Majora's Return

26: Hellos and goodbyes

Link, Ilia, Renado and Colin could see Hyrule castle on the horizon. They were all happy to see it, especially Colin. He was looking forward to seeing his parents again as himself.

He had related the whole of his story to his two friends, and they had listened intently. Link was impressed by Colin's acts of bravery in the face of madness, and Ilia was worried that Colin had gotten into it by himself.

Both of them couldn't deny that Colin had grown in the few days he had been under Majora's attack. He was surer of himself and braver. When he had finished his story, there was a silence that Colin eventually broke.

"How did you find me, Link?"

Link looked at Ilia, who smiled and nodded. Link turned to Colin. "I'll show you."

Link pulled his wolf mask out, showing it to Colin.

"How'd that mask help?"

"Watch." Link put the mask on, and in a flash of light, he was transformed into the wolf.

Colin nearly leapt back in surprise, but calmed himself and smiled. " were a wolf too?"

Wolf Link nodded. Colin eventually got the nerve to pet his transformed friend without shaking. Ilia chuckled at the first few moments of awkwardness, but it subsided quickly.

As they were approaching, a squirrel that Link and Colin knew bounded into the cart. Teeka placed himself on Link's furry head, staring at Colin in puzzled bewilderment. It squeaked to Colin, but this time Colin couldn't understand. Link could though, and it answered Teeka's question with a slight growl. An animalistic conversation that puzzled the human members of the cart began, as Teeka pointed at Colin and then Ilia while talking with Link. Teeka gave Ilia a funny look before bounding out of the cart.

Once Link's mask was off, Colin asked him, "What was Teeka asking?"

"He wanted to know if Ilia could shapeshift too."

Link and Colin looked at Ilia and burst out laughing, with the girl feeling awkwardly out of the joke.

When Rusl saw the cart with his missing son approach the town, he nearly jumped out of his skin with absolute joy. He woke the others up, Uli and Talo, telling them that Colin was back. Uli and Aliyah ran with him to the gate, with Talo delaying slightly to pick up a funny looking mask someone had placed on the street.

Colin had run out to meet his father, and they collided with each other at top speed with Rusl sweeping his long lost son in his arms, happy to see him alive again. Colin wondered whether he would be crushed by his father's exuberant welcome or not. But he was happy as well. Who wouldn't be?

Certainly not Uli. She grabbed Colin from his father and gave him a hug of her own, all the while talking excitedly.

"Oh I missed you so much are you OK I thought I might never see you again please don't go away again oh Colin!" Uli was not willing to let her son go again. Colin himself was exuberant. What could possibly ruin this occasion?

"Hey Colin! Check this out!"

Colin turned smiling to Talo's voice, but his exuberant face warped into a look of terror as he saw what Talo was wearing.

"Found this mask on the street. Big eyes, huh?"

Majora's Mask seemed happy to see Colin as well.

Colin wasn't so happy. "Talo, take that off! It's an evil mask!"

"That's ridicul-""AWWW COLIN!"

Everyone turned to the sound of the demented voice that wasn't Talo's as the boy felt himself being lifted into the air by his face.

"Wh-what the..." The mask spun around violently, throwing Talo off it as the mask turned towards Colin.

"You ruined the surprise!"

The mask floated in midair above Colin. The group stared in shock at the mad mask that had caused all this. Link went for his bow and arrows only have them shot away by the mask.

"OH no, you don't. I'm just talking."

Colin saw that Rusl had dropped a sword nearby. In an act of defiance, he took it up and pointed it at Majora.


The mask reared back in surprise. "Er...just glad to see you're back to normal...I guess...aheheh...hhhhhhhh. Guess you don't wanna play anymore, huh?"

"No, Majora, I don't." Colin stood his ground in front of the creature that had warped him and endangered his and other lives. Everyone stared at the emboldened Colin, including Majora.

"That's too bad..." the mask seemed almost sad, but regained it's composure and madness quickly. "Oh well. I'll find something else to do. Mark my words though, little buddy, this festival is going to end with a BANG! Toodles! Good Luck! Have fun..." And with that, Majora vanished, leaving behind a boy holding a sword and several troubled onlookers...

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