Majora's Return

30: The field

When Colin landed, it wasn't on a hard floor. It was on soft grass, as pleasant a landing place as anything.

Colin got up and looked around. He was a bit surprised. No shadows, monsters, cakes, puppets or demented rides. Just a pristine, endless field with flowers, butterflies and a huge tree in the centre, a ways away.

Colin began walking towards it slowly.

As he was, several children darted around him, playing a game of their own. They were all smiling and laughing, and not in a nasty way, either. They were just children having a good romp, oblivious to Colin.

Colin smiled, but noticed something amiss. The boys had blue stains under their eyes, as though they had been weeping excessively recently. There were red marks on their hands as well.

Now that Colin had a good look around, he saw that several things weren't right in the field. The butterflies flitting about had evil eyes painted on their wings, and several red stains were placed here and there in the green grass. Even the flowers looked almost wilted. Colin continued towards the tree.

There was a hangman's noose dangling from it, and the leaves looked somewhat rotten. The bark was in patterns that troubled Colin deeply, but he kept looking around the tree.

Sure enough, sitting at it's base, staring enviously at the other children, was the masked boy he had been chasing. Majora had his arms crossed and his head was hung down, sad and angry.

Colin realized that he was looking at Majora's true self - a troubled child that wanted nothing more than peace and happiness, but was unable to create it for himself anymore in an insane world.

Colin shook his head. That didn't excuse what he did, not at all. Majora had to be stopped. But How? He didn't have a sword or anything...

With nothing else to do, Colin tapped the masked boy on the shoulder.


Majora looked up at Colin, the huge yellow eyes staring hard at his playmate. There was a silence as the two children stared at each other, neither moving.

"Aren't you gonna run?" Majora finally asked.

"No." Colin replied with as much bravery as possible.

"Then we'll play something else, little buddy." Majora reached into his pockets and pulled out the final mask. "Your handicap." Majora handed the white-haired mask to Colin nonchalantly.

Colin looked at the mask. There was a strange energy to it, and it's white eyes stared at him back. The Fierce Deity mask. The one even Majora feared.

"What are we playing, Majora?"

"Good guys and bad guys. Put it on."

Colin hesitated.

"PUT IT ON!" The world around suddenly snapped, as if it was tensing in anger as well.

Colin slowly put the mask towards his face.

It leapt onto him.

It wasn't painful, but a strange sensation crept through Colin. A feeling of power. Power and bravery, Colin felt taller and taller as his appearance changed and he grew stronger. This was the mask he had been looking for, the one that made him feel braver.

When the transformation was over, Colin the ordonian boy wasn't standing there anymore.

A seven-foot tall man with white hair, armour decorated with symbols and a strange sword with swirling marks on it was in his place. The man had a serious expression on his face and a ferocious glint in his eyes.

The Fierce Deity.

The world around Majora and Colin vanished. A huge playpen like structure with psychidelic walls and masks hanging on the walls took it's place.

The masked boy began to twist, snap, stretch and morph into it's own monster form. Two spikes jutted from his shoulders, and a pair of tentacles appeared at the creature's sides. The madman's face was last to appear, with three eyes and a mouth full of sharp teeth in a hideous grin. The eyes bored into Colin as the monster let out a final challenge.

"Let's Play."

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