Majora's Return

20: The tomb

Colin was lost in a veritable maelstrom of blue. He was tossed about without control in the impressive current that dragged him into Lake Hylia. He didn't dare take a breath as he plummeted into the lake.

He arrived at Hylia swiftly, falling down a waterfall. The shock of hitting the water forced his air out of his lungs, and he paused to catch his breath.

Suddenly, he realized he was breathing underwater.

It took less time than he thought for him to get his bearings back. He saw the moonlight through the waters surface, and swam up to it with surprising speed.

He burst the surface, filling his lungs with air and trying to comprehend what was happening. He looked around to see the lake around him, and then looked at his hands.

White, scaled hands with tinctures of blue, with fins on the arms. Colin groaned. Majora had turned him into a Zora.

He checked and discovered that he still couldn't talk. Sighing quietly, he swam towards an island he had spotted.

He heard something behind him.

A Desbreko, a huge skeleton of a fish, was swimming towards him speedily, teeth bared. Desbrekos are somewhat faster than Zora boys, and the teeth sank into his skin like daggers.

Colin tensed up, an instinctual urge causing a strange defence to happen.

Colin was suddenly surrounded by a curious crackling energy. The light illuminated the lake like a lightning strike, and the Desbreko was promptly fried. Colin shook the dead fish off him as the electricity dissisipated.

"Huh. I haven't seen a Zora do that for ages."

At the voice, Link turned to see an aged Zora swimming up to him. The zora had tattoos on his body and a traditional zora guard helmet.

"All Zoras used to do that...I think they just forgot with all their spears and swift swimmin'. Huh. Little surprised..." The aged one turned to Colin. "But I'm getting ahead of myself. What's your name, stranger?"

Colin could only shrug and point to his mouth.

"Can't talk, huh? That's too bad. Ah well. You probably need a place t' stay for the night, right?"


"Follow me than." The two Zora's swam towards a humble underwater cave, Colin wondering all the while what would become of him now.

Dawn was breaking over Link, and a strange sight was in front of his eyes.

It was a low lying, half buried building almost hidden beneath the soil. A heavy rainstorm must have revealed it to the world. It was brown, and had strange symbols carved on it's exterior. The picture on it's mantle showed a boy with a sword.

The Ancient Hero's tomb.

Link paused with reverence, than hopped off his horse to enter the building. He saw another movement, but lost sight of it before it could register.

Link approached the door and entered the tomb of his ancestor.

It was a musky smelling room that had apparently been ransacked by a rather careless man. Bits of pots and vases were strewn all over the floor and a tapestry had been ripped in half. There was a strange waterfall in the back of the room, and a wooden door to the right.

Link walked into the room cautiously. He was a little surprised that there were no immediate guardians here. Maybe that was why the mask was robbed from here...

He tried to touch the waterfall, but it was too hard pressed, barring any entrance...which intrigued Link. This waterfall seemed to be here to cover something. What?

Without many other options, Link walked through the wooden door on the right.

It was a strange, stony room. A deep pit surrounded the platform he was on, and there was only a limited pace on which to walk.


Link jumped. A waterfall had appeared behind him, cutting off his exit. Suddenly the room lit up, and an immense, bearded statue appeared. It wasn't a statue per se, but a stone head with two hands flanking it's sides.


Eyes in the middle of the hands opened, and the hands detached themselves from the walls. They hovered towards Link like vultures waiting to strike.


The head's eyes lit up with piercing red light, and the head leapt from the wall.

Gohdan faced Link, considering it an intruder. The hands swept at Link, and he just barely dodged. The two eyes on the hands turned around, and they glared at link balefully.

Link always had a knack for knowing how to deal with these kind of threats. He drew his bow and arrows, and let fly at the eyes of the right hand.

It took a few arrows, but the hand hung limply down, deactivated. Link then turned his attention to the left hand, which had gotten swifter with the loss of it's partner. It made a snatch and miss at Link, and was soon felled by his arrows.

This seemed to anger Gohdan's head. It opened it's mouth and let loose a barrage of energy balls that detonated near Link and would've fried him had he got too close or been less fast.

Link shot at the head's two red eyes, and they went out as well, first the left and then the right. Blinded, the head slammed to the ground, it's mouth open in shock.

Link lit one of his explosives and chucked it into the open mouth before it closed. The head almost rose, but a detonating explosion stopped it in midair.

"GOOOOOOdaannnnnnnnn..." The head hung limply in the air for a moment before toppling down, down, down into the chasm, never to be seen again.

Link paused to catch his breath, and was considering what to do about the waterfall when a familiar voice stopped him.

"Impressive, hero. You defeated Gohdan. A pity he didn't recognize you to be the hero...Machines."

"What you seek is indeed behind the waterfall. Use these to gain access to it... my final resting place."

An old chest plopped down from the sky in front of Link. Puzzled, Link opened it.

They were white arrows that seemed cold to the touch. There was also a special Ice-white quiver that held them in their place.

"They are ice arrows. Use them to freeze water and other things; they may come in handy later..."

Link tried it out. Placing the ice cold arrow on his bow, he drew it and aimed it at the waterfall blocking his exit.

Letting fly, he saw the arrow strike the cascading water. A block of ice formed, and it grew and grew until the entire waterfall was frozen stiff. All with one arrow.

"Should you run low on ice arrows, merely put regular arrows into the white quiver. See you soon...Hero." And with that the voice faded away.

Link placed the white quiver onto his back and set off outside. He found that he could destroy the iceberg with one of his bombs. He opened the door and looked at the other waterfall.

Another arrow and bomb opened the way to the hero's actual tomb. Link opened the heavy door and walked into the room where the ancient hero lay.

It was a spartan room; the only thing in it was the stone slab covering the tomb. Link approached it when something happened.

A Huge, golden wolf leapt onto the tomb, staring at Link with one eye. Before the young hero could react, it leapt onto him, and his world vanished into a mist of white.

He got up to find himself in a world of mist, with the castle in the distance. Link turned around to see the wolf that had attacked him.

It let out a howl and a figure wearing heavy armour and carrying a sword and shield appeared.

The hero's shade.

"You made it to my tomb. I am impressed...What you seek is indeed here."

'What is it?" Link asked.

"The salesman didn't tell you? Always speaking in riddles, just like when I met him...What you seek, I hold in my deathbed."


"But I cannot merely give it to you. It is too valuable and powerful for me to give anyone but a true warrior." The shade, the ancient hero, raised his sword. "Prove to me you're worthy. Do not disappoint me, my son!"

Link raised his sword and got ready for the fight of his life.

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