Majora's Return

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Colin heard the moon's mouth closing behind him. He was shocked, but realized he had no choice now but to continue.

Colin was in a long hallway that seemed to stretch forever. At the far end of the hallway, he saw the masked boy he was playing with.

"C'mon Colin! Catch me if you can!"

Colin began running towards Majora.

Shadows seemed to detach from the walls and floor, shapeless monsters that pursued Colin swiftly as he ran. They formed claws and teeth and hands and pincers that snapped at Colin as he ran faster and faster.

The masked boy began running as well, darting towards a red curtain at the hallway's faraway end. Colin hurried to catch up to the madman as the shadow monsters snapped closer and closer.

Shadow puppets of the masked boy appeared beside Colin on the walls mocking him derisively as he ran.

Can't catch me!Can't catch me!Run run run fast as you canYou can't catch me!Stick your toes into your noseYou will never catch me!

Colin tried to ignore the shadows meritone as the monsters snapped at his feet closer and closer.

Suddenly Colin was at the curtain just as the shadows were almost upon him. He darted behind the curtain, not sure what to expect.

It was a theatre, just like the one he had rescued Kiro from. Decrepit, rotting and old. Only this theatre had seats filled with masked children laughing hysterically at nothing in particular.

Majora was running down the centre of the pews, towards the stage curtains.

Colin gave chase, and was tripped repeatedly by the crazed spectators, who never stopped laughing. He got up quickly though, and managed to hop over the children's tripping legs.

The stage curtains parted as the masked boy arrived at them. There was a surreal scene with several layers of grass and huge flat puppets dancing from side to side.Majora hopped through the scene happily before popping through a blood-red door at the back of the stage.

Colin managed to reach the scene just as it was starting to rot. The sky darkened, the grass became sharp knives, and the puppets gained a nasty look and reached for Colin with pointed fingers as he ran by. Colin got several small cuts on his shins from the grass but was able to avoid the puppets grasp as he ran for the door the masked boy had gone through.

He didn't see the masked boy in the next room, but he saw two strangely coloured large floor tiles in front of a large tent. Rats scurried in front of him as Colin ran towards the tent.

A cake was in the centre of the tent (Which was much larger inside than outside) and the area was strewn with red and black and purple streamers that had been torn apart. A derisive meritone song began, it's insane song cueing the appearance of towers of flame appearing from the cake.

Happy Birthday to you!You'll soon be dead too!It won't be long before we fallHappy Final Birthday to you!

The flame towers suddenly snapped to the sides, narrowing burning Colin's hair. Colin had time to duck before the flames began wheeling around the room, their searing heat forcing Colin's eyes to close.

"Hey little buddy!"

Colin opened his eyes to see that Majora was rolling on the cake past him towards the tent's exit, cheerfully waving as he sped backwards out of the birthday room. Colin picked himself up and went after him.

Majora rolled in front of Colin playfully, waving at him from his short distance. Colin was almost on him when the floor tiles erupted and a jack-in-the-box propelled Colin up, up, up.

Colin landed in a metal platform high above the ground. A quick look around revealed another surreal scene. It looked like an elaborate carnival with blinding lights and tents strewn about, and Colin was on top of a huge wheel that was spinning around and around.

The masked boy was in the carriage in front of him.

Suddenly the Ferris wheel tipped over, sending the two boys sprawling onto the ground painfully. Majora got up quickly and made a run for the merry go round. Colin followed as quickly as he could, trying to ignore the fact that the carnival was coming apart all around them. Tents went flat and rides spun out of control, some coming dangerously close to Colin.

Majora ran through the merry go round like an expert as saw blades and horned animals spun around faster and faster. He reached the centre and jumped down into a hole.

Colin followed the boy, but had to stop and dodge the whirling deadly rides on the merry go round. Saws, bulls, tigers and unicorns with drills in front of them ran about in front of him and behind him.

It wasn't until he got to the centre that he heard the merry go round collapsing on itself, the roof caving in dangerously.

Colin wasted no time jumping through the hole in the centre, falling, falling down into whatever mad world Majora had created.

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