Majora's Return

22: Monsters

Colin had had a good sleep in the elder Zora's cave. He woke up, brushed himself off and went down to a fish breakfast, to discover that the hospitable Zora DID like to talk.

"When my grandfather was still alive, he used t'tell me that Zoras used their electrical defence a lot more than spears. But they stopped using it, something called 'drawbacks'. Had to be close to an enemy, could hurt nearby friends and endanger wildlife...I think the third one was pushing it. Anyway, everybody went to using spears, and no-one thinks of giving anything a good zap anymore. That's too bad...It was real handy for dealing wit' Desbrekos and stuff like that...I'm talkin' yer ear off, ain't I?"

Colin nodded. Apparently the elder seemed determined to make up for his silence.

"Sorry. I was always like that. My mother once said - she was a good dame - that I could chatter a Desbreko t' death and still have time to talk - she could say a lot too, I think it runs in the family. Grandpa showed me how t'zap, but I'm no warrior, I'm a fisherman, so I don't use it so much-"

Suddenly a scream that seemed to rend the water around them burst out.

"I know that scream..." The Elder was probably going to name the screamer when she dove in.

"Isais!" she gasped. "You better stay in here...There's a serpent swimming around! Never seen anything like it! It's huge! I barely got out with my life!"

"A Serpent?" Isais asked "But there ain't no serpents in Lake Hylia, I thought we drove 'em all out seasons ago-"

The frantic Zora was in no mood for Isais' ramblings. "Go out and see for yourself, talker!"

Isais and Colin slipped carefully to the mouth of the cave. Colin couldn't see anything at first, but soon a long shape swam out of the darkness. It was a huge serpent, a green coated slimy creature that swam through the murkiness seeking its meal. It's face was the serpent mask that Colin had stole.

Colin gritted his teeth. Majora again. That little psychopath was endangering countless innocents for the sake of his games. He would pay soon, he would have to.

Isais grabbed Colin and dragged him back into the cave. "No no, we don't want 'im to see us now, do we?"

"We should make a dash for the Zora palace; Ralis might be able to...AAAGGHHHH!"

Faster than they could blink, the serpent's massive head had blasted into the small cave, it's teeth snapping for a meal. It could only get it's head in, but that was almost enough. The huge head snapped at the three Zoras, trapped like rats in a cage.


The Serpent snapped at Isais, then, giving up, it turned towards Colin. The Zora was plastered against a wall, seemingly helpless. The jaws nearly closed around Colin...

When Colin suddenly activated his electricity. The crackling light hurt the serpent painfully, and it drew it's head out of the cave, stunned.

"What happened -" The female Zora was about to ask Colin when Isais grabbed both of them and darted out of the cave, past the stunned monster.

"There's a cave tunnel that leads to the palace. The monster won't be able to follow us, but we got to HURRY!"

Colin wasn't about to argue.

Link rode towards the castle, puzzling over the Ocarina he now held in his hand. He somehow sensed that the blue instrument could help...but how? What did the salesman -

Sudden screams coming from the castle interrupted his train of thought and caused him to speed up. He arrived at the gate in record time to see several panicked masses.

"Thank goodness you're back! A mud monster has been wreaking havoc in town!""It tore down the shops!""Made a mess of my new dress!""AGITHA!""Our spears were useless...maybe you can come up with something?"

Link gulped. So much for leaving without the town coming to an end. He ran into the town, half knowing exactly what to do.

He saw it in the centre square, close to the mask shop. It was a shapeless creature that seemed to be sloshing and smucking around aimlessly, miserable and monstrous. Upon seeing Link, a pseudopod that vaguely resembled an arm stretched out towards Link.

Link moved quickly. Wasting no time, he grabbed the white arrows he had collected in the Hero's tomb and fired at the mud mass. The light shone, and the pseudopod hardened into a cold rock mass before shattering.

Without an arm, the mud monster seemed to become more agitated than before. It sludged towards Link, extending another mud blast in a missile towards the hero. Link shattered it with another Ice arrow.

The monster was now less than a third of it's size. It seemed to be smaller than even Link, it's mud splatter dripping onto the ground.

Another ice arrow, instead of shattering it, placed it a solid block of ice, totally immobile. Link sighed. That was easy...


The door opened to reveal the salesman in his swirling coat and calm smile.

"You're back...did you find it? The treasure?"

Link held up the Ocarina. This seemed to make the Salesman joyfully happy.

"You have it! You have it!" The Happy Mask salesman danced a jig on the porch of his shop. "Wonderful! Marvellous! Come in, I'll teach you what you need to know..."

Link was about to follow him in when he turned around suddenly.

"Oh, and bring Mak in, if you could."

Mak? Link turned to the mud monster encased harmlessly in ice. This was the bully? Link took the ice and slid it into the Happy Mask shop behind the salesman, curious as to what he needed to know.

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