Majora's Return

27: Soul searching

A boy walked slowly through Hyrule field, sadly kicking a small pebble in front of him for what seemed like hours before sitting at the base of a tree.

The masked boy sighed. No more playing with Colin. It was kinda sad. No more games to play. All his monsters had been killed, and all his pranks had been finished.

And he still didn't feel any better.

He chuckled humourlessly. Should he be surprised? He learned long ago that he would never ever have any peace of mind or real fun again. Never ever. So why was he trying?

Because he couldn't stand the sight of other people with peace of mind, having fun. Why them and not him? He was gonna wipe all those smiles off their faces, and he will, too. Just like Termina...

But that wouldn't change anything. Nope.

Majora shook his head angrily. What was left? What else could he do? What?

His mind raced with insane thoughts as the boy paced up and down the field.

Viscen had left the city limits, drunk, dishevelled and angry. He was teetering around the field like a drunken fly, with no direction in mind.

"Long lish the cowerd queeeeeeennnn and her..."

Viscen saw the masked boy and the mask he was wearing from a distance. Suddenly his drunken stupor disappeared and was replaced by total rage at the mask that had ruined his life...again.

"YOU!" Viscen jumped, snarling at the masked boy. Majora had just enough time to turn around when the drunken guard was upon him, hands around his throat.

"It'sh all yer fault!" The guard screamed, attempting to strangle the masked boy.

Majora had had enough. Thrusting his hand into the guard, Majora drained his energy away before the guard could react. The last thing Viscen saw was the masked boy transforming into the monster's wrathful form.

Viscen crumbled into dust, and Majora took a breath.

"Aheheheheeeee...well, that takes care of you. You're no fun anymore. Aheehehehehehahaha!"

Majora was feeling like himself again. He was at his full power now, and proved it by turning a nearby tree into matchsticks with a snap of his claws. He chuckled broadly, giggling incessantly as he did his signature happy dance in the field.

He knew what he was gonna do now, and it made him feel better.


Colin was placed in Telma's bed and made to rest and answer a slew of questions from Talo, Rusl, Uli and the others. He related in detail the monster's play, the jokes it made and the power it held to the spellbound audience.

"Madman...""Do you think he'll come back?""He probably will, I'm afraid.""Sigh. I can't believe this festival will be marred by that monster's presence!""What do you mean?""He said the festival was going to end with a...O Goddesses.""What? Speak up!"

"You-you remember that book the salesman gave us? It described how Majora created a huge moon to send crashing down onto Termina on the day of the carnival." Shad related.

"Majora said something like that in his play..."

"You don't think that Majora will do the same to Hyrule, do you?"

"I'm sure he will." Rusl stated grimly.

"Someone has to stop him before..."Colin was stopped before he could finish.

"Yes, Colin, but not you. You need to rest. Let Link handle Majora...But to be honest, how will anyone find him?"

"Everyone! Up on the roof! Something's happening in the desert!"

Everyone bounded to the roof of the inn. A strange and terrifying sight entered their vision.

Sand was whirling around into a spherical shape in the desert. The sand was compacting and hardening before their eyes into a huge sphere that was growing and growing bigger and bigger.

"He's creating another Moon!"

Link didn't waste any time. He darted downstairs and grabbed his supplies.

"I'm going over there. Colin, you stay here! I know you want to get Majora, but it's just too dangerous right now!"


"Let me handle this, Ok? It'll be alright, I promise." Link ran out the door before Colin could respond. The boy stood there for a few moments before he finally got in himself to speak.

"Link, be careful..."

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