Majora's Return

23: Healing

Link shoved the ice mass that held the mud monster in front of him as he entered the salesman's sanctum. The salesman sat down at his organ at turned to Link.

"Now, I'm going to play a song. You have your Ocarina, good. Now listen carefully, I want you to play this on the hero's treasure as soon as I'm done, you got that? Excellent. Now listen..."

The melody was a very simple, but beautiful one. Link could tell which notes were which, and he had no trouble memorizing the strange tune. The song was haunting and melodic on the Salesman's organ. He ended it, and then turned to Link.

"Now play it."

If the song was beautiful on the organ, it was absolutely lovely on the Ocarina. A strange energy that wasn't present with the piano buzzed through the room with the song, that seemed to relieve worries and fears and more. Much more.

When Link finished the song, he turned to the ice block that held the mud monster. To his surprise, the block began to glow from inside and crack. Before he could reach it, the ice shattered and the light forced Link to cover his eyes.

When he opened them again, there was a very beleaguered Mak standing where the block had been.

"Wh wh where ami? What happened...I wanna go home..."Mak teetered for a bit, and then fell on the floor, exhausted. Link was shocked. This was the mud monster, and the song had turned him back into Mak?

The salesman chuckled, as if reading the hero's thoughts. "The song you played is the song of Healing. The ancient hero used it to bring peace to tortured spirits and heal the transformed."

Link stammered. "Can"

"Yes, it can heal Colin.

All you really need to do is find him."

Colin, at that moment, was floating in the crowded palace of the Zora's, where multiple panicked citizens were chattering at once about the sea serpent that had invaded their home.

"It'll eat our children! Our eggs!""We can't go outside now!""We'll starve!""We can't even make it to Hyrule town for help!""What'll we doooooooo?""It's Hopeless!"

"Silence!" Ralis' voice was anything but intimidating, but everyone quieted at the sound of their young ruler. "Panicking and chattering will do nothing to aid us!"

"Well then, what DO we do?"

Ralis sighed, trying to find his mother's courage and wisdom. "You're certain that the spears of our guards couldn't harm this creature?"

"Yes, we hit it and hit it and it simply didn't react! Like the spears were nothing!""None of our weapons work!""We need to think of something else!""Of course we do! But what?"

Ralis sighed and swam back. "Give me time to think. We should be safe here for the time being..." As he swam into his private chambers, he passed by the transformed Colin. He looked at him curiously and chuckled. "I could swear I've seen you before." Ralis swam into his private chambers with his advisors to debate their options.

Colin had been thinking ever since the monster had nearly attacked him. The spears were useless, but when he managed to zap him with Zora electricity, the monster was stunned...Maybe there was an option, but it seemed he was the only one who knew...


The guard's shrill bellow brought fresh panic into the Zoras. Everyone turned to the sound of the guard.

It was a fact. The serpent had somehow managed to reawaken and clamber up the waterfall into the Zora's domain. A brave guard managed to throw a worthless spear at the beast before he was finished off himself. The monster swam closer and closer to the trapped citizens.

Colin decided there was only one thing to do.

The Zora darted out of the crowd like an arrow, charging straight for the creature.

"What's he doing?""He's insane!""That monster will eat him up!""Get back here!"

Colin was almost in the monster's jaws when he unleashed his electrical field. The shock blasted right into the monsters jaws, much to the amazement of the onlookers. The force of the charge and the shock of the attack forced the serpent back, falling off the waterfall with Zora Colin right behind him.

Colin hit the water hard. The serpent hit harder, but it was still alive. It managed to give the stunned Zora a good thrashing with it's tail. Colin couldn't take much more.

The onlookers peered out over the waterfall at the furious battle. They saw the monster go at the strange Zora again with it's teeth. They gasped as they imagined the Zora's end.

He didn't.

An electrical storm, greater than any lightning that anyone had ever seen, lit up the lake as Colin unleashed a final attack. The monster was being electrocuted, but just before it died, it let out a final thrash.

WHACK! Colin was thrown out of the water with great force, propelled over the Lake like a meteor shot into the sky. The serpent let out a final groan, then sank to the bottom, dead.

The stunned Zora's stared at where the battle had taken place.

"H-how did he do that?""That was an electrical barrier...a Zora defence we forgot about.""We can do that, but how?""Well, my grandpa showed me how, once. I'm a bit rusty, but I think it went like this..."

Colin had been thrown far, far over the lake until he slammed into the great bridge of Hyrule. He toppled on top of it like a limp ragdoll, before landing on the cold stone of the bridge. He did it...

He tried to pick himself up, but failed miserably, falling unconscious as the exhaustion of his fight, the final attack and being flung out over the lake forced him into unconsciousness.

If he had stayed awake longer, he would've seen a masked boy look at him, the lake, and then dart away like a scared rabbit.

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