Majora's Return

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The new professor of marine research was an old man, almost skeletal. He had white hair and only a handful of his teeth, but he didn't live up to his monstrous look. He had arrived a few weeks ago to study Lake Hylia and how it had changed.

It hadn't changed as much as he thought, and he was in the middle of packing up his equipment when that kid came...

The boy had practically dragged him out into the bridge, and with good reason...A Zora was there, being attacked by crows. He wasn't putting up much resistance...the professor realized that he was unconscious. And failing fast.

He was about to tell the boy to run for help but found he had disappeared. With no-one else around, the professor had to drag the listless Zora into his thankfully nearby laboratory, where he immersed him into a water tank.

There was something odd about this Zora, he could tell it at a glance. But it was clearly hurt badly...there was little he could do...

A pity he never got the masked boy's name...

Link had returned to Telma's bar, quickly making his way to his room and the wolf mask. He found Ilia waiting for him. She looked worried and was holding the mask in her hands.

"Are you going to look again?"

"Yes. I have to find him, and I need the wolf mask to do so..."

"I know...just be careful, alright? I don't want to have to nurse your furry form again."

"Haha. Just hand it here."

Ilia gave Link the mysterious wolf mask. After some hesitation, he put it on. The transformation occurred too fast this time for Link to sense any pain. But when he came to, he was a wolf again. Ilia stared at him for a bit, and then opened the window for the wolf to leave.

"Good Luck..."

"Renado! Renado, honey, take a look at this!" Telma's voice boomed from below and Ilia went down to see what was happening.

"What is it, Telma?""I got a letter from the postman...Somebody at the Lake needs your help, a marine researcher. Wounded Zora, so it says. You better head down there now."

"Very well. I'll do that." Renado began to pack.

"I'll come along." Ilia decided. "I need to do something other than twiddle my thumbs here."

Link managed to pick up Colin's scent again around the southern field. He followed it only to find it ended again at the cliffside...

"You lookin' for a Colin?"

Link bolted around, growling at the voice angrily. It turned out to belong to a squirrel on one of the trees.

"Are ya? You haven't answered my question."

"Yes. Have you seen do you know his name?"

"He told me. Brown wolf with a funny smell. You have one yourself too, ya know."

"Brown wolf? What do you mean?"

"I mean he looked like a brown wolf first time I saw him. He wanted directions to the six-peaked mountain. Called it 'Castle'. Next I saw him, he was a Goron. Is he a shapeshifter?"

"A Goron?"

"Well, I know what I saw, and it was a Goron with the same eyes and same smell as the wolf. Can you shapeshift too?"

"No-yes-I mean...Never mind! Do you know where he is?"

"Well, when I saw him last, he was a Goron. Some colourful monster jumped out of the sky, and Colin charged into the river."

"Oh no..."

"Maybe he shapeshifted into a Zora and swam down into the lake. I think he could've done that...Well, whatever he is, he'll probably be by the lake."

"Thanks..." Shapeshifted into a Zora. He was willing to believe that, but how? Well, a faint hope is better than none...

"You're Welcome. By the way, names Teeka. What's yours? Wolves do have names, right?"

"Link. Excuse me Teeka, I have to go..."

"To the lake? It's that way. That is, if you don't wanna go that way. It doesn't really matter; you'll find the lake sooner or late..."

But the wolf was already gone before talkative Teeka could finish.

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