Majora's Return

21: Chaotician

The masked boy hummed merrily to himself as he skipped through Hyrule Castle town. All was going well. After he had had a bite to eat he was going to pop by the lake and deliver a nice surprise for the Zoras there. Heeheehee. Majora livened up his skipping. It was nice to have a little fun these days...if he could call it fun.

Majora sighed quietly. Not that it mattered what he thought was fun. It only made things worse when he watched others having fun. Still...There was something else buzzing in the back of the mad child's mind, but he couldn't remember it. Oh well. It would come up sooner or later -

SPLAT! The masked boy tripped into a large mud puddle to the sound of a certain bully laughing.

"Good t' see you again, kiddo!" Mak laughed. "I haven't found yer buddy yet, but you'll do juuuuust fine!" Mak kicked at the masked boy, unaware he had just incurred the creature's wrath.

Majora stumbled back up as Mak continued to hit him. "Wimpo! I want you t' cry, c'mon, weakling! He hit him again and again, surprised that he couldn't knock him down again. "Whassamatter, huh? Can't fight back?"

"Why should I?" Majora asked, the maliciousness in his voice not even remotely concealed. "Why should I waste my time on some bully who's scared of his MOMMY?"

That set Mak off. He slammed into the masked boy, driving him down onto the mud. They wrestled as Mak screamed "Take it back! TAKE IT BACK! I'M TOUGHEST AROUND HERE! TAKE IT BACK!"

Mak managed to throw Majora onto the ground again as he got up. "C'mon, get up, freak! Get up an' cry!"

"Oh I won't be the one crying, Mak." Majora cupped a splash of Mud and threw it into Mak's eyes. This only seemed to anger him more.

"Little insect! You'll pay fer...wh-what?" Mak had been trying to get the mud out of his eyes, but no matter how hard he rubbed, it remained there, refusing to come off. In fact, it was spreading. "Get it off! GETITOFF!"

"..." The masked boy chuckled as the mud plastered over Mak, covering his body and nearly suffocating him. The mud seemed to grow bigger and bigger, and Mak could no longer be seen.

"Moommmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee..." Mak was able to get that one word out before the mud covered him entirely. Mak was not present, only an enormous miserable mud monster that shambled through town, causing panic.


The masked boy giggled at the terrified screams of the populace and Mak's miserable moaning. Majora cheerfully skipped out of town, headed towards Lake Hylia with more mischief in mind.

Link had never met a Darknut that was more difficult to overcome than the ancient hero.

Link had used every trick in the book, but he could only get a handful of strikes in. The shade had ducked, dodged, parried and struck with expert accuracy, giving Link little time to attack.

But attack he did, even if it hurt him more than the shade. He struck with a stab while ducking the shade's swipe, and quickly moved back before the shade could counterattack. The shade responded with a back slice that would've ended the battle right there had Link not been faster. Even so, it winded him.

Link blocked the Shade's barrage as best he could, while his mind raced to how he could counterattack. Suddenly he was struck down, and the shade moved to prepare a final move, raising the sword high above his head for an ending strike.

That was when Link made his move. Dodging the strike, he rolled around behind the shade and dealt his most powerful slash ever to the unprotected backside. The Shade recoiled in pain, and fell down.

Link put his hands on his knees as he attempted to catch his breath. There was no more fight in him, they had been duelling for hours.

Then the shade arose. It turned around to face Link.

Li9nk detected a proud smile on the shade's features.

"Well done, my son. You are indeed worthy."

The mist faded away, and Link was back in the tomb of the ancient hero. The golden wolf was sitting atop the tomb's slab. It spoke one last time.

"What I hold is more powerful than you can possibly imagine. If you know the songs of the ancients, the song that the mask salesman once taught me, then you may be able to help your friend...And Majora's reign of terror will come to and end."

The wolf vanished, and the slab that covered the hero moved away, as if under it's own power. Link approached the dead hero reverently.

There was only a skeleton in armour left, no scraps of clothing or rotten meat. It had it's hands across it's chest, and a small blue object was clutched between them.

Link pried the hands free easily, and picked up the treasure of the ancient hero.

It was an Ocarina. It had a blue shine and seemed completely irrelevant of the age of the tomb. No dust fell and stayed on it, and Link felt a buzzing energy in his hand.

Link put into his mouth and played a note. It was only a single note, but it seemed beautiful and full of energy.

With the ancient treasure in his hand, Link walked out of the Hero's tomb, now empty.

Majora was still skipping when he reached the great bridge of Hyrule. Staring out over the Lake, the masked boy pulled out one of the masks he had gotten from the mask shop with his little buddy's help. Smiling, the boy dropped the serpent mask into the water, waiting for something interesting to happen.

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