Majora's Return

19: New quests

Link was saddling Epona up for his next trip, with most of his equipment and gear as well as some rations.

"You're sure that salesman was telling the truth?" Rusl asked again.

"Positive. I could tell. Even if he wasn't, this tomb should be an important stop..."

"I know, I know, it's just...strange, all of this."

"Yeah, it is." Link stood still for a moment before he continued to saddle Epona. He packed his bow and arrows, his lantern, and his fishing rod as Rusl left the room.

"Oh - excuse me!" Rusl bumped into a stranger with a brown cloak on his way out. "Should've looked where I was going..."

"It's alright. Don't trouble yourself. I want to speak to Link." The stranger, clearly a woman, assured him.

"Be my guest." Rusl exited the room, leaving the stranger alone with Link.

Link had recognized the voice. "Do you always disguise yourself, Zelda?"

The queen of Hyrule pulled back her hood, revealing her wise face. "We always had a knack for disguising, the royal family. I learned to master it so I could go into the city without being mobbed. My ancestor lived in disguise for years once..." She smiled and shook her head. "I heard that you're leaving to find the tomb of the ancient hero."

"Yeah. I'm going as soon as I finish packing." He chuckled. "Strange that I'm taking the word of that salesman..."

"His word is good. I visited him earlier today. He doesn't lie. He's a strange one, though..."

"To say the least." Link rose up onto Epona, his packing finished. "How many people know I'm leaving again?"

"I've sworn Jairek to secrecy...but I suggest that you leave when night falls."

"The last time I left..."

"Now, now, don't worry. We can take care of ourselves now, hero. Your absence won't mean the end of Hyrule."

"Let's hope it doesn't."

Link left for the north just a night fell. He rode silently, studying the salesman's map as he went along. It depicted a large trail that kept going until a rock face in the shape of a wolf appeared, than a sharp turn to the right to the hero's hidden tomb.

"A Wolf...wonder if he was behind that too." Link mumbled to himself.

Link saw the stone a ways away. It looked freshly carved, with not a trace of rot or wear on it's stone features, it's mouth high up in a silent howl to the heavens.

Link caught a glimpse of golden movement out of the corner of his eye, but it vanished before he could register it. Shrugging his shoulders, he continued his journey to the tomb.

A golden wolf looked at his path, smiled, and followed him silently.

Colin had been walking north for a great deal now. He was shuffling close to a deep cliff that led to a fast running river that must lead to Lake Hylia. Not that the Goron particularly cared. All he needed was to get to Hyrule.

On his way, he looked at a familiar tree and saw a squirrel staring at him, bewildered. Colin chuckled inwardly. Teeka. What a surprise for him, a wolf one day and a goron the next.

Colin looked at the castle in the distance. It seemed a little closer than it did an hour ago. At this rate, he would arrive by morning, barring any unforeseen surprises.


Colin felt something on his back that knocked him away a small distance. He looked up, and wasn't at all surprised to see the grinning Majora in his monster form.

"AHeeheeheheeeeeeeewahooo. Gotcha, little buddy, didn't I? Wanna play more?"

Colin's anger took over, and he began to roll at all speed towards the insane creature. His spikes outstretched, he charged without regard for his safety.

The creature simply dodged the juggernaut, and he turned around to give another taunt.


Majora stopped mid-taunt as the direction in which Colin was going hit him. He was sailing towards the river, and he couldn't stop or turn in time. The ledge crumbled, and Colin fell towards the river.

It's common knowledge Gorons can't swim.

The masked boy looked over the edge at the falling Goron. This wasn't supposed to happen...

Concentrating, he managed to use a special blast on Colin just before he hit the water and was swept downstream.

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