Majora's Return

28: One last game

Colin had been feigning sleep for almost an hour. He wanted to take Link's advice and just leave it to the hero who had saved them before, but he just couldn't. Something told him otherwise.

Whoever was going to stop Majora had to be someone who knew him, someone who understood how his twisted mind worked.


He didn't want to think it was self-righteousness or ego, but he felt clearly that he had to be the one to face Majora.

He heard a faint snore and knew that the last person was truly asleep.

With a silent daring that he had recently received, he snuck quietly past Rusl and into the night.

Colin wasn't the only one capable of feigning sleep. Rusl watched his brave son tiptoe towards the desert. He shook his head, and sighed. He couldn't stop him even if he tried. Colin had gotten that brave. He was worried, to be sure, but he was also a bit proud despite himself. He hoped he wasn't making a mistake, not stopping him.

Another pair of eyes watched Colin leave Hyrule castle town on a horse he had found unhitched by the mask shop. The salesman chuckled and sat down.

It wouldn't be long...

Link had arrived at the desert using the cannon that Fyer had built. It was a rough ride for sure, but it served it's purpose. He rolled onto the sand and moved towards the half-created moon.

He didn't have far to go. The moon was still perched on the sand, a hideous grinning face with an open mouth looking back at him. The sight disgusted Link, but he pressed onward.

He saw the creature a short distance in front of him. It had it's back turned to him.

This was too easy.

Link quietly crept up to the creature, his sword drawn. He made certain to make no noise as he walked closer to the beast with his sword.

And then he struck

nothing. The sword passed through the monster like it wasn't there.



A huge energy orb knocked the hero down, his sword flung away as the gloating Majora appeared above him.

"Gotcha that time! Aheeheeha! Sucker! Did you really think you could get me just like that?"

Link found himself imprisoned in an energy orb as the creature chuckled to itself.

"You're not who I was expectin', but..." Something made the monster turn around. Majora smiled broadly, glancing at Link briefly before walking towards Lake Hylia.

Colin was having his first serious doubts about this adventure. What could he do? He didn't have a sword or anything! He was just a kid, what possessed him to...

Then he looked across the lake and saw the masked boy waving at him.

Link hadn't stopped him. Colin hoped that his hero was still alive and well. Not knowing what else to do, Colin waved back.

The masked boy gestured, and a bridge made out of rock erupted from the desert wall towards Colin. The bridge reached the boy. Colin stared at the rock bridge that stretched across the Lake to where the masked boy he knew to be Majora stood waving nonchalantly.

In what felt like hours, Colin made his way across the high bridge in a combination of total terror and brave determination.

He wondered if Link ever felt like this.

When Colin reached the other side, the masked boy wasn't there anymore. But Colin saw an even scarier sight.

The imprisoned Link looked at Colin and gasped. "Colin? What are you AAAAAAAARRRGGHHHHHH!" An electrical shock reverberated through the sphere, harming Link badly. Colin gasped at his hero's apparent pain.

"I can kill him with a snap o' my fingers. Wanna see?" Majora's monster form appeared beside Link, gloating and laughing like a maniac.

"Let him go!" Colin yelled.

"And what if I DON'T, huh?" Majora laughed at Colin attempt at a brave voice. "Aheeheeheeha! Besides, It's not like it's gonna matter! Take a look..."

Colin looked at the horrible, grimacing moon with a renewed sense of panic.

"The festival's the day after tomorrow, huh? Well, they're not gonna enjoy what I can't anymore...No, no, no. Aheeheehee. I'm gonna drop this come sundown tomorrow. BANG! Hahahaaaa! No more smiling twits who can sleep at night and play having fun and...Oh whatever." Majora shrugged. "Like I said, it don't matter. This places is gonna come to a smashing end, and there's nothing you OR your green friend can do about it!"

Majora turned around. "So why don't you just run along and say bye-bye to your friends? I'll let ya do that, little buddy."

"He is my friend, Majora."

"So say Goodbye to your friend..." a very nasty tone entered Majora's voice, and an electrical orb began appearing in his hand as the monster turned towards Link.

Colin's mind raced at what there was to do. Then, just before Majora fired the fatal blast at Link, Colin had an idea.

"Will you let him go if I play a game with you?"

Majora stopped in his tracks. The energy orb dissipated as Majora turned to Colin, eyes wide. "Do you mean it?"

"Y-yes, just let him go!"

Majora smiled, walking up to Colin, bringing his crazed face towards Colin's. "I suppose we have time for one more game..." Majora smiled. "Tag."


"Sure. Tag. Tag is fun. I tried to play it with you when we met, remember? You promised to play later...Aheheheheheh...Sure, I'll let him go. But you gotta come after me this time."

Colin looked at the helpless Link. Then he turned to Majora, a brave and desperate defiance in his eyes.


Majora reverted into his masked boy form, tapping Colin on the nose.

"You're it."

The masked boy dove into the moon's open mouth with a surprising speed. Colin, who didn't believe in breaking promises, even if they were made to madman, followed the boy into him.

When he was inside the moon, the mouth closed after him, shutting Colin inside with Majora. The field around Link disappeared, but the paralyzed Link could do nothing but stare at the moon and pray that Colin would leave safely.

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