Majora's Return

2: Growing tensions

Queen Zelda was everywhere at once without leaving her throne.

"The cooks will need to start cooking tomorrow, so get the stoves and ingredients ready by sundown. Gardes, make sure that you get the games and tables up and try not to have the children break them down before the carnival starts. Go now. Aragus, tell the guards to look out for the Ordonians...Link too. When they see him, they're to inform me and no-one else. I don't think he wants fanfare on his return. Understood? Good. Here's to hoping the carnival goes well."

"Hear, Hear!" After agreeing with the princess, the carnival commitee rushed off to their respective jobs. The new Queen sat down and got her breath back.

"Hahhhhh. All this trouble for a good celebration."

Jairek, one of her advisors, stated "The people of Hyrule need this, queen. Ever since the...uh...Twilight incident it's been nothing but repair, reforms, recuperations, and everybody's tired. They need something to laugh about."

Zelda smiled. "You're right. Still, this is hectic. I hope all goes well."

Jairek shrugged. "Such is the duty of a queen, Milady. But I wanted to talk to you about something else."


"Viscen, the captain. He'd been acting funny these days. Ever since you started rearranging the Hyrule guard, he's become more short-tempered than normal. I saw him at Telma's yesterday. He was drunk, raving about the farmboy who made him look a fool and coward, and the...uh...well..."

Zelda looked troubled. "The what?"

"H-his words,not mine...the 'spoiled princess' like a...c-coward...sigh. Like I said, he was drunk."

Zelda held her head in her hand. "Viscen, Viscen, Viscen."

"Yeah. He quickly forgets what was at stake at the time..."

"Indeed. This is a problem. Viscen has been a good captain since my father's time." Zelda thought for a moment, then stood up. "Order the others to keep him under watch. If he relents, good. But if he crosses the line in any way, he's demoted. Make sure that gets to him."

"Yes, your majesy." Jairek started to go out of the room, then remembered something. "Oh, a salesman came in the other day, he was wondering if he could set up a mask shop where the flower stand used to be."

Zelda smiled at the better news. "Tell him yes. And tell him to make good masks for the carnival."

"I will, your majesty." Jairek politely excused himself and set to work.

Viscen did not take the threat very well. He stormed home to his large, but messy shack.

"Demote me, huh? Spoiled brat, little weasel, coward who relies on a farmboy to do my work. Huhh. One day, that farmboy won't be there to help, and I will..."

Now there's an idea...

Viscen turned around. There was that voice again. He stomped over to the mask he had collected the other day. It's big yellow eyes stared directly at him.

"What's a bloody idea?"

Hehehehehahahee. Suppose that a big, scary monster came along when this farmboy wasn't around. Heeehheha. And you could save the queen and everything would be good again.

Viscen thought about it. "Yeah, that'd work. But where would I get a monster?"

I'll help.

"How can a bloody mask help?"

Heheeheee... Put me on and find out.

Viscen shrugged. Put it on? What did it mean? Ah well, what could happen? Viscen pulled the mask from it's hanging place and turned towards him.

The mask leaped onto his face.


It felt like Viscen's life was being drained from him. His body convulsed as the mask stole away his energy and threw him around the room.

Viscen lost consciousness and lay limp, his body suspended above the floor.

The mask shrugged him off, and the corrupt guard lay listless on the floor. The mask floated above him, now with more power to itself.

It was not at it's full power could've killed Viscen. But the mask had decided that it would be fun for a while if he kapt Viscen alive for a bit. It could always get more power later.


The mask danced happily around the room, like a child after hearing he was going to the fair. It giggled joyfully and played about, as it started to amuse itself with thought of all the games he would play when it was stronger.


Majora was back!

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