light shone out as Link began to howl, but that howl changed into a human sounding groan.


Suddenly, Ilia and Link toppled onto the floor, and the light shone no more. Rusl and the others rubbed their eyes and saw an amazing sight.

Link was back to his old self, brown hair, green clothes and all. As if he had never changed. He was rubbing his head and staring back at Ilia, who was holding a wolf mask in her hand. The one he had gotten from the mask salesman.

There was a dead silence in the room at the new development, and the group rather stupidly all stared at the transformed Link. Finally, the ever irrepressible Talo jumped on Link and started plying him with eager questions.

"What's it like being a wolf? How did you do that? Do you go colorblind? Were you like this in Twilight? Is this how you saved us? How? Why? When? What does Colin smell like?"

That moment of levity was enough to break the silence. Ilia hugged her friend excitedly, before facing him again. "Can you talk now?"

"Of...of course I can." Link stammered. Uli smiled again, the first time in a long time, and Aliyah gave a knowing nod. Shad, Ashei and Auru left the room to see if there was anything of this to the old texts, and Rusl asked another question.

"Now what are you going to do Link? It's great to have you back, but...Never mind, how was your search for Colin?"

Link's face fell. "He's not dead, but when I followed his scent into the field, it disappeared and I was ambushed. I'm sorry, but I'm as stumped as ever as to where Colin is."

The remainder of the room sighed heavily, and Uli ventured another question.

"So now what?"

Link saw the wolf mask in Ilia's hand and motioned for it. Ilia handed it to him, and Link stared hard at the mask that had transformed him.

"The Happy Mask Salesman answers some questions."

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